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  1. Just got to work, plugged it all in using a different CV controller and still nothing. A green LED comes on inside the unit so it's getting power but there is no video signal and no outside LED seen whatsoever. Tried doing the #/1/1 you suggested but nothing happens. I've use power surge protectors whenever I plug it in so I never encountered any surge. I think it's just a bad unit. Oh one more thing, the power button stays all the way down sometimes if it's not pushed in perfectly centered. Let me know how I can send the unit back for a replacement.
  2. Sorry for the shoddy responses, getting ready for work as I type these. I've been using an original CV controller, I've turned it on with every combination possible. In the beginning it would just show the FPGA screen so I followed the steps to get the unit to fully power off and then occasionally it would finally boot but only if there was a cartridge in the slot and it was seated perfectly. It would then flash purple or red sometimes and want a core to be loaded. I'd have to restore the CV core. I can't get any video signal this morning so I can't load any new cores or anything on the screen. I'll take it to work with me again today and see if I can get anything more to function there but at this point it honestly looks dead.
  3. I don't own an HDMI switch. I have tried all the tricks to get it to boot up but this morning I can't even get it to send any kind of video signal. The green LED is on very weak and nothing seems to be working now. I can't get it to boot in any way to even try loading different cores. Before this morning, at least there was a video signal that had a small FPGA version in the top left corner but I have nothing to work with now. It's also mysteriously lost the CV core several times.
  4. I've been having trouble with the Phoenix since I received it on Monday. It started up great the first time and I played DK Jr but since then has been nothing but trouble. It would power on and only show the FPGA in the corner. I would occasionally finally get the green LED lit but then it would either go red or the video images would be a bit scrambled. If it did get it to boot all the way to the Phoenix logo, games would then play fine. However, one major issue is that so far it's lost the ColecVision core about 5 times and I had to reload it from the included SD Card. I tried using an HDMI splitter, different HDMI cables, different TVs and PC Monitors but they pretty much all give the same result. This morning the Phoenix won't even send a video signal at all and the LED is barely lit. I tried doing the * right right trick but that did nothing. The unit appears to be mostly dead now. Looks like a replacement may be necessary.
  5. I wonder if this was problem because the system uses CDs. Perhaps, like the Xbox/360/One, the games can only be backwards compatible if the manufacturer creates emulators for each individual game. I was hoping Sega would produce a system that played ALL games from the SG-1000 to the Dreamcast but there's probably only a market for the Genesis and many of the carts/CDs would be hard to come by (only on ebay). The Mega SG is an option for me but it currently doesn't play 32x games. I am waiting until there's a definite answer if it ever will.
  6. Oh thanks for the tip! I never do unhook the 32x but if something does happen to my saved game, perhaps I can get it back by disconnecting the 32x. So far, it's been working great for the AD&D Eye of the Beholder game I've been playing.
  7. I received the Japanese RAM cart in the mail, tried it out in the 32x and BAM! it works great! So happy I only spent $17 +shipping for a complete in box item while other carts are selling for around $100 for the cartridge only (only in English). Fortunately, this item popped up in ebay during a search. Otherwise I would have never known it existed and probably wasted my money on an overpriced aftermarket RAM cart. https://twitter.com/malarrya/status/1103711447727521793
  8. Thanks, everyone, for the insightful responses. I'm looking forward to receiving my RAM cart and I am not sure what is more interesting... that it may work right away or that I can force it to work It's sometimes more enjoyable to make accessories/devices work in a way they weren't originally intended than it is actually playing with the device.
  9. I would absolutely be ordering this system (and may still) but it doesn't yet support 32x. I haven't decided if that is a deal breaker because my collection is largely 32x but it does say they are exploring options. If it had netplay, that would be amazing as well but not necessary.
  10. I found out that a Japanese Mega CD RAM Cart will work in a US Genesis (https://bit.ly/2UbVLlN) so I ordered one from eBay much cheaper than an original US or a Stone Age Gamer version. I did have a few questions if anyone may have a similar setup 1. I have a 32x plugged into my Genesis. Does the 32x have the same plastic notches in it the prevent loading a foreign cart like the Genesis does? 2. Can the Mega CD RAM cart be de-cased and either used without the plastic casing or placed into an empty Genesis case? 3. I know a Game Genie can be used to make the Japanese cartridge fit but I don't know if a code needs to be used to make it work. I don't think it does but just asking. If I get this working as I think it should, the savings for this Japanese RAM cartridge are quite considerable.
  11. My first eBay listing in about 20 years! I have a big collection of games, action figures, and other toys that will eventually make their way to eBay but I am testing the waters with this listing first. [ebay]143110245067[/ebay] Thanks for looking!
  12. That's probably why the first paragraph was all about my current power supply situation.
  13. I am very happy with my COLUSB, although there are still occasional video glitches and the RF/Composite cable doesn't help much. I chalk it all up to just being an old unit and that's seen better days but I suppose it could be the USB cable and plug. I did do the power switch mod on it a while back which helped but, in all honesty, I'll be replacing it altogether once my CollectorVision Phoenix arrives. The Phoenix can do so much more and will get the HD/super clean graphics I want. This whole paying $300+ for an old unit to upscale into HD isn't for me. Paying ~$200 for a new Phoenix unit that does so much more (Atari 2600, MAME, SD card slot, HD Graphics, etc) is much more sensible. I don't really care too much if I play on original hardware, it's not like it's really so nostalgic, or all the YouTube "experts" that promote this idea (that original hardware is the only way to go). Plus the Phoenix is a lot smaller so it will fit nicely into my entertainment cabinet and allow for other consoles, like my Dreamcast, to fit with it.
  14. Will a 5V 3A work any better than a 5V 2.4A PS? Is there a limit that should not be exceeded? I ask this because I still have occasional image/color glitches with the SAMSUNG S9 charger and there are 5V 3A chargers available on Amazon. BTW, thanks for creating this amazing little product and all your help.
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