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  1. I think I already said it in the Facebook group, but I hope you guys post lots of pictures.
  2. Keith didn't Frankenstein these himself, he got them from someone else tied to Intellivision who'd already packaged them like this so they could be sold. (I don't remember who.) The intent was to sell them as they were, but he never got to it. I think there were only two boxes? There were only two in the Hermosa office, could've been more in storage and I've forgotten. They were under a desk and occasionally in the way. I remember Keith's main experiments involving merch design because he enjoyed nitpicking the Running Man colors. 😆
  3. Mine is shrink wrapped rather than bagged, but close enough. Color manual, at least one overlay, $3 price sticker. I only had a shrink wrapped copy of Utopia at the time and Keith was like NO YOU NEED TO PLAY THAT, and pulled it out of a box & gave it to me. Never opened it because it's technically still shrink wrapped so... The price tag was odd, but he had a bunch of bagged/wrapped games in that box.
  4. I played the CRAP out of that game.
  5. Keith drove around with the melted console in his trunk for ages because he would take it to conventions and leave it in the car between shows. Sometimes it would make it back inside to the office, but not always. For what it's worth, it never got *more* melted, so maybe it would've passed an actual hot car test.
  6. At least those were melted by Mattel Electronics employees.
  7. Didn't realize the Facebook HSC was a whole separate thing, my bad. I always assumed the games were cross-posted in both places.
  8. I'm a giant slacker here on AA, but if I spot it on one of the Facebook groups I'll jump in.
  9. Don't climb the walls when there's a snake nearby, and shoot the torpedoes before they're launched with you standing in front of them. 🐍
  10. You guys are killin' me, Smalls. I love Sewer Sam, Frogger, Fathom, and don't *love* DK but don't hate it either. Another hot take: Off the top of my head I'm going with Atlantis, because as far as I can tell you just play till the city falls and you lose, which even as a kid was kind of a bummer. Also the crossword game in Word Fun because it's so disappointing when the other games are actually pretty fun.
  11. Those are in the archive somewhere. They're missing an arm, but they still work. They somehow make the world look more 3D, they're wild. There were also a bunch of the mass produced ones in a manila folder in one of the file cabinets. Not sure what happened to them.
  12. Summer in Oregon is hot and terrible, but that's coming from a former Oregonian who'd rather deal with rain than heat. I also love going to Sauvie Island in the fall, although it's not like I could fly home with a 100 lb. pumpkin and a squash that's bigger than my suitcase. Maybe August *would* be better (although there's a clothing optional beach on the island and y'all are a bunch of freaks sooooo...) https://www.thepumpkinpatch.com/
  13. I've got the Videopac+ game and obviously can't play it, so it's pretty cool to see what I've been missing out on (because it never occurred to me to check YouTube).
  14. Definitely. I care about some of the people involved enough that I want it to do well for their sake, so it's actually a little personal. But I also selfishly want a new swim around and look at fish game(s) so I have something to kill time with other than replaying Abzu for the gazillionth time. I haven't preordered and don't intend to, because I plan to get the purple console after it's no longer exclusive to Gamestop. I have a different store I prefer to throw my money at. Short version: Yeah, but in my usual filthy casual gamer sorta way.
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