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  1. Don't worry, if you still don't have 3 ColecoVision games from Côté Gamers, you still can have the free game as you don't have to show us your 3 games now to obtain the game. The subscription is valid for one year. Until then we will publish new games and reissue old ones. So you will be able to get the 3 necessary games and when you have them, you can receive the free game. The Club will not allow you to buy these sold out games but we'll make a new run of KNM and Muncher mouse this year The game offered will not be an old game, but a completely new game. Let the first buyers of our games be reassured, we won't make any variation, we don't want to take advantage of the fact that you collect games to sell you more and more! And moreover you will even be entitled to small specific gifts as supporters of Côté Gamers
  2. We don't want people who are only interested in a limited edition game to have the game and then resell it to the highest bidder! This is a club between fans above all We have changed the text of the presentation a little to make it clear. "reserved for people with at least 3 Côté Gamers games and you'll have to show you still have our games ! We want to reserve these limited games to true fans of Colecovision, not speculators"
  3. we have switched to a emergency account, can you try again using [email protected] please?
  4. Yes it seems there is a pb with paypal, sorry for that, we'll check it!
  5. Fans of ColecoVision and friends of Côté Gamers, it's time to get serious! If you have at home our last two games, Uwol and Sir Ababol, you'll understand why. The time has indeed come to officially announce the opening of our club dedicated to Colecovision. On the program : reading, games, gifts, contests and much more, but let's start at the beginning. What is it all about? You subscribe to our club and receive in return several times a year various things. There are 2 formulas: 1-the free formula valid for 1 year. It gives you access to : - 20 pages of our magazine in PDF format (4 times a year) -A 3D file to print -An illustration to print 2-The "FAN formula" valid for 1 year For 75€ (40€ subscription + 30€ shipping + 5€ covering paypal transaction fees) you will receive : -A nominative, numbered membership card -One game in a standard Côté Gamers box version (like Uwol) (once a year, reserved for people with at least 3 Côté Gamers games and you'll have to show you still have our games ! We want to reserve these limited games to true fans of Colecovision, not speculators) -A 40-page color magazine (4 times a year) -A sheet of A4 stickers (once a year) -3 encyclopedic sheets (4 times a year for a total of 12 sheets) -At least one miniature 3D print replica to collect. -A discount of 11€ to be used on the purchase of Pengy (34€ instead of 45€, released in June 2021) + free shipping on this game (sent with the 1st issue of the magazine) The magazine This magazine is 100% full color, on high quality paper, just like the paper of the instructions leaflets offer with our games. The content will be divided between feature articles, game aids, tests, contests, interviews etc. The contests in the magazine will be reserved for FAN subscribers. These contests will allow you to win special stickers for games, overlays, posters, games etc. The cover and its concept. As you can see on the visual below, the cover of our magazine is not classic. We opted for a rather special concept. In fact, each one will represent a moment in the life of a ColecoVision player. For Volume 1, even though Christmas is long gone, we wanted to immortalize that moment when we dreamed of owning a ColecoVision when we were kids. This memory may speak to some of you ^^. The following covers will return in the same way on a nostalgic memory. The name of the magazine The name you see on the cover below is provisional. We will give this magazine the name you choose! We will conduct a survey to decide on the final title. The magazine team. The members of Côté Gamers have already proven themselves with many books and magazines recognized for their quality in France. So they naturally take over the service for this magazine. We also welcome outside personalities such as Youki, author of Muncher Mouse, Knight'n More etc, Grostonton, graphic designer on Muncher Mouse and Michael Thomasson from Good Deal Games, who no longer need to be introduced. Of course we will welcome new participants later on. The release date of the first volume. We will publish the first volume of the magazine in June 2021. This will allow us to obtain some memberships in our club. The membership card The card is nominative and numbered, in pvc. Each month a draw will allow you to win gifts and points thanks to your number. The points will be used to win other gifts. The game offered We are keeping this game secret for the moment to keep the suspense a bit, but it will be published exclusively for the club (in limited edition therefore) and in a big box, like our other games, with a notice and a postcard. How to subscribe ? Make the payment of 75€ to [email protected] via Paypal and indicate "Club Colecovision" in the message and you will be subscribed. We will contact you back to give you your member number. Attention, subscriptions also allow you to get gifts depending on the date of your payment. The first 30 subscribers will have their name in the magazine, 2 encyclopaedic collector's cards with a single print run as a thank you. The next 30 subscribers will have their name in the magazine and a collector's single-issue card. The next 30 will have their name in the magazine. The first 90 subscribers will receive a 3D print as a gift. The cover (remember that the title is provisional and only appears on the illustration to give you an idea of what it looks like.) We are saving information for further updates on this topic, but be aware that we have interesting projects for our members! Coming soon: the summary of the magazine! We would like to ask you a question. Would you like a more expensive subscription formula (a premium subscription) but which would allow you for example to receive holographic stickers for games already published, various goodies, autographed boxes etc?
  6. Hello and welcome. Thanks for this one, it looks great.
  7. Yeah ! At last ! 😭 The beginning of the year will have been a disaster at the level of the post office...
  8. You have the right to have your opinions. We paid Mojon Twins and the developer. As long as the creators and the developer are happy with it, and as long as ColecoVision fans are happy to have a physical version for us, we're fine.
  9. You are wrong ! Uwol is improved from the original game. For example you had levels you couldn't get out of because an arrow was missing on the ground. You also had display bugs or unjustified deaths. All this is fixed in our version. The gameplay of Ababol is far better in our version since we have corrected issues with playability, element layout etc. You just have to read the making of to know this kind of details.
  10. Our versions of Uwol and ababol were not available for free on Coleco since the games have been entirely reworked, improved etc. For the games of Nanochess, if he wants to make the roms available at the same time, we have no problem with that.
  11. As you may know we have already published uwol and ababol of Mojon Twins. I don't think there will be a problem. If you want we can publish the MSX version 2 ! We'll publish our first game on this hardware very very soon.
  12. This is a random gift in fact you have to put it in front of a light, rather colored, so that the relief is drawn well.
  13. Hello Nanochess and everybody, Could you be interested by a physical version ? I really like the graphic style, it deserves a box version, don't you think?
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