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  1. There are guys that sell the TF330 with a riser which has a PS2 connector. For example here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TF330-Expansion-for-Commodore-Amiga-CD32-64MB-Ram-IDE-030-50-Riser-CF-card/233406330699?hash=item365819f74b:g:aRoAAOSwaKVcvLAo The above seller is based in Canada but there are others who are based in Europe. You can ask on the TF330 forum here: https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=70
  2. I used tin snips to make a cutout in the shielding for my accelerator. I made room for the new caps as well - they were just slightly too tall.
  3. For removal of hot glue, I use a little isopropyl alcohol. It will pull right off if you can get a little alcohol between the glue and the pcb. Just give the alcohol a few minutes to work.
  4. You'll probably want to take it apart and make sure to replace the internal battery. Those batteries will damage the motherboard if you leave them in. I have a few M100s and have replaced the batteries with super capacitors. See the before (brown battery) and after (blue supercap) in the attached pics. Just something to keep in mind - I believe that it won't boot if there's no battery. I would also recommend you replace the capacitors on the board as well.
  5. I'm running Win 10 on a laptop and a desktop - I haven't noticed any noise. I just tried now on my laptop and seems ok.
  6. I have this problem that whenever I order electronic parts, there is always one thing that I forget. This time it was the DC-DC converter. I will order one at a future date. Digikey does not seem to sell the axial types - at least I could not find them on the site.
  7. I don't know about the operating temp, but the caps are rated for 2000 hours at 105C. For every 10C decrease in operating temperature, the lifetime roughly doubles. https://electronics.stackexchange.com/a/31600/124611 Given that, we can expect the following lifetimes for a range of temps: 95 C / 203 F = 4,000 hrs 85 C / 185 F = 8,000 hrs 75 C / 167 F = 16,000 hrs 65 C / 149 F = 32,000 hrs 55 C / 131 F = 64,000 hrs 45 C / 113 = 128,000 hrs 35 C / 95 F = 256,000 hrs 25 C / 77 F = 512,000 hrs According to google, you can touch something that is 140 F, and HAVE to pull your fingers away after 5 seconds. If we assume this temperature for the TI, we get a little over 32,000 hours of continuous operating life. At 3 hours a day, we get 10,667 days or 29 years.
  8. I've been wanting to recap my TI for a while, and recently did the internal power supply. Here's what I used : 3300µF/35V Radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/ECA-1VHG332/P5557-ND/245156 1000µF/25V Radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/ECA-1EHG102/P5544-ND/245143 470µF/25V radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/ECA-1EHG471/P5543-ND/245142 47µF/25V Radial. Quantity: 2. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FM1E470/P12923-ND/762833 4.7µF/50V Radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/nichicon/UPW1H4R7MDD1TD/493-11360-1-ND/4319999 Note that some caps have higher voltage ratings than the originals. Also, all caps here are rated at 2000 hours at 105°C.
  9. Plain old TI-99/4A going for $300+ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Texas-Instruments-TI-99-4A-NEW/264501307766 New in box, but I'm surprised anyone is willing to pay this much.
  10. You could hook up a modified Genesis joystick, and use one of its many buttons as an additional fire button. This would require any game to poll both joystick 1 and joystick 2 for button presses.
  11. Just curious, do you have source code for MA BASIC?
  12. Never saw one of those power supplies with an LED. It seems you have a rare machine here. I've never seen a Silver & Black with 2.2 firmware.
  13. ********************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************* TI-99/4A High Score Challenge Month: October, 2019 Game: Turmoil, by @PeteE turmoilc.bin turmoil.rpk
  14. **Moon Patrol Hall of Fame** chue 68100 jwild 28800 globeron 25150 JB 12000 jblenke 8850
  15. The trickiest part, for me at least, are the mines. On the first course I slow the vehicle down to the slowest speed and then jump the mines that way. This does require precision jumping, which I cannot do with a joystick. I find that switching to the keyboard during this makes things a lot easier. There is an exception to the speed rule above - I will speed up the vehicle to make a jump when there are two mines that are right next to each other. There is usually a third mine nearby that needs to be avoided as well, and for me there is always some luck involved as to not hit one of the three. On the second course, the mines always seem to get me. I always die in the same spot, which is shown in my final attempt. This spot seems to have gotten @globeron as well:
  16. That's a very nice looking TI. Yes the case is a nice bonus. Now you have a portable TI.
  17. Slightly related - Here's another discussion on benchmarking languages on the TI
  18. They do make vinyl wrap in that color
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