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  1. Get the url of the post you want to “frame” and paste it into your post. For example https://atariage.com/forums/topic/278167-ot-dumping-thread/?do=findComment&comment=4451691 becomes
  2. @Sid1968 and I recapped our power supplies. I didn’t do it out of need, I did it only as a precaution. See also this thread:
  3. There’s some on archive.org too: https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A"99'er"
  4. With a scanner you’ll get much better lighting of the doc, as well as a near perfect angle of image. Hard to do these with a phone, imho.
  5. chue

    Better cpu

    Just throwing this out there. I’ve no idea if it will work for what you are doing. There’s a higher spec’d (faster) 9900 built into the F18A video adapter. I’ve always wondered if it could be used as some sort of an accelerator.
  6. Mine wasn’t boxed 😭 but I’m glad to have a copy 😀
  7. The error message says that the software is expecting one type of chip, but is seeing another type. If your chip type is correct then check your soldering
  8. Everything is in great condition. The console, console box, pain sticks, rf modulator, boxed games, etc. but as Mr Sanders says, overpriced.
  9. Someone around here has the source for Myarc XB, I believe. I thought it was somewhat backwards compatible, and also written in assembly. I don't know if it would be a good starting point, but maybe worth a look.
  10. Are you using a TL866 or some variation of? There is a "Check ID" checkbox in the GUI that verifies that the chip is the correct type. Unchecking the box may allow you to program the 2764. From the manual
  11. chue

    SDD 99

    IIRC, Ralph mentions in the video that the display chip in his TI is going bad.. It's probably related to that
  12. That's the great thing about the democratization of t-shirt making. If you don't like the ones that exist you can make your own.
  13. 8%, 0 items I find the control scheme a little difficult to get used to
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