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  1. Huh! I can't believe I didn't reply to this. I found out about the Raspberry Pi 240p mod just shortly before your post as I was in the mood for searching those days thanks for your post though!! I hope everyone gets on that mod, but it is really really difficult for beginners. I had a lot of stress messing with Linux just for this... I practically spent this whole year learning and messing with my Raspberry Pi to get a solid setup. Raspberry Pi is now my current god and will remain that way probably forever now. But I STILL think someone should develop an HDMI to Composite / Svideo that can have a deinterlace button. Now that we have the Analogue Super NT, a device of this kind would be ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for people with CRTs. There is no excuse. I'd make it myself if I could... And with things like Nintendo Switch / NES and SNES Classics / PS4 / XBone, all which get a nice amount of retro games, it would be just neat if there was a CRT conversion device for them.
  2. Looooooooooool. Sadly, all those other systems / micro computers are um... far inferior to the NES. I want JRPGs! Europe didn't even have Dragon Quest until the PS2 era. Europe has really had a very unfortunate history with the NES... except for Ufouria and Mr. Gimmick.
  3. I would never, ever expect a PDF reader from an FPGA based game console XD Would totally expect it from something like a Raspberry Pi game console though. If I was a bad enough dude, a hardcore enough fan, had all the time in the world and was a programmer (a genius one at that)... I would probably design something that lets me create NES roms that would contain text with graphics. (Think Ninja Gaiden's sequences that have text and some images) But even then you wouldn't be able to open that without closing the game you're playing, and save stating is out of the question.
  4. I agree with all this. Sure, we're waiting for the Z3K, but people might want this too. Given the massive size of the Z3K and all the amount of testing that will need to be done for the Z3K to launch near flawless, I'm happy people can test all these cores and help improve, it IS unfortunate that the system allowing that was just meant for a fancy few who are rich XD (or are poor but donated their organs for the NT Mini)
  5. http://cdn.afterdawn.com/v3/news/original/Philips_CRT_tv.jpg This is what I meant by Standard TV. Nothing digital. Basically, I want a machine that can output graphics as if it was a PS1 which has the ability to do 480i and then switch to 240p, except I want to have control over it. (Like an Extron Emotia, but simpler, smaller, etc)
  6. Congrats Kevtris I remember you talking about one of these handhelds in a video and being like "Naaaaah they didn't take that game mechanic from Chip n Dale" or something like that xD
  7. How good is R-Pi lag wise compared to PC? I just discovered this news today Raspberry Pi now supports non-interlaced 240p via composite! https://np.reddit.com/r/crtgaming/comments/5wuai2/raspberry_pi_now_support_240p_over_composite/
  8. I'm always looking for ways one can play a game in 240p on any standard TV. Back in 2007, I discovered the Extron Super Emotia, and it is an awesome machine... but I'm so baffled that 10 years later, that's still the only thing I can use to do this. Why is it so difficult to build a device that accepts VGA (or HDMI) and output 240p to be used in any TV? Why doesn't a small machine like this exist? Obviously I'm no hardware expert im barely a noob. So I'd like to hear about whatever challenges that might come from this or how expensive something like this would really be. Recently I discovered CRT_emudriver, which is a patch of the AMD videocards (lots of them are compatible), and I got really excited, but having something like this means that only the computer with the videocard would be able to output 240p. Not only that, but it would only output to RGB, not Composite or S-Video... so only people with specific monitors who have also set up their videocard driver can use this. And you need like 2 rather expensive devices to convert RGB into composite / s-video.
  9. Discussion of FPGA vs. pure software emulation excites the SHIT outta me I have long dreamed for something like this to happen, however, it's still a new and expensive technology for casual gamers. Besides, most people won't even get the most out of FPGA systems on their HDTVs, because every HDTV I've used has enough lag to discourage me. As such, HDTVs don't exist to me. I'd only use these systems on computer monitors. I have an AVS NES, and I'm waiting for the Z3K. The Z3K is expected to output both HD and analogue. I'm really excited about the analogue part.
  10. My thoughts exactly, I bought 8bitdo controllers a year ago. To quote myself: Is the problem like this?
  11. Kevtris, I have a question for you (and of course anyone can give their opinions here too). Does anyone use an Extron Super Emotia? This is a device that converts computer graphics to 240p NTSC / PAL through S-Video or Composite. (With option to interlace in 480i) This is what I use for all my old school PC emulators so they can look as legit as possible on a real TV. However, these devices are... extremely scarce. (I first heard about them here back in 2007! http://scanlines.hazard-city.de/) I guess when the Zimba3000 is out, I wouldn't need a device like this as much anymore except, there are PC games that are styled after retro games that actually fit perfectly on TVs! (To cite some examples, I played Rockman 7 FC, Rockman 8 FC and Shovel Knight in 240p on my TV thanks to this device). As long as the game's window can be resized, I can always adjust the pixels to the TV's lines. BUT My question is... how difficult would it be to create a device like this that can display graphics from HDMI to a switchable 240p / 480i NTSC? Something that made me curious is how you say that your NES core will output all the same A/V artifacts to a TV as a real NES did, so I wondered if there was a way to make PC games output like that through some device (or close, since timing difference is a thing).
  12. While I'm glad that it works for most people, especially the devs like you I find it a bit frustrating how nothing I've had from 8bitdo has satisfied me enough. I mean, the NES30 and the Pro are both really well made, except for one thing that ruins it all: the D-pad. I can't play any MegaMan game from 3 to 6 on this controller, as the dpad is a bit sensitive in a way that makes MegaMan slide into a pit rather than jump over it (because it thinks im pressing down + left / right instead of just left / right) Both controllers did this, and I've heard complaints from people online about this too. So I gave up completely, but I sure would love it if they fixed it. I would buy an SNES model for shoulder buttons though, because the NES30's and the Pro's shoulder buttons aren't that comfy.
  13. Wow, didn't think the GBC core would come out this soon! It had been buggy since I first came to the threads, but seeing a release of it is excellent news! I'm curious to hear what people will find while playing it.
  14. You can rest easy i do play this and other HD games in HD. Just that I use CRT as well for other games which feel better in that screen, like VC. However, there's no 240p.. -_____- This is one of many reasons I'm so eager for the Z3k. For every minute I played a 240p game in anything other than that, I owe myself over an hour of the same thing being made correctly. LOL!
  15. You're right. It is HD and it can be connected to a CRT. I have mine connected to the CRT too. But wait........ he said non-HDMI systems... does the Vita still count since it doesn't have an HDMI-out? (pretends the PS TV doesnt exist cause it is semi terrible) Also, I meant Super Mario 3D World -.- I can't believe I mistook the names of my favorite games.
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