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  1. 1. H.E.R.O 2. River Raid 3. Missile Command 4. Demon Attack 5. Defender 6. Pitfall II 7. Ms. Pac-Man 8. Atlantis 9. Yar's Revenge 10. Berzerk
  2. I'm very late to the party here, but here is my 7800.
  3. I recently had Byte Knight complete an Ultimate Colecovision FB upgrade to my little FB unit and this thing is now a work of art. First off, I mailed my Col FB to Byte Knight on a Wednesday and received it back COMPLETED the following Wednesday. He answered so many of my rather simplistic questions without a hint that I was bothering him and give his services the highest marks,with the HDMI conversion being one of my favorites. The USB and WIFI features makes it breeze to download the many ROMs that are available. Byte Knight will return your COL FB with the original 60 FB games upgraded to HDMI of course. You can then use either the WIFI or USB options to download your ROM's and box art to your COL FB. I now have 187 ROM's and looking for more. BTW, do not discount the many fantastic looking Home Brews as many of them are top notch and very enjoyable. Overall, a terrific service for this FB System as the games look superb in HDMI format. I hope that more of you take advantage of Byte Knight's services as you will not be disappointed in the results.
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