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  1. From what I understand the USB ports are connected, but require a firmware update to support them. I believe i2S support is implemented too, so with some careful programming, it would be possible to emulate the CD drive, and a mass storage device on the Skunkboard. This could be a much quicker and simpler solution than waiting for the Jaguar SD card.
  2. I hope the SD cart will be flexible and fast enough to shunt paged data from flash storage to cart Ram, and support the full 6MB cart memory map. This would then allow for games like Time Crisis. Those games stream and buffer video which the Jaguar is more than capable of. Even on Time Crisis Project Titan, each area only comprises of between 8 and 39 frames for background all of which could be held in cart Ram along with sprites for characters with no compression at 8 bit color depth. Time Crisis 1 could be held in 2MB space as it uses less frames for background animation. Just an idea.
  3. If not to late, can you please add me to your list for the Lynx SD. Thanks
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