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  1. Those boxes look great!!! Is The Stacks and Golden Legends going to be included in this round of homebrews?
  2. I apologize in advance if this is under the wrong forum topic. Is there any info on when the new homebrews will be released in the AtariAge store? The games where mentioned under the Upcoming Games topic on the AtariAge Store front page. Thank You InsertCoin25
  3. This is great news. Looking forward to the purchase.
  4. The game is actually called Super Pixel Bros., and is a hack of Super Mario Bros. 1. You can find the info on the romhacking website - http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1439/. The person who created the cart just changed the name, for whatever reason. Edit: Just played the rom, have to say, it was done pretty well. Like the simple graphics look.
  5. I seriously love playing this demo. I like how the player turns into a ship, it just adds a different element to the game design. Very well done.
  6. This is looking really polished. Great job. I am excited to see another platformer for the 2600. Keep up the great work.
  7. Alright, sounds good. Only problem I have is reading text on a computer screen for a long period of time. Guess I will be printing the manual to read offline. Probably only 800 pages worth of printing. Edit - Did a print preview - around 292 pages. I would like batari basic to help me with the basics of 2600 programming, so I can get the fundamentals (without getting frustrated and ultimately giving up), and then move to understanding assembly language. I am probably doing this in reverse order, but I believe this will help fill in gaps for my lack of programming skills. I appreciate the posts so far. Thank you.
  8. I figured I might start this development process, using batari basic, but I don't really know too much basic programming. What books would you recommended to learn basic? I did notice that Random Terrain had a book for Atari 400/800 basic on his website, is that a good start? I have been reading through the 'Stella Programming Manual', to understand how the Atari 2600 operates. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You InsertCoin25 Edit - The book on Random Terrain's site is called Atari Basic - Self Teaching Guide.
  9. Actually, that is the same person who was running atari2600homebrew.com. The owner of the site wanted to focus on all console homebrew, instead of just 2600. It's a great site imo. The forum thread organization does take sometime to get use to. But, overall there is great info on there. I don't know if the owner has publicly announced the new site yet. I believe he is trying to get most of the game info in, which is time consuming, before announcing it.
  10. That is awesome!! Glad you got good feedback from Tod Frye, I can only imagine what a motivational boost that must of been . Take Care
  11. Awesome, I am glad to hear everything is coming together for you. This will be fun when it is finished.
  12. Sweet!! I really need to invest in a 3d printer. Do you have any suggestions, as I am new to the whole 3D printer scene. Looking for a budget printer that can also output decent results.
  13. How many cart shells, on average, could you get out of one roll of ABS?
  14. That is awesome norm8332!! Have you tried any different color cart shells?
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