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  1. Great idea ! We'll produce more cards and will sell it on ebay too ! 💲
  2. Thank you ! I see you have a duplicate card, our mistake.^^.
  3. Frank from hamburg, Germany ? We have it !
  4. We've received a lot of interesting thing for our member, I think you'll like it We have in mind to offer something special that will eventually form a complete small collection. Teeeeaser !!!! 😉
  5. Thank you everybody for your subscriptions ! We'll try to make something you'll all love Next news in a few days.
  6. Hello everybody We will be closing registration for the club this week, Friday to be precise. So everyone who wants to register should do so by then, because after that, even if it is possible to register, it will be impossible to get all the privileges, especially the game. Note that in the privileges there are exclusive gifts, such as additions for the games already published and that will make your editions even more unique. At the moment we have 40 members, so there will be 40 membership cards. These cards guarantee to have all the privileges. If a few more people sign up by Friday we will provide more cards. People who register after that will not have this card anymore. We are in the final phase regarding the magazine. As for the game, it is ready, we just have to work on the production. We don't know yet if we will ship the game with the first issue.
  7. You can still subscribe. We will soon announce the end of subscriptions, but until then it is still open.
  8. Hello everybody ! You should soon receive an email with your tracking number (maybe you already have it, go check). Be patient please, sometimes it takes 1 complete day to receive it.
  9. Great ! If you need help to offer a CIB version, contact me We can even give the profit to any association you want or use it for a contest or else.
  10. Thank you Sixersfan The preorder is now closed! And We have the instructions manuals! We will then send the first batch of games this monday.
  11. thank you everybody We will show you some pages of the magazine very soon.
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