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  1. Check out the development thread, as mentioned in @Lee Stewart's post above.
  2. chue

    F18A DIY?

    Xilinx's site seems to be up? https://www.xilinx.com/downloadNav/vivado-design-tools/archive-ise.html
  3. Maybe use a Kinect instead? https://m.all3dp.com/2/kinect-3d-scanner-easy-beginner-tutorial/
  4. Here’s a pic of a rev 2. Resistors look the same but you should verify. https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3216&p=46416
  5. Perhaps the Mini Memory? From http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/software/s_carts/mini.html From what I've heard, the Mini Memory assembler a little painful to use. Perhaps someone with experience with it can chime in.
  6. The BSOD can be caused by a variety of bad chips including: VDP, CPU, RAM (16k), RAM (256b), ROM, GROM. There is a 3 part series on YouTube, in which a guy repairs his: The problem with his TI was the CPU, but that doesn't mean that yours has the same problem.
  7. This is also happening on Fedora Linux - GCC v10.2.1 I don't know when this started happening, although I was able to build previously with GCC v6.3. I tweaked the code a bit, fixing the error above as well as some other instances of multiple definitions. There are two ways for you to apply my "fixes". Choose one: 1) gcc10-src.zip - this contains the updated source files. Unzip this file into your copy of the binutils source. Then build as you normally would. OR 2) gcc10-patch.zip - this contains an updated install script and an additional patch file. The patch assumes that @insomnia's original patch has run. Unzip this to where the existing install script is and run. This new install script runs @insomnia's original patch, then runs my new patch. I didn't study the side effects of my code changes on binutils. So if you use any of the binaries in binutils, and it doesn't do what you expect - let me know. However, I was able to build a TI cart image and run it in Classic99. gcc10-patch.zip gcc10-src.zip
  8. That one is a little pricey. I picked one up from mdude, who is selling them "new" for $10. https://ebay.us/EnFz5k
  9. I ordered a boxed copy with 5.25" disks. I don't own the necessary hardware to run the game off floppy, but will run it under emulation for now.
  10. The TIPI/32k that fits in the Speech Synthesizer is calling for me as is, but if there were a TIPI/SAMS version I’d be all over it.
  11. I sure would like an “ANY” key. 🙂 Actually I don’t feel like any keys are missing. But I do miss the LEDs sometimes: caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock. Ok actually scroll lock is useless to me but the other two are still nice to have.
  12. Some discussion about making replacements here, although it didn’t get very far:
  13. You think that 2 is a lot? Have you seen @Schmitzi ‘s collection?
  14. Grade school was all Apple II. Junior high had mostly Apple IIs, as well as a Trs 80 model III lab. I have fond memories of a programming course using those Trs 80s. In high school we started using PCs and I recall seeing some Macs as well.
  15. Which ps3 do you have? I believe only the later model ps3 slims (or super slims) allows swapping out the entire drive. Custom firmware is the only way to remarry a drive to a motherboard.
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