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  1. And I can say you'll be very happy with one game in particular ^^
  2. Hello MMarcoux66, thanks for the feedback, we are always very anxious about our games/books and the feedback of our customers !
  3. Hey Everybody ! Ready for the pic of the year ? Well...hum...🥳 BUT, better than this pic, we've received the carts ! We are now preparing your parcels !
  4. Hello everybody. Thanks to everybody who paid for the tracking, we'll contact everyone to confirm ! Just a precision, if you've opted for the standard postal parcel service, you already have the tracking and therefore you'll not receive a mail
  5. Hello. A lot of people asked us for a tracking with "books and brochures". This shipping method is the cheapest but unfortunately, until now, it was impossible to track your order with it ! BUT we can now offer a tracking. If you are waiting for Maria, you should have a mail from us (check your spam box ). You'll have to pay 3.63US$ to add this tracking but you are free to decline the offer. All you have to do if you are interested, is to pay through Paypal to [email protected] We'll contact you to confirm the transaction and a second time once MARIA shipped. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT SHIPPING YET ! IT IS STILL PLANNED FOR JANUARY.
  6. Hello everybody. It's true, the game is scheduled for january. And don't worry we still have copies for the "newcomers" ^^ Do you know we have good news : guest what we have here
  7. Hello everybody. Just to say we should receive our carts soon (from USA ^^). All the other elements are ready. That means we should send the game this month as planned ! But beware, here in France we experience massive strikes and troubles... If everything get worse, perhaps we'll have to ship in august ^^ (just kiddiiiing )
  8. Hello everybody ! I can confirm that all copies have been shipped ! If your order used "books and brochures" as shipping method, it can take a lot of time to reach you ! Sometimes it's due to customs. I suggest you contact me by pm and I will check if your order is really shipped.
  9. 👩‍💻 ATTENTION PLEASE : We have a statement ! MARIA is completed and on sale. 😁 Thanks to all the people who bought it !
  10. Great review Kiwi ! Thanks for the feedback. I am happy to learn the box was in good condition. We are still improving our parcels but I think we are on the right way to fight postmen, customs, and even backyard dogs ^^.
  11. Hello Everybody. I am very sorry to learn that you sometimes receive your parcel in bad shape ☹️ But you receive it completely destroyed, don't worry we'll send you a new box. Just take a pic and mail/pm us
  12. They will have the card good question ! We'll offer the card too ^^
  13. Let me explain People who ordered "30 years of nintendon't" for sega Mega Drive/ Genesis AND "Maria" for Intellivision will receive a V.I.P Card. This card will offer -10% on a futur order, no minimum cart , no expiry date, shipping out. It's available even for international customers Each card will have a symbol. 4 cards will offer a gift !
  14. And if other people need help we can help too A the moment we don't have trouble with anything but if it occurs we'll contact them. Thanks for the advise.
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