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  1. I found this nice retrospective on our favorite computer https://www.howtogeek.com/731558/a-successful-failure-the-ti-994a-turns-40/amp/
  2. New release Changes: - Resolves the issue reported by Elia, where the game displays "I don't understand" after a valid command is entered. The input routine doesn't allow repeating keys. This is when the same char repeats when a key is held down. There was a (bug?) that allowed ENTER to be repeating when the key was held down. INNUH-TI-IT-80.zip INNUH-TI-EN-40.zip INNUH-TI-EN-80.zip INNUH-TI-IT-40.zip
  3. These are the latest binaries. The only differences here to the last set of files are: - title screen text has additional credits - the system reboots on exit from the game INNUH-TI-EN-40.zip INNUH-TI-IT-80.zip INNUH-TI-IT-40.zip INNUH-TI-EN-80.zip
  4. It appears that the game is functional after this happens. What I think I will do is open an issue in the project, so that the bug is documented; I will keep looking to see if I can reproduce the issue. For now I will make a pull request to Davide, so that he has the code as well.
  5. Thank you I will take a look at it edit: does the bug happen only in the white room? I think there are some known issues in that room. See here https://github.com/DarwinNE/innuhs_pyramid/issues/2
  6. I cannot seem to reproduce the bug. Here is the output from my game, in Classic 99. Anyone else able to reproduce the bug?
  7. Thank you @Elia Spallanzani fdt I would be happy to look at the oddity that you are seeing. It would be helpful if you could tell me what commands you wrote in the game. Also, I want to add some acknowledgements to the game. I would be grateful if you or someone else could check that my google translated Italian looks ok: English to be added to title screen: C version ported to TI99/4A by Chue Xiong 2021, and uses libti99 by Mike Brent (Tursi). Italian to be verified: Versione C portata su TI99 / 4A da Chue Xiong 2021, e utilizza libti99 di Mike Brent (Tursi).
  8. New versions: 40 column English 80 column English 40 column Italian 80 column Italian The 80 column version requires 80 column capable hardware (F18A). Each is in a zip file. You will have to use option 5 to load one of: INUTIEN40 INUTIEN80 INUTIIT40 INUTIIT80 Tested and seems to work in classic 99... Not tested on real hardware. Source code here: https://github.com/cx/innuhs_pyramid INNUH-TI-IT-80.zip INNUH-TI-EN-40.zip INNUH-TI-EN-80.zip INNUH-TI-IT-40.zip
  9. Not a bug. Looks like that is how the game works. It happens in the XB listing above in post #12, as well as in the original C version by Davide Bucci. Take the torch or lose it!
  10. I usually understand the technical jargon in this forum but have no idea what “XML” means. Is it something to do with machine language? Or the missing link? For me it means an HTML-like language but I’m sure that’s not it.
  11. Probably a bug. I’ll take a look. Thanks
  12. Anyone familiar with this game? I need some beta testers... This is the English version in EA5 format and was built from the C version. Requirements: TI/99-4A with Editor/Assembler Cartridge 32k RAM Disk drive You will need to use option 5 in the Editor/Assembler to run the file "INNUHTI". In game, if you type and don't see any text, press the "Alpha Lock" key. Any feedback appreciated. INNUHTJ INNUHTI
  13. These days we have modems that are always connected to the internet. Back then we had to dial in to connect our modems to the internet. But as gamemoose said, the underlying tech is mostly the same. Before “dial in internet” there were dial in BBSs. Maybe someone here will explain. With BBSs you did have to know the number of the particular BBS you were connecting to.
  14. @jbdigriz unearthed a second (older?) gcc project that targets tms-9900. Don’t know what the capabilities are though.
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