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  1. Poor guy would fall down dead after one hit.
  2. Yes, yes it is. Doesn't make me want Fathom any less. Two dolphin games? Sign me up.
  3. I know, I'm rooting for both although I think only me and like one other person care that much about Fathom. Calling Ecco unnamed dolphin game is because Tommy was being coy when the trailer came out. I just want a chill swimming around game and for Jason to play Ori.
  4. I'ma need you to play Ori ASAP. It's hard af but so good. I died an even 1,000 times before I beat the game. 😂 Staying on topic, looking forward to Fathom and Frog Bog. Or unnamed dolphin game if Fathom doesn't come to be. I just wanna swim around and eat flies and look at fish, and Abzu is the only modern game I have to fill that void.
  5. A lot more than before (thank you!), but no, I still have a few that are missing manuals and some random loose carts. And now that I've only got one kinda cheap one and a bunch of pricey stuff left, I'm leaning toward loose carts for the rare sports games since I'll never play them anyway. Plus I'm just about out of space on the shelves, but my loose cart storage thingy still has plenty of room.
  6. My parents had an Intellivision II when I was a kid, and when it broke we got a Super Pro. I took it with me when I moved out, and I think the combination of being friends with Keith, lurking these boards so long before I started posting, the podcast, and meeting some of you in person made me want to collect more than what I had from my childhood. I don't really have space for more than just games but I'm currently sitting pretty at 108/125, thanks in large part to some of you.
  7. It had so much potential, but the controls were... not great. It's been a couple years though, maybe they've fixed it. You really need a Bluetooth controller to play, not just the headset.
  8. I'm out this year. Womp womp. I'll shoot for 2020 though, last year was good times.
  9. It's possible that the bag is original. Not sure how the consoles were wrapped, but some of the peripherals came with big bubble wrap taped around them. They don't have styrofoam protectors though. And I have a "sealed" NES that came with an open bag, so maybe? The cords should probably be taped or tucked into something though. I don't remember unboxing anything at the office with twist ties on it.
  10. Always bump this thread. It's one of my favorites.
  11. That's the one, thanks! I pity the kid whose parents got that over an actual fun system.
  12. What WAS the thing that Mattel put out with the educational games? With the really bland packaging and tons of inserts for kids to lose? I remember a geography game with a brown box and a girl's face on it, same size as an Intellivision game.
  13. Monday/month end/coming back after a day off, take your pick. Don't these guys know I'd rather be playing Fathom?
  14. You've got two KC's. Now a WORKING unit, that's another story.
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