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  1. I wear my Exidy shirt to car meets to confuse people that are familiar with Exedy Clutches.
  2. It’s not a kit, but Bally “Granny and the Gators” and “Baby Pac-Man” both use the TMS9928 on the Vidiot boards and have RGB transcoders spelled out in the schematics.
  3. DarkSound, and DarkRAM board (both 4MB and 8MB) will be en route tomorrow!
  4. Working it out right now, but I should be stocking his products here shortly!
  5. If you line up and bend the grounding ring tab perpendicular with a flat on the holding nut, that will help quite a bit If frequent plug/unplug operations is expected, a drop of super glue makes a great thread locker. But do so only after the soldered connections are made, otherwise fumes can leave deposits and contaminate your solder joints.
  6. I'm in E.L. as well and could probably make it occasionally
  7. I would like one please, number not important.
  8. Sounds great, I think I have a defective cart I can reuse.
  9. If it's not too late I'd love a multicart, shell, and mod board too!
  10. Please put me down for one. I'll take any Fibonacci number, the greatest available prime, or anything that rhymes with purple. Tee hee! (first available is fine )
  11. The more I think about it, I believe the service manual details full yoke alignment, starting with loosening the clamp, removing blocks, and pushing it completely forward on the tube. Can't recall where it goes from there.
  12. As far as image centering and rotation goes it is practically the same as a B&W CRT television set. The yoke sets where the electrons "land" on the screen. The yoke has a coarse alignment set with rubber wedges or blocks and fine alignment set by fixed magnets. IIRC the service manual details usage of the magnets. Looking at your photos the text seems good (non italicized and not squished it tall) and the corners of drawn images are aligned well, it's just that the whole thing is shifted down and left. In those cases the yoke alignment is usually at fault for sending the image to the wrong portion of the screen, more or less.
  13. The yoke is safe to touch while running but you'll need to be totally comfortable working around the anode wire for sure. There are probably tips and videos online for CRT yoke alignment but I'm currently in the boondocks and can't provide any links. I'd look and see if one of the rubber yoke block has slipped as you may only have to wedge it back into place. You may be able to use the tab magnets too, and if so I'd just draw and alignment mark across them so they can be reset if necessary.
  14. Your alignment looks good but the image isn't centered. Probably the yoke has shifted during shipping and the adjustments are physical and not electrical. I wouldn't touch the adjustment pots until observing if the yoke is loose and either try shimming it or recentering the image with the yoke magnets. The only electrical adjustment that will affect centering is the DAC 0 adjust and it should not be used for purposes of centering the image. If DAC 0 is used for centering you may end up with brightness or convergence problems on part of the screen.
  15. Sometimes the x/y/z cable just needs to be reseated, or the connecting pins cleaned.
  16. I would love to distribute if the option is available!
  17. If I had the means, I would throw every Retro Bit, 2-in-1, and related power supply into a volcano. Then I would throw the people responsible for making them in, too. The transformers are cornsilk wrapped cat turds and the diodes are made from freeze dried spider legs and phlegm. Filter caps are bits of irradiated chicken gizzard. I might be exaggerating slightly but all they do is cause trouble. I'd say they were safe for Christmas lights but I wouldn't leave one plugged in unattended.
  18. I'd like 1! Or 10 if distributor pricing is an option
  19. Sorry for the delay, I don't get by here very often! If you haven't already done so and fixed things, you'll want to check the regulators and power transistors. Remember "garbage in garbage out" - measure the voltage coming in and what's going out at each stage. You have: Transformer windings Rectifier diodes Regulator Power transistor. At one of the components you'll probably find power in with no power out and that's your culprit!
  20. Those Retro Bit, 2in1, and other newly made power supplies are just awful. Just about any time someone emails me about a video signal problem it can be traced back to using one of them. I like the idea of a universal supply but after trying them and seeing how they are constructed I could never sell them in good faith.
  21. Both: A low output regulator feeds a high output power transistor
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