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  1. Just throwing this out there. I’ve no idea if it will work for what you are doing.


    There’s a higher spec’d (faster) 9900 built into the F18A video adapter. I’ve always wondered if it could be used as some sort of an accelerator. 

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  2. 56 minutes ago, atrax27407 said:

    Apparently, the chip (2764) was not recognized as a TMS2564

    Are you using a TL866 or some variation of?  There is a "Check ID" checkbox in the GUI that verifies that the chip is the correct type.  Unchecking the box may allow you to program the 2764. From the manual


    Quote Check ID 
    Many chips have a chip inside the Identification (ID), the content is generally composed 
    of two or more bytes, the first byte is usually the manufacturer code (Manufacture ID), 
    followed by the chip type or chip capacity.  Different chip, ID will be different, the 
    function of this option is to prevent incorrect chip into.  This option checks the chip ID 
    before reading or writing to the chip. If it continues correctly, this function is optional. 
    Operation will be aborted if the ID error.  The default option is enable . 


  3. 3 hours ago, jrhodes said:

    My eyes! Jeez, whats with your video? While the video was informative, i found it very hard to watch.

    IIRC, Ralph mentions in the video that the display chip in his TI is going bad.. It's probably related to that

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