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  1. Sorry, if it came to a misunderstanding here. I can not say if Rainbow Island is running on a monochrome monitor because I could not test it or play it. But I would like to play the game on my atari jaguar, because I really enjoyed Bubble Bobble.
  2. Last night I had the pleasure of playing some old original Atari ST games on my uncle's original Atari monochrome monitor. Is it possible that the following games for the Atari Jaguar will be implemented: Nebulus, Norh & South, Persian Gulf Inferno or Rainbow Island?
  3. Some days ago I played some atari games: hostages, rockford, batman movie, nebulus, lost patrol, blasteroids and captain blood. there is the possibility that soon one or two titles of it will be realized on the atari jaguar?
  4. Got my boxes yesterday. Thank you very much
  5. I love the CyranoJ Atari ST games on the Atari Jaguar. CyranoJ: Can you tell me if there is a chance that Rick Dangerous 2 and a Psygnosis game ( Bloodmoney, Babarian, Killing Game Show, Leander and Menace) will be available for the Jaguar?
  6. I have written a mail but not received a bill.
  7. He not said the game is a Amiga port.........or do I understand something wrong?
  8. Great game!!!Great work!!!! I played it yesterday many hours and have so much fun.
  9. Can I hope that some of the following Atari ST Games Ported to Jaguar Carts ? Turrican, The Great Giana Sisters, Battle Isle, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Silkworm, Super Cars, Shadow of the Beast, Chambers of Shaolin, Wings of Death, Nebulus, Rick Dangerous II, R-Type 2 and Lotus Turbo Challenge ?
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