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  1. Hello Sharkcharmer, Your tracking is : LE130131311FR Your game is in USA !!! These pics make me very sad ^^. Your tracking is : LE129821115FR It's still in the departure airport in France.
  2. Thank you Sinjinhawke! It really help us!
  3. 🥳 GREAT! Thank you for the feedback.
  4. In fact we had answered this: And we confirm the 3rd run is the same as the 2nd
  5. No problem Here is your tracking : LE129809185FR We can see your parcel is in USA !🥳
  6. We have corrected the product page, you should no longer see anything that indicates the product is out of stock. Here is a trailer about the game
  7. On another topic, a client helped us understand why there was sometimes this kind of problem. In reality you can choose your currency on our site but paypal does not allow you to pay in this currency. So you always have to select the original currency on the shop.
  8. Yes, but you can choose "books and brochures" with tracking and you'll pay only 10€ or so.
  9. Hello everyone! Today we are in a joyful mood, since we can finally offer you our new game: Fantasy Puzzle. It's a puzzle game that takes up the universe of Maria, our previous title on the console. The playability is close to that of a puyo puyo but with its specificities. As usual we offer you a deluxe version, full of small additions that we hope will be nice! https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/accueil/70-fantasy-puzzle-deluxe-edition.html
  10. Can you please give me your name in PM to check the follow-up of your order.
  11. Can you please give confirm you are the Anthony who live in Bracken Ridge ? If yes, your tracking number is : LE129809199FR Could you give me your name in pm please? I can't find your transaction just from your pseudonym Here we go ^^ : LE129821141FR Your trackinG is : LE130131373FR
  12. Here is your number (Attempt to rhyme ^^) : LE129809145FR
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