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  1. For what it’s worth, I intend to bid on this lot, and i would be happy to make any scans of issues that are needed, or images of any of the floppies. Even if I win this lot, I will STILL be missing a few issues, if I am judging correctly from the pictures. Afterwards I will turn around and re-list my duplicates, which will probably be over 100 issues. 

    Incidentally, I still ship floppies as media rate and haven’t had an issue. The only check seems to be by the clerk at the post office, and nobody at my branch has questioned it. Computer media is still acceptable as long as the content is not advertising. I think they are just trying to prevent AOL floppies from going out cheap.

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  2. That YouTube channel caught me because they look at odd Tandy's that rarely get attention. I don't really know why I keep watching because they bumble around and really don't know very much about the computers.  I don't know how many times the guy has said "I don't have any experience with a computer like this."  On the other hand it's hard to poopoo anybody trying to show off their collection.  And I appreciate the candor with his opinions.


    HOWEVER, the hate for the TI was very unfair.



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  3. On 10/13/2019 at 1:08 PM, Ksarul said:

    For those looking to have one of everything TI produced for the 99/4, here is an auction with one of the original PHA2100 modulators in it, the TI-900. They don't show up very often--and the price for the auction is seriously high for what it includes, but that modulator is a bit HTF (and yes, I do have one).


    There were actually quite a few different modulator versions sold--three different US variants, one from Agentina, one for Australia, several flavors of the standard modulator for Europe, one European SCART modulator, and even a European SECAM modulator. The only one I don't have yet is the SECAM modulator. . .

    I've already got one, but I missed this one so I otherwise would have been very grateful to you for pointing it out.  Thanks!

  4. I would love 3 unbuilt. I like that you’re naming it 4000B similar to the 3000B. Amazing that the series continues to develop. Thank you!


    What will you begin the serial numbering with? Do we know how many HRD 4000 boards were made?

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  5. Do you by chance have the logic files for the Databiotics Grand RAM? I have some experience with wincupl and i'm willing to figure out how to write the new PAL chip. But i'm not advanced enough yet to work out my own reverse engineered logic.

  6. I ordered a custom built riser from Etsy. There are probably cheaper ways to do it, but this way I got precisely the color and dimensions I wanted. The result is very sturdy and the wood matches my desk nicely. I went with 24 x 13 x 4 because I wanted to place my PEB on top, and have just the right space for a stack of TI external drives next to it. The downside is it took 3 months to receive it.



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  7. Hi guys. Tony's machine will not disappear. I'm the new owner. I appreciate the responsibility that comes along with that, and I will be glad to keep everyone posted on it's future.


    Unfortunately for me, I got back in to the TI scene too late to have known Tony, but he has actually helped me solve several puzzles over the past few years through his frequent posts to AtariAge. I feel very honored and blessed to be able to work with his equipment.


    To start with, I would like to dig in and figure out all of it's modifications and quirks. I'll also take some nice pictures and get them posted on the web somewhere for anyone who is interested. I'm particularly curious about the Dijit AVPC card with the custom modification built by Michael Becker to add a sound chip. I have not actually received the box yet, so i'll let you all know when it arrives safely.


    I am a little worried about needing help getting it running, so I will be glad to have the support of the community. Tony talked a lot about making custom DSR's for his system, so it will probably be tricky to diagnose problems. Incidentally, I had not actually heard of an EZ135 drive until I read InsaneMultitasker's post. I might have to get one just to play with.


    I found this video from 1999 with Tony showing off a couple of the cards that wound up in this system. Thank you Ciro!


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