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  1. By chance, does anybody now a tool to save the "whole" server ?

    I think, some "special" software is needed..


    This is the purpose of the Internet Archive. Their mission is preserve web content for all of us. I haven't used it to save pages, but have used it to look up content that has disappeared from its original source.


    To try it out, I used the IA to save one specific page of this thread here:




    I'm not too familiar with the archiving process - it seems geared towards saving individual web pages. Also they do seem to store multiple versions of a page - I don't know if that means their crawler occasionally will update a page, or if this has to be manually done.

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  2. looks too good to be true...


    Hmm.. a seller with zero rated transactions, selling something below value, sending said items without tracking info... from Singapore. I'm a little skeptical. You know what they say about "too good to be true"...

  3. Bottom line is that sniping is against the eBay rules, and they do nothing about it. They call themselves an online auction house, but auctions end while there is still active bidding.


    My little bit of reading on the topic is that it isn't against the rules. What eBay doesn't like is doing it through a 3rd party, which requires you to give your login info to someone else. Ebay seems to be against the security aspect of 3rd party sniping, not the fact that bidding is done at the last second.

  4. Secondly, the card slot was incredibly tight on the side; trying to remove it meant putting a lot more pressure on the circuit board I was comfortable with.


    Thirdly, it worked about 2-3 times then it just caused black screen and noise.


    It is a tight fit. I use a scissors to pry mine out. See here for how I do it (photos with comments):



    Are you powering up the Nano first? The only time I get the black screen is when I have the power up sequence wrong. You should power up the Nano first, and the TI second.

  5. I have to correct myself - the video says that the above keyboard was $450 in 2015 dollars ($288 in 1995 dollars). It was the predecessor keyboard that would have cost $900 ($577 in 1995 dollars).


    I'm the cheap type so I would have never even looked at those high end systems. But, to me it does seem plausible that the keyboard could have cost $288, given that a high end 1995 system was in the $3k range (1995 dollars).

    Source: the following "Blast from the Past" article provides the pricing on 2 systems in 1995: http://winsupersite.com/article/commentary/blast-buying-computer-1995-141723


    But you're right... $577 does seem high for a keyboard.

  6. There are still some bargains left on eBay ;)




    Only $1795! Well according to this guy, when new the keyboard cost $900 (in 2015 dollars). So it's a relative bargain... Well maybe. On the other hand, I think I will stick to my $20 Microsoft one.


    Warning, lots of gushing and general keyboard love:


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