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  1. Yeah, I didn't realize right away that the 5v adapter didn't always have to be plugged in. Unplugged it, and it still works. So far, so good.
  2. Plugged it into the computer, did the CALL INIT/SIZE and got your screen. You are the man! Here's the photo you asked for. Had trouble getting it in focus, but if you look at the leftmost pins where you plug future expansions in, you'll see they've decided to get bent. Also the light was bent, but I had straightened that back out before I saw your post asking about the photo. Now onto the multicarts! (By the way, are the "out of stock" ones permanently out of stock, or are there plans to replenish them someday?) Thanks, Dave O'Connell
  3. Yes, I have the Extended Basic cart (though no XB software anymore). I knew about the multi-carts - they've always been the next step after getting the 32k (well, that and maybe getting a backup 32k to go with my backup TI994a). I'll give it a shot and see what happens. Thanks, Dave O'Connell
  4. Thanks for the help. And, arcadeshopper, don't feel bad about the packaging. I think it's pretty cool that anyone even thinks to make these things in 2016. Plus, Priority Mail packages are insured anyway (I think). Next question: If I don't actually have anything that requires 32k memory -- I just have a bunch of regular TI carts -- will it still light up or do I have to run a program where 32k is a prerequisite? In other words, in the absence of owning anything (yet) that requires 32k, is there a way to tell if the 32k works so that I am suitably inspired to purchase carts/software that DO require it. (If that makes sense.) Thanks, Dave O'Connell
  5. Mine arrived damaged, probably due to the mail carrier shoehorning the thing into our mailbox. If the little light on the 32k doesn't come on when I plug the power source in, should I even bother setting up the whole computer to see if it works, or assume that it's broken? Thanks, Dave O'Connell P.S. Some of the pins are bent where you'd plug future expansions in, but I didn't plan to, so unless that otherwise affects the performance of the unit, I don't care.
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