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  1. I am a real tanuki ! But I am old and my powers are no longer what they used to be, so I send by the post all the parcels 👻
  2. it's not stupid at all and I'm almost convinced of it! Fortunately, the last parcels seem to be arriving safely! Not yet, but we'll do this this week, perhaps tomorrow We'll try to sell it for the same price !
  3. Hello everybody. Don't worry, we've been getting messages from the few people who have problems with their deliveries. We checked on the site of the French post office and it is completely off the mark. It says that some parcels are delivered, then it says that they have left France... it's inconsistent. Look at the example below (https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/27/f5jj.jpg ). You can see that the post office indicates that it is delivered, then that it leaves France. On July 1st it indicates that it is in the country of delivery. I don't think your package is delivered, but the tracking service is completely out of order.
  4. I think a lot of people will have to wait to see their tracking in the system. For Maria on intellivision, it took a long time. France Post seems to be overloaded with work. But If you have a mil with your trackiing, be sure your package is shippedis send !
  5. Hurry up postman, Swami want his game ! 😀
  6. Thank you everybody. We are happy to see you like it. We don't want to sell this kind of edition on a regular basis (unless you ask for it ^^), since it was to please those who can't invest in big editions. So we're glad that the form and the content still please!
  7. We still have 4 copies to send ! Hurra, you'll all receive it soon 🥳 Tracking numbers will be mailed tomorrow.
  8. Hello everybody, We have sent the first copies, they will all be shipped this week!
  9. 🥳 Thank you bamse. It seems we had to wait something from the post here in france or in USA, but at least you'll all receive it !
  10. Great ! Thank you for the feedback 😀
  11. Who knows ? But France post is in very bad situation, it loses a large share of the parcels market each year to other, cheaper carriers. It loses so much money that it is forced to move into other markets. It was already selling phones, digital tablets and insurances. Now she's going to deliver meals to the elderly...
  12. true ! I received 2 parcels this week after 10 days and I still can't track it ^^.
  13. As I explained, it seems that the post is in a very bad condition if they are not able to update their tracking with the correct date...
  14. Hello Everybody, As you may know, we are going to produce an encyclopedia about video games in the form of index cards. This encyclopedia will focus on games, companies, characters, objects, places etc. in video games in general. We know what you're thinking: there's work to be done! It's true, we know, but it's something we've been wanting to do for a very long time and we'll soon announce a french version about the PCEngine. Making this encyclopedia in the form of index cards will allow us to intersperse subjects without being stuck as we would be on a book. Anyway, we're on the ColecoVision forum, so let's talk about Colecovision. As you may know, we're going to include some of these cards with Bomb'n Blast 2. We are planning a lot of things for these cards, but if I tell you about them now, it's to propose you to participate in their creation. So are there any of you guys interested in working with us to create Intellivision files? Let me tell you more about these cards. They're 10x15 cm, double-sided, on heavyweight paper. They are actually exactly like the postcards that come with the two versions of Maria, but with specific designs. There are each time 4 screenshots and both sides have a text describing the game (this time we're only talking about games, but there will be other subjects!). Additional informations about the publisher, the developer, the year of release, the serial number, the genre and some associated terms that can be found on other sheets (not necessarily related to Intellivision). Face Take a look below. Please note that these sheets will be translated into English. The example shows prototype sheets in French for Colecovision If anybody is interested, please contact us here, by PM, by Mail contact-arobase-cotegamers.com, twitter @CoteGamers or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CoteGamers/?ref=bookmarks Please note, however, that we will not be able to offer complete editions of these cards to those helping us, but we plan to offer gifts and limited versions of the cards depending on the entries, enough to build up a small collection! PS: we also post this message in the Intellivision forum.
  15. So looooong for italia... But hey, it's better than nothing. To anybody interested, please take a look at this topic, it's about our encyclopedia :
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