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  1. Haven't read any of the new comments in this thread but wanted to post due to some emails asking about the games and the amount of time it has been since this was intended to be released. The week of the 4th (of July) these games will be getting prepped for release. Haven't had a lot of free time lately but haven't forgotten about these either.
  2. For sure, but it is being worked, won't be the kind of delays we've had in the past. Reason for no confirmation email is that we have > 75 orders now and we're going through and making a full list of each game ordered to determine if it is worthwhile to order more PCB's (and we keep getting new orders every day), we're probably going to offer people who can't get one of their games right now the option of waiting since shipping outside the usa in particular is pretty expensive.
  3. Thanks everyone for your patience so far. We are still compiling a list of orders but should start responding to about 10 a day starting on Thursday. Unfortunately (as some other people may have predicted) we had a lot more orders for AVP than the 10 we produced just to make sure it got out there. We are going to take a look at the orders in total and see if there's anything else we need to produce and decide what to do about AVP but we will begin shipping the orders we can fill on Thursday and provide an update as to what we can do at that point for everyone who has ordered AVP too.
  4. Yes to keep this on schedule the store on our site was not restored. After some better pics of the packaging are taken and the features are integrated we can finish the product pages and get the site back online.
  5. Beta Phase Games is happy to announce the release of Quadromania, an action-puzzle game discovered by LX.net. It was developed in 1993 by RPM software and demo'd for Atari, but little information was publicly available about it until it was discovered in 2013. We are publishing the first batch for LX.net. You can find out more information on it at our webite here. Or you can view the Youtube video that was published a few years ago. Thanks to: RPM Software (Robert Maidorn) - developer and granted the rights to LX.net for distribution LX.net - discovery and release of the game 108 Stars- Cover Artwork Order information can be found here. Attached are a few images
  6. We are now taking orders for the Lynx reprints of some Lynx games we previously released: Hotdog and Relief Pitcher. Additionally, we are distributing the initial release of a prototype LX.net discovered. The game is called Quadromania, an action-puzzle game similar to Dr. Mario. The new version of AVP is available in limited numbers... the version available is the 07.13.1994 which, despite being the earliest, we consider the most complete (has both types of enemies (alien, human) and has textured walls, ceiling, floor. Sage has also restored the alien as a playable character. A link to information about Quadromania is available here. A link to information about AVP is available here. To keep this release on schedule the links are NOT integrated into our site but that will be fixed shortly.The features were written 2 years ago and use a different style sheet and directory structure than our current site. The cost of the games are the same as before, $35 + S&H. Shipping will be actual cost determined when we are ready to start taking payment (next monday or tuesday). Please email orders to [email protected] - and include your address so we can calculate shipping - please let us know if you previously ordered KA Aircars. We may combine shipping. Attached is a pic of the games, same back and interior as last time. The cover artwork has been improved... big thanks to deviant art member Pure1Water for working on the Hotdog cover art. Hotdog, Relief Pitcher, and AVP are the small PLCC chips soldered onto the PCB. Quadromania is the larger chip soldered onto a red PCB. Will be updating the site and providing more pics soon. EDIT: We will respond to orders on monday or tuesday once we get some shipping quotes.
  7. We are taking orders for these games tonight I don't know about limiting the amount that people can order... that'll be determined by how things look after the weekend.
  8. I am not sure. It depends on whether there is time to update the site before the announcement, but they'd be up within about 1 minute of each other. That can be posted on friday too, forgot the sticker sheets on the way to the print shop. Just wanted to provide an update yesterday due to not having any updates for so long and the fact that all the art resources for the packaging are finally done now. Yes when we make the announcement hopefully I can upload the website feature I made for it by then too. Or else a link to a Youtube video. Thanks for the offer on helping name it, but it's actually an original Atari proto and the original author had already named it
  9. Sorry about the wait, we are preparing the games for a release right now. To avoid any sort of unforeseen delay we will be taking orders on August 18th. At that time a new thread will be created that has the ordering information. Here is a quick photo I took (bad lighting!) of the two reprints that we are releasing, with redone cover art. We mentioned we had a new prototype that hasn't been released yet, pics of that will be posted on friday. Pics of the AVP artwork will also be posted friday, it printed really dark so the source images are going to be lightened before all the inserts are printed.
  10. Thank you for the offer, but right now the last thing we're waiting for is a response as to how an artist for one of the releases wants to be credited. The artist frequents AA but unfortunately the last time he logged in was a few days before we sent our message. Hopefully everything is okay and we get a response soon, we asked about a month ago.
  11. Sorry about the delay, I have been working on these releases, I had a little more left to do than I thought and a little less free time than I expected. Just finished the instructions to the insert of one of the upcoming Lynx releases and plan to print some sample copies for some pictures this weekend. Unless something unexpected comes up I should have the pics up on the 7th (Sunday) and I will start another thread to take orders the following sunday (14th) as we will announce the releases a week before we take orders as promised.
  12. The games will be distributed the same as our last batch (clamshells with a die-cut foam cartridge holder and a double-sided color insert). The only difference is that we have redone the cover art in an attempt to slightly improve it. We picked 10 because we had ordered a specific quantity of PCB's (Lynxman helped with the re-prints and did the small PLCC chip type carts), and were unsure about AVP. So we had to allocate a specific number of PCB's between AVP and Relief Pitcher. If there is enough interest in our Lynx releases to warrant another run of PCB's we'll be happy to do a reprint though. Reprints should be a little quicker now that we have made the improvements to the art we wanted to make and don't anticipate changing anything anytime soon.
  13. I can update this thread with a specific date a week in advance. But right now the it is expected to be the last week of April (week of the 24th).
  14. Hotdog and Relief Pitcher were never intended to be limited releases but the reprints got delayed with the rest of our projects. For now we have 75 copies of each and plan to make more if there is further interest. We have 35 copies of the licensed (currently unnamed) release, that we are helping somebody else distribute. It is up to the owner of this game if they want us to produce more, if they do it themselves in the future .etc We only made 10 AVP due to Video61 and B&C having sold a less complete version of this game for years, we are not sure if there is any interest in it - but as with the other releases we will consider whether there is enough interest to make additional copies.
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