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  1. The game is basically perfect for any fan of FTL. It has many of the hallmarks of Subset's last game (similar art style, fast battles, gradual increases in power) but also is a lot less random. I love it!
  2. This is a video I made about Into the Breach because I've been loving the game for the last few weeks. Hopefully you guys can discuss the game alongside me and give feedback on the video!
  3. I used to LOVE this game when I was younger! I remember the driving being a tad off as the steering felt a bit vague, but it's nice to have a racing game that doesn't focus on the racing necessarily and more about driving and exploring an open world, finding the secrets scattered about the world. The game does lack mechanical depth somewhat, and the track design is not the strongest, but it has a lot of content to play through and is great for anyone wanting a different racing game.
  4. I've never played the first Destruction Derby, but I've played a lot of Destruction Derby 2 when I was younger. I remember the game having fun driving physics and quite advanced vehicle damage for the time, and I used to kill hours playing it! Only real problem with the game is that the arena maps were kinda just luck as to whether you won, because of the pure chaos that ensued. That being said, I do love the game and it's fast pace.
  5. One game which I purchased recently is a PS2 game called Xtreme Express (you can tell it was made in the early 2000's due to the name! ). It's a real oddity, as it's a racing game where you play as trains ​instead of cars or similar road-going vehicle. Because you are in a train, you have to time when to switch tracks to overtake or to get a better route. Oddly enough, the game also functions like Scalextric, where you have to modulate your speed as not to come off the track on a tight, and the game has a bunch of trains that all look distinct and have their own style of gameplay. Any racing game fan looking for a very different, interesting game should check it out!
  6. The PS1 and PS2 are great systems that have a large pool of games spanning many different genres and styles, with a lot of developers experimenting with the content they release. This is why I wanted to make this thread to highlight some of the weirder, lesser-known, or discussion-worthy games available for the system, to help everyone bolster their collection, to start a discussion on the design of these games, or simply to share some awesome experiences! You can post any PS1/2 game here that you like, with the condition that the game is interesting and it is unique in some way. With that said, post away!
  7. I believe my first ever game was either Starwing or Mega Man X, both for the SNES. I think this is why I love gameplay that's easy to learn but hard to master, because both those games fit that description. Give me creative level design and solid movement and I'll be happy for days!
  8. I'd be really fond in seeing a modern rail shooter in the style of the first couple Starwing/Starfox games. I love the simplicity of the gameplay and story, since they had fairly simple mechanics, but used them to make many unique bosses and environments. While I do love my games to be open-ended and full of content, that level of simplicity allowed the developers to craft a polished experience. If anyone knows any Starwing-esque games, please mention them to me.
  9. Recently I have been buying games at car boot sales and markets. The 3 most recent games I have bought (and played) are: Ford Racing 2 (PS2) - While this game may look like any other low-quality licenced game, there is quite a lot to like. A decent selection of 30+ cars, some good songs on a, admittedly, small soundtrack, and some interesting tracks that are set in various locations, all with a unique colourful look. Unfortunately the game is let down by imprecise turning at times and the game being quite a way too hard on the highest difficulty, and a bit too easy on the lower difficulties. Not great, but also worth a look. Ridge Racer (PS1) - This, meanwhile, is a great racing game! While there is only a small track selection, I love the way the cars drive and the drifting is very satisfying. The cars are all unique both graphically and in the way they handle. I like the colours the game uses also, very bright and vibrant. A great arcade racer. Spider-Man 2 (PS2) - One of the best superhero games. The graphics are a bit dated, and do look a bit grey and dull in retrospect. However, that doesn't make the gameplay any less good. The web swinging hinges on momentum, forcing you to time your swings and navigate and think as if you were Spider-Man. Couple that with a surprisingly good combat system (which bears some similarities to the Batman Arkham games), and it makes the game a joy to play.
  10. I just swung by to give a (sonewhat belated) Happy 3rd anniversary for the Neo-Geo thread! This has been one of the most consistent threads I have seen, with so many interesting posts regularly. There is clearly passionate community which has been cultivate due to the hard work of Anthony! Good work! This is as good a place any to speak about my own personal experiences with Neo Geo. While I haven't played too much, I own a Neo Geo X, which has been fun so far. My favourite games for the system so far are Last Resort (a fun, brutal shooter with a creative shooting mechanic, rewarding clever movement), and Final Fight (which suprises me, as I generally don't play fighting games, but this one is colourful and responsive). Here's to many more years of interesting Neo Geo content!
  11. I recently went to a video game market and picked up a couple of games for the PS1: Ridge Racer and Colin McRae Rally. I have played Ridge Racer, which seems to be a fun arcade racer with enjoyable physics. I haven't played CMR yet though...

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    2. Dreamcast Gamer

      Dreamcast Gamer

      I want Bubsy 3D for PS1 XD

    3. GoldLeader


      Ridge Racer was one of the very first games I ever bought for Playstation. Also you can load it up and put in your own CD, sometimes getting interesting results!

    4. phoenixdownita


      I liked RR but I think I preferred RRR (Revolution) ... the 2 extra cars, the nice visuals (a little too much "lens flare") and colors are better too.

      Either way RR or RRR you can't go wrong for pure arcade bliss. Even RR64 is not bad at all.

  12. That is a very cool arcade cabinet you have there, it certainly looks the part. It makes me want to make one myself, even though I lack any technical know-how . An innovative way to play retro classics! Thanks for sharing your cool creation with all of us, Mullentino!
  13. This game is fantastic! I absolutely loved the PS1 Asteroids when we played it. Anyone who liked the original should at least try this more modern version, as it adds many new hazards and gameplay elements. It even has the original Asteroids, which unlocks less than an hour into the single player. Thanks for sharing the review Byron!
  14. I do agree that both games are quite slow to progress, but I personally believe that the amount of content outweighs this. I can see how that that would turn off many people. However, I also prefer Forza, because irs progression makes for a better overall game, ​while Gran Turismo makes for a great simulation. ​It's a matter of preference really. I totally agree. 700 cars on a PS2 with only a single disc? How'd they manage that? Gran Turismo, while a bit dry at times, normally makes up for it with sheer amounts of content.
  15. Hey guys! I have found a video by a guy named ColourShedProductions on YouTube. I have been subscribed to him for a while, and I felt that his content was so good that I needed to share it. Here you go, a review of Gran Turismo 4! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMrhesoD1R8 This has got me thinking: What is your opinion on Gran Turismo 4? It was one of my first ever racing games, so it is fairly special to me. I have lost many, many hours to it. The difficulty is weird in it though, as you could theoretically use overpowered cars in any event, but the driving in it is fantastic for the PS2.
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