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  1. Hi, I played with the new directive .DEFINE and found an issue. Not sure where to report it, so I'm trying this site. Have this code: .define poke mva #%%2 %%1 lda\ #\ 12 Then assembler fails: $ mads testmads .define poke mva #%%2 %%1\ testmads.asm (4) ERROR: Multi-line argument is not supported If you omit the definition of "poke", it works well - the next lines are interpreted as "lda #12" Used SW: Ubuntu 16.10, MADS 2.0.6 Regards Mira
  2. Hi, I noticed a small bug in floating point functions in Altirra BASIC 1.51 (based on this article): ?LOG(1) 4.60517018E-10 ?SQR(2^2) 1.99999999 ?2^3 7.99999991 And this the expected result (how it works in Atari BASIC rev. C): ?LOG(1) 0 ?SQR(2^2) 2 READY ?2^3 8 Regards Mira
  3. Hi all, I've made an extension for IDE Visual Studio Code. It just highlights syntax of MADS assembler. Follow https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=mirao.mads Enjoy Mira
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