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  1. Has anyone ever made a commented disassembly of the 4K Video Chess rom? I'd love to see how the game AI was implemented.
  2. Well, I give up. I didn't get to include the Jaguar port, but for those who might find a simultaneous display of 11 other GORFs interesting, then check this out.
  3. Continuing this conversation with myself... It was a long shot, but I tried Jagulator. Surprisingly, it did run, but with no sound, in a übertiny window, and at something like x100 speed. Yeah, I'm thinking the Jaguar port of Gorf won't make it in my comparison video. The state of Jaguar emulation is abysmal, compared to the other 11 systems I emulated. My last hope is on "A31Chris", who posted exactly the content I need on YouTube. I've asked for permission to use the footage (hopefully he reads YouTube PMs, fingers crossed). If anyone could put me in touch with A31Chris, that'd be awesome. Strange, these emulated broken glimpses of Gorf 2000 look close, but not exactly like the Jaguar Gorf videos I see on YouTube. Are there different Gorfs for Jaguar?
  4. My goal: Get video of the Jaguar port of GORF, from the game intro/start through the 1st flagship explosion. I've created such videos for all other GORF platforms (Arcade, VIC-20, C64, Amiga, Atari 2600, Atari 800 (8-bit), Atari 5200, GameBoy Advance, ColecoVision, BBC Micro, and Sinclair ZX-Spectrum ("BARF" knockoff)) for a video I'm working on. I'm hoping to have the Jaguar version represented as well. If it's not feasible to run the game under emulation, perhaps someone has a screen video capture I could use? (I see a few on YouTube, but I'd want to get permission first). I made small progress today... I could (previously) only find GORF 2000 in .jag format, but finally found an old sh3-rg post that led me to the Gorf executable in bjl, coff, cdi, j64, prg, jag, and rom formats as well. :-) However, I still can't get Virtual Jaguar to run the game in any of these formats. :-( I got the rom file format to run in Project Tempest on Windows 10 (load and run addresses both = 4000), as well as the cdi, but 6 or so seconds into the game, it (consistently) crashes (see image below): I found a thread where someone apparently burned the GORF cdi to a CD (likely with discJuggler) for play on original hardware. If I thought VJ would run it from the CD I would try this, but all the other equivalent binaries have failed. (I see getting discJuggler to work on Windows 10 takes a bit of registry fiddling, but I'm game if this is the path forward.) Should I have started this thread in the "Atari Systems->Atari Jaguar forum"? Perhaps the regulars there have video I could use, or a way for me to run the game (I'd prefer to kill that flagship myself). I'll cross-post if I don't get any love here. :-) Again, any and all help greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok, I see Gorf 2000 was a CD-based game (not cartridge, and only 50 made!). I assume I don't have to do something crazy like convert this .jag file to some CD-image format which I then burn to a CD and use with VJ's "Use CD Unit" option?? Anyway, still trying to run this game...
  6. Just starting out on Jaguar emulation -- I'm trying to run "Gorf 2000" on Virtual Jaguar v2.1.2 (Windows 10). The emulator works (it runs the "Downfall" .j64 cart that comes with it). However, Gorf 2000 is a .jag file. Should that appear as an option in the "Insert Cartridge..." window? It only does if I force it to with "General->Show all files in file chooser", but it won't launch. How do I run it?
  7. Ah, changed to "Keyboard -> 5200 Controller (port 1)", and everything's happy. Thanks Phaeron.
  8. Hi all! I'm new to 5200 emulation, and am trying out Gorf on Altirra. I'm having keyboard control issues. Symptoms: - The player's ship immediately moves to the right, and stays at the right hand side - The left CTRL works for shooting, but can't move the ship left or right (presumably, this should be with the arrow keys) Altirra config: - Under Input Maps, I chose "Reset", then clicked the box for "Arrows Keys -> Joystick (port 1)" Setup: - Running Altirra 2.71 on Windows 10 All suggestions greatly appreciated!
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