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  1. Yeah. The main reason that I provided the image of the file menu on my Toshiba LCD, is to illustrate how similar in magnitude the vertical overscan is on that verses the Sharp CRT. I thought it was interesting, considering the fact that the Toshiba's overscan is just a 'simulation.'
  2. No, as I said- 4x3 is not too small, but we're talking composite NTSC video output from an HDMI converter that has no settings. IOW, to get a full screen image on a 4x3 TV, your HDMI input source cannot be pillar-boxed(only,) as that will lead to an image that has been excessively compressed horizontally. In this case, you actually *want* a source that was originally stretched horizontally(as real non pillar-boxed 4x3 HD is rare,) so that it can be compressed back to the proper aspect by the TV. Is that clearer for you? Whether it makes sense to use it on a CRT- all I can say is that other than the extra overscan, it works really well and the converter was $6 on sale. =D
  3. Here's a mostly pictorial argument for a smaller main menu and game window option: My LCD TV has a "pixel to pixel" option, but this is what it always defaults to in "game mode." Sorry for the blur, but this does fairly accurately represent what I see on this CRT TV On the left is Combat on the CRT using the R77 '16x9' FS, stretched. On the right, Combat on a typical CRT with a real 2600. Note that part of the playfield is actually occluded on the R77. The non-stretched option is 'too small,' while the 4x3 setting has the wrong aspect. Missile Command on the CRT via the R77. Note that all of the left missile battery is missing, and part of the right battery. This is actually a problem when playing Aardvark for example, on the CRT. Some of the dots which must be consumed are actually off-screen.
  4. Oops, sorry. It's been too long for my screwy brain-based memory. I conflated a few different things- the 2600-daptor D9's controller autodetection, the fact that you can easily have both paddles and a joystick on 'the same' port with the R77, and as you say, Stella's gamecode based controller type detection. Never mind. I understand about the dialogs, and I'm used to such things, though as I said, it does definitely feel wrong.
  5. Out of curiosity, I just ordered a Slik Stik on ebay. I don't think I've ever tried one before.
  6. Throw is how much travel(movement) is required to actually get a direction to register. Typically, less throw provides the potential for quicker response times. I never had an issue with the throw on Wico sticks either though. I'll have to dig out my 'Boss' and see if I still feel that way.
  7. You guys did a lot of great work these last few weeks. I'm impressed. The new light menu theme is actually readable on my composite connected CRT through an HDMI converter. The other themes are almost readable, but not quite. Thomas's work on joystick defaults is appreciated. My Wii U Pro controller was usable 'out of the box' as joystick 0 on this release. Remapping via joy 0 is easy to do, and works well. A front port 7800 joystick was auto detected as paddles. I don't know if there's a way around this when using auto detection? --- Although navigating the menus via joystick works, the current functionality is a bit unintuitive and currently *seems* inconsistent, though I understand why. When presented with a vertical list of check box, button, or misc type options, left/right navigates up and down through them, and up/down adjusts a slider left and right. On the other hand, within a selected text list(such as the games list, or 'keymap' listing,) up/down works as expected, and(of course) left/right selects between buttons and listing, excepting Pgup/Pgdn 'accelerator' via left and right in the the games listing. It almost seems like it would make more sense to swap the axis for the misc and button based option screens even though that creates an apparent logical inconsistency with the control function of left/right in other menus. Maybe it's just me?
  8. I've forgotten, did paddles originally work on both front ports of the R77, or were they only detected on the left port?
  9. Is this with paddles on the front ports, or stelladaptor connected paddles as well? I just tested with the previous community release(before Stella 6) to have working front port paddles. With Warlords, I saw about 4 pixels of movement on the 'other' paddle for the full travel of the paddle in use.
  10. Asterioids. Isn't the scientific name for 'Atari thumb?'
  11. Yes, but what were they thinking with DK Jr's climbing sound? It's up there with the worst, most ear grating sound effects.
  12. fluxit

    Mystery Cart

    That's Robot Tank.
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    RetroN 77

    Here's the recent Stella beta 6 release on a Sharp TV through a $10 HDMI to composite converter. Note that the picture is currently a 16x9 pillarboxed 4x3 image being squashed into 4x3, this TV has color convergence problems, and I'm using long cheap cables through a 4-1 switch on the AV, but yes the Retron works just fine. I've also not changed Stella's video defaults. Sound is good through this converter. Non 16x9 is being worked on for a future beta. Did you have something particular in mind?
  14. I've hesitated at posting this, as it won't be useful for many(if any) other people, but this cobbled together train of a wireless controller solution works, and works well on the R77 with Stella6 beta 1 and even defaults to the firebutton for left joystick on the (2) button. It is composed of an 8bitdo NES bluetooth receiver, a Dynapoint Game Star(NES controller type,) DIN 5 to IBM PS/2 adapter, and a PS/2 keyboard to USB adapter(Trendnet, although others may work, compatibility varies.)
  15. For those who have been looking for wireless controller solutions for the Retron 77, if you have Wii U Pro controllers(it should support more than one simultaneously)- this Mayflash device is confirmed as compatible for connecting them to the R77 when in "Dinput" mode. This particular product did work for me with a third party 'clone' Pro controller as well. It does seem to only support pro type controllers though, as it rejected syncing with a regular Wiimote. Note that as of beta 1 of Stella 6, remapping of controls is not saved, and there are no working defaults for this device. So, this dongle cannot currently be used without a keyboard connected.
  16. You are correct. The symptom when I attempt to use paddles on the front ports, is that I see the displayed paddle located almost all the way to the right of the 'screen,' and when the physical paddle is moved, the displayed paddle moves the rest of the way to the right and stays there, frozen. FWIW, my R77 previously had the 'jittery,' but marginally playable paddles on the front ports. USB 2600-daptor paddles still work perfectly on beta1.
  17. Not that the correction is going to help someone on Windows, but for the sake of accuracy as it dawned on me later what exactly we're trying to do here- on Linux you'd be addressing /dev/sdb in the above example as we are overwriting the entire card(even though overwriting to the end would typically not be necessary so long as you'd wiped out any copies of the partition table) from the beginning, not just a partitition(if any.)
  18. With Linux, my next step in a situation such as yours would be to "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb2(or whatever)" Often, the reason Windows tools will no longer write to a 'disk' is because either the 'bootsector' or partition table(s) doesn't make sense to them. Perhaps you could try a "disk wiper" utility in Windows instead?
  19. I'll put my hat in the ring for Mattel's M-Network games. Lock 'n' Chase is a solid arcade conversion, and one of the better original 'pacman' games on the system. Bump 'n' Jump- another great conversion. Super Challenge Football is simple but fun for two players. Tron - Deadly Disks, Astroblast, Armor Ambush, Space Attack. Heck, I even like Frogs & Flies. I can't really say that I enjoy the somewhat fragile and harder to stack carts, though.
  20. It sounds like they talked James Galway into playing his flute in the background. Galway, "You don't have to pay me anything, but I'm not watching any wrestling." Atari exec, "No problem. We only have a single wrestler, so it will be more like a dance."
  21. The Retron 77 that I purchased back in January came with the 'Trooper.' I'm pretty sure that they all do now, so long as you don't manage to somehow end up with a returned unit from earlier.
  22. It's still available at the U.S. Amazon site, and the listing seems normal- no 'only 8 left' or similar.
  23. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/266544-retron-77/page-104?do=findComment&comment=4204633
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