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  1. That YouTube channel caught me because they look at odd Tandy's that rarely get attention. I don't really know why I keep watching because they bumble around and really don't know very much about the computers. I don't know how many times the guy has said "I don't have any experience with a computer like this." On the other hand it's hard to poopoo anybody trying to show off their collection. And I appreciate the candor with his opinions. HOWEVER, the hate for the TI was very unfair.
  2. I just learned about this Dutch computer that almost became part of the history of the TI 99/4A. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAI_Personal_Computer http://www.progettoemma.net/mess/system.php?machine=dai
  3. You're lucky i'm about to have a baby boy or the price might have reached even higher!
  4. I've already got one, but I missed this one so I otherwise would have been very grateful to you for pointing it out. Thanks!
  5. I would love 3 unbuilt. I like that you’re naming it 4000B similar to the 3000B. Amazing that the series continues to develop. Thank you! What will you begin the serial numbering with? Do we know how many HRD 4000 boards were made?
  6. This is still on my to-do list. My intention is to convert it to hex bus on the same circuit. But i'm sure there are others out there who have already done this.
  7. I think those would fetch a few hundred dollars a piece on eBay. I would bid! I've been looking for them for many years.
  8. Do you by chance have the logic files for the Databiotics Grand RAM? I have some experience with wincupl and i'm willing to figure out how to write the new PAL chip. But i'm not advanced enough yet to work out my own reverse engineered logic.
  9. I ordered a custom built riser from Etsy. There are probably cheaper ways to do it, but this way I got precisely the color and dimensions I wanted. The result is very sturdy and the wood matches my desk nicely. I went with 24 x 13 x 4 because I wanted to place my PEB on top, and have just the right space for a stack of TI external drives next to it. The downside is it took 3 months to receive it. https://www.etsy.com/shop/jimswoodworks#about
  10. Found this in a Commodore magazine called Power Play
  11. I didnt get it, so my bet is Ksarul got it. It looks great. But Im not convinced that its actually a TI part. I wonder if its a VIC-20 expansion. It also uses 44 pins.
  12. I completely agree! I almost prefer to find stuff that doesnt work.
  13. This is great work. A real labor of love. I want one!
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