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  1. I think the red looks great! Differentiates it from the FlashROM.
  2. Yes I forgot the Twinkies! Obviously after 20 years in a bunker, they will taste just like they did on day one!
  3. chue


    From the album: Forum Pics

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  4. This is the purpose of the Internet Archive. Their mission is preserve web content for all of us. I haven't used it to save pages, but have used it to look up content that has disappeared from its original source. To try it out, I used the IA to save one specific page of this thread here: http://web.archive.org/web/20170407152520/http://atariage.com/forums/topic/253095-flashrom-99-finalgrom-99-image-repository-4042017/page-31 I'm not too familiar with the archiving process - it seems geared towards saving individual web pages. Also they do seem to store multiple versions of a page - I don't know if that means their crawler occasionally will update a page, or if this has to be manually done.
  5. I never had a PS3 during it's prime, but picked one up recently because of the availability of cheap, quality titles. Right now, I am playing: Little Big Planet 3 Valkyria Chronicles Metal Gear (the original) Maybe in 10 years I'll post about the games I'll be playing on PS4.
  6. chue

    Metal Gear MSX

    From the album: Forum Pics

  7. Hmm.. a seller with zero rated transactions, selling something below value, sending said items without tracking info... from Singapore. I'm a little skeptical. You know what they say about "too good to be true"...
  8. Definitely via Google. I picked up a couple of silver and black TIs in the middle of 2016. I had a little extra space in my basement office and wanted to set up the system that I had when I was a kid. During the setup, I would google for knowledge, and kept running into AA threads on the TI. The knowledge here is incredible!
  9. My little bit of reading on the topic is that it isn't against the rules. What eBay doesn't like is doing it through a 3rd party, which requires you to give your login info to someone else. Ebay seems to be against the security aspect of 3rd party sniping, not the fact that bidding is done at the last second.
  10. It is a tight fit. I use a scissors to pry mine out. See here for how I do it (photos with comments): http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/1863-nano-peb-removal/ Are you powering up the Nano first? The only time I get the black screen is when I have the power up sequence wrong. You should power up the Nano first, and the TI second.
  11. chue

    Nano PEB Removal

    This shows how I use scissors to remove a Nano PEB from my TI computer.
  12. chue

    Step 3

    From the album: Nano PEB Removal

    Also do this at the other end of the socket connector. You might have to alternate between each end (repeat steps 1 - 3) until the Nano is completely removed.
  13. chue

    Step 2

    From the album: Nano PEB Removal

    Very, very carefully, lift up on the scissor's handle.
  14. chue

    Step 1

    From the album: Nano PEB Removal

    Place one leg of a pair of scissors between the Nano and the console. Make sure that the scissor's leg is as far behind the card as possible.
  15. In case anyone else has trouble with the code, line number 250 from post #23 should read: 250 A$=A$&CHR$(C)
  16. I have to correct myself - the video says that the above keyboard was $450 in 2015 dollars ($288 in 1995 dollars). It was the predecessor keyboard that would have cost $900 ($577 in 1995 dollars). I'm the cheap type so I would have never even looked at those high end systems. But, to me it does seem plausible that the keyboard could have cost $288, given that a high end 1995 system was in the $3k range (1995 dollars). Source: the following "Blast from the Past" article provides the pricing on 2 systems in 1995: http://winsupersite.com/article/commentary/blast-buying-computer-1995-141723 But you're right... $577 does seem high for a keyboard.
  17. Only $1795! Well according to this guy, when new the keyboard cost $900 (in 2015 dollars). So it's a relative bargain... Well maybe. On the other hand, I think I will stick to my $20 Microsoft one. Warning, lots of gushing and general keyboard love:
  18. And it's also missing the "-" after the TI. Seriously though I'd pick one up myself, but I am waiting to see how the Final Grom progress goes.
  19. Just stumbled onto some FlashROMs (with case) for sale: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4a-MultiCart-FlashROM-99-cartridge-assembled-in-custom-made-case-/282353901815?hash=item41bd9aa0f7:g:DokAAOSwux5YMPoe
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