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  1. One of my Genesis game cases had a partially detached cover sleeve that I had taped to hold it in place. I hated this solution. It was one of those things that just nagged at me since it was my own fault that the sleeve had detached to begin with. I could have purchased a new case but wanted to see if there was any way to simply reattach the cover sleeve. I tried super glue but the glue wouldn't even set. So, last night I took a toothpick and applied a very small bead of "Shoe Goo" adhesive to the case then firmly pressed the sleeve down. The repair is barely noticeable and I'm not sure how long it will last, but as of now it seems to have worked. Just wanted to pass this along to everyone.
  2. That only works if the PDF pages are composed of individual manual pages. Often times each PDF page is actually two facing manual pages.
  3. I think the game I am poorly remembering is Castle Dungeon on the Vic-20. The videos I watched look like what I remember but I didn't see the flaming arrow that I thought was an available item.
  4. Fairly certain it wasn't Temple of Apshai. I played a bit of that back in the day on my Apple //c and I never had the game I'm thinking of on my Apple. If I recall correctly it was a single screen maze with no big open areas, every corridor was only one character wide just enough for your player or the enemies to traverse through. The big mechanic in the game was the completely hidden maze with the exception of the area around the player.
  5. I'm not sure if this one was on the Vic-20 or C-64. It was an overhead maze/dungeon crawler. The main thing I remember about it was the maze was completely blacked out except for a small area immediately around your character. I think the goal was simply to find the exit but you could run into enemies along the way. You could also obtain and shoot a flaming arrow which would illuminate a strip of the maze until the arrow hit a wall and went out.
  6. This game looks very cool and I am interested in it, but damn that price is a bit much. Maybe if it stays available for a few more months I might be able to convince myself to buy it. When I found out about Irena Genesis Metal Fury a week ago I discovered that it's out of stock when it hasn't even released yet.
  7. I've been pretty selective in what I pick up because of the out of control pricing. There are still a few games I'd like to pick up but only if I can find them for the right price. As far as hardware goes, I'm still looking for a //c Senior Prom but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I've toyed around with recreating it and will probably dig that project out once again someday.
  8. Great info here. I need to learn more about the mapper chips. I've got a copy of Afterburner for the Master System ordered as this seems to have a good mapper to work with in it. I think to start with this should make a good prototype to figure things out.
  9. That's good news. It's at least possible to do. I located some images of the PCB for Phantasy Star Fukkokuban for the Mega Drive over on SMS Power: https://www.smspower.org/forums/15351-SuccessHelpWithUSBEPROMWriter Now whether or not I can duplicate the work remains to be seen. I'd still like to see a proper schematic if anyone knows of where I can find one.
  10. Has anyone made a Genesis repro with a Master System ROM on it, thus eliminating the need for a powerbase converter? I've checked around but I haven't been able to find any information on how to do this (if it's even possible).
  11. The first program you mention might be one of mine called "Picture Loader". It appeared in Computist - April 1988 - Issue #54 on pages 8-10. https://archive.org/details/computist-scan-54/page/n7/mode/2up The second program could be "Krackerjack's Autograph". It did a number of animations. I don't recall if it would inject the picture on a disk or not. If not, another program that was capable of injecting a title page on a disk was called "Intercept 1.2".
  12. Did you get this figured out? The only difference I see between your schematic and others I found online is the value of the resistors. I saw one with 520ohm resistors, maybe that's the issue.
  13. I couldn't agree more. I love CoinOPS for what it does. It's a flashy menu that launches a bunch of emulators. It's a much nicer experience when all of the games have videos. I've just been manually doing all of that. I think the new log that the CoinOPS Games List Editor will soon spit out will help quite a bit. Ah...therein lies the rub. The term "support" when used with CoinOPS doesn't actually mean that the included emulators can only run certain games. It supposedly means that the CoinOPS group has tested and/or configured all the games that are in the "- Supported Games Lookup For Naming.txt" file. This isn't entirely true because 1. There are games that are supported that are unplayable. and 2. There are typo mistakes in the MAMEoX.xbe file(s) (depending on version/release of CoinOPS) that prevent some games from even being listed and therefore inaccessible to the user. Bottom line is the included emulators support a lot more games than CoinOPS does. So if you can get CoinOPS to recognize your game (using my program), you're halfway there. You'll still need to test the game to make sure it works, but I've found far more ROMs that work than don't. Beyond the CoinOPS group, I don't believe so. The most current version, CoinOPS 8, is also supposed to be the last version for the Xbox.
  14. Good question. It's the developers of CoinOPS way of controlling what games you can play. Why did they choose the MAMEoX.xbe file to hide this list? Your guess is as good as mine. Personally I'm not a fan of this restriction so that's why I wrote the CoinOPS Games List Editor! Everything I've learned about CoinOPS I did through hacking my own installation. I believe the menu system (the bulk of CoinOPS) is a stripped down version of XBMC. I found a few files which referenced it internally. The idea behind CoinOPS is you grab a package (Lite, Standalone, Massive, etc.) install it and you're done. Sounds great and it sorta works in practice until you get the itch to install a new game. Are you starting from a Standalone build? That's the most flexible build of CoinOPS and also the most difficult to setup. I haven't found any good information on setting up a Standalone build from scratch. ROMs for consoles aren't too difficult to setup, but there are exceptions (i.e. multi-CD games). And as you've discovered if the ROMs and videos aren't placed in the correct folders they won't be found by CoinOPS. Games like Mortal Kombat, Doom, Heretic, etc. are their own little nightmare and aren't touched by my program. There are a few game packs floating around that have all the ROMs and videos named correctly. Most of the ones I've come across are fairly complete. These packs are still missing some ROMs for every system though. PM me if you need help locating some of these. The next version of the CoinOPS Games List Editor will spit out a text file with all the details. It's a good idea and won't be too difficult to do. In its current state the program can't rename any ROMs for you. This is because the intent is to swap in a ROM that isn't officially supported. There's no list of unsupported ROMs so it has no idea what to rename it to or even which file on your PC is the ROM in question. However, the CoinOPS Games List Editor does ensure that you follow the proper naming scheme set by CoinOPS. The ROM itself can be named anything you like, for example "AAAA". Once you select the system, for example "Atari 2600", the CoinOPS Games List Editor will automatically prepend the correct preface to the ROM filename. In this example, "A26_AAAA" would appear as the filename and would be written to the MAMEoX.xbe file. It would then be up to you to rename your ROM to "A26_AAAA" as well as your video and FTP them to the correct folders on your Xbox. Thanks! I hope you find it useful. I'm open to any ideas to make the program useful to others. This has been my private little utility for months so I'm a little too close to it and always appreciate a fresh perspective.
  15. Just a FYI for anyone interested. To not derail this thread I replied to Mark's questions regarding the CoinOPS Games List Editor over at: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/258679-coinops-games-list-editor/ Hmm...That's a pretty tall order, Mark! I only deal with the ROMs and videos on my CoinOPS install. I'll have to look into all the other to see how it's named and laid out. Not promising anything but I'll definitely take a look at it.
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