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  1. That's it. Don't be sorry, if it's not clear it's our fault
  2. Yes, the 100 copies include the reservation. If you told us to keep 1 or 2 copies, you are sure to have it ! To make it simple, all you have to do if you want the game is to check out as an usual order through the link of our webshop. If you were not on our reservation list, you will receive a mail to explain you'll have to wait until the launch of a second bunch of games.
  3. Hello. Youhouuu, the game is ready for official preorders ! You can book it on this page : http://cotegamers.com/shop/en/games/11-muncher-mouse-colecovision.html If you have any problem with paypal, Credit card, shipping method or else, don't hesitate to contact us through our webshop our by MP on this forum The game will be send on august 10 (perhaps even before). Beware, our quantities are very limited (less than 100).
  4. hello everybody. Sorry for the delay but we were very busy with many other projects ^^ and we had to deal with the printer of the box. The game is still on its way, we'll send you a mail this week and you should receive it in the begining of august. The postcards were not required to order the game of course, don't worry about it !
  5. Sorry for the delay We understand the problem with mondial relay, it ask customers to choose a relay but in uk mondial relay deliver directly to customers. We are looking to repair it If you want to avoid any problem you can pay directly through paypal the total for the game + shipping with mondial relay : 55.20€. Mondial relay is the best for uk customers
  6. Hello If you live in UK you have 3 options: •postal service (la poste): expensive, but you'll have your game within 1 week •mondial relay: not so expensive, but you'll have your game within 10 days •books & brochures (livres et brochures) : cheap ! But you'll have your game within 1 month. There is no tracking, so we'll not exchange the game if there is a problem with shipping ►If you want to receive it quickly, choose Mondial relay, ►if you want it cheap, choose Books and brochure Note that with books and brochures you can avoid to pay customs fees if you live outside Europe (I say that for everybody).
  7. This it it. We need to know exactly how many copies we'll produce as it's very expensive to make a game for A2600 nowadays.
  8. Haha. We like the idea to pay hommage to adventure but in the same time we also try to explain the title But I am here for the great news : Knabber Rob is on preorder now on our shop: http://cotegamers.com/shop/en/atari-2600/29-knabber-rob-atari-2600.html You can preorder in english, if you have any PB please tell me You'll have a box + manual + making of + cart + sticker, all with professional quality ! Don't forget to choose "books and brochures" if you want to avoid expensive shipping costs.
  9. Hello Atarimaniacs I am proud to annouce our new game for Atari 2600 : Knabber Rob. It's an action-adventure game, created by Jason, from Gemintronic. I think you all know him ^^. Knabber Rob will be available on our webshop monday 13th, but until this day, let me give you a few details about the game. Your hero is a bat. You have to place back all the artifacts of the game in their respective chests under 10 minutes. Once an artifact is carried a directional hint towards the appropriate chest will appear during screen transitions. Try to reach your goal in the shortest time possible! Want more ? -Most screens will consist of open areas with walls that cannot be passed without flight. Even with basic flight walled off screen boundries cannot be passed. Screen boundries can be negated by soaring. -Fast moving water areas can be traversed by flight though movement is effected. -Maze screens will confuse the players sense of direction. Exiting warps you to a random location. -Castles contain artifacts. -Cavernous chest areas provide a drop off point for an artifact. Each item has its own chest screen. -Dragons will always be present and wait for you More to come until monday
  10. Hello Killersquirel If you don't want to personalize your postcard, it's ok, but you can use what you want on the back side, for example: -your logo -a picture of your pet ^^ -a dedication -a picture of your "coleco-llection" -a text about a memory
  11. Hello everybody ! If you send us a mail to reserve a copy of Muncher Mouse, you should have received today a new mail from us, to personalize your postcard. IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK HERE or mail us I will also post the content of the mail here if it can help: IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE IT SIMPLE, please use our template. You just have to download it, design it as you want with photoshop, gimp or else, export it in PNG with 300dpi and send it back to us. We'll check the result and contact you again to confirm it's good...or not Anyway, if you can't use our template, you can send us: -a text, limited to 670 signs, spaces included ► please note you'll not be able to place any pictures if you use 670 signs. -a picture ► if you want to use all the surface of the postcard, you'll have to send us a picture with these dimensions : 156mm*106mm with at least 300dpi. Please note that you can use a vertical picture but it'll be printed in the same direction than our front side. ►If you want to use a small picture you still can. Please check its quality, it must be at least 300dpi. -a text + picture ►The result will depend ot the text and picture. Please tell us how you want to see that and we'll do our best. IN ANY CASE, be sure we'll contact you to show you the result and obtain your "approval".
  12. Hello everybody The game works on a Pentium 133 and on a laptop with Windows Me (wich was probably a PII, at least)
  13. Hello Iwantgames. Thanks for you help To answer you, the game itself is a new version with many improvements over the free version: VGA 256 color suport (320x200) VGA 16 color support (640x480) AdLib, OPL2LPT and Tandy sound support In-game timer (those who thing too much loose their turn!) Training mode (get better through challenges) A much stronger AI adversary (for playing alone) We'll offer a link to full downloadable version with each physical copy of the game and we will offer people to choose between 3.5 and 5 1/4 floppies (in limited quantities). We'll communicate very soon about everything on the kickstarter page.
  14. Hello everybody. Côté Gamers is proud to announce his new project : Ratillery, à game for...DOS. Yes, a game for your old computer...in 2019. We know we'll not sell thousands of copies, but we always want to keep all these lovely old systems alive. Perhaps you know we already published Knight'n More on ColecoVision (and Muncher Mouse is coming soon), Escape 2042 on Atari ST, Revival Chase on PC-Engine Super CD-ROM² and Bomb On Basic city on Mega Drive/Genesis. This time, the superstars are DOS, Tandy PC, Very old PC, call it as you want For this project we need to sell at least 40 copies of our game, it's why we 've launched a Kickstarter campaign ►https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ratillery/ratillery-a-new-game-for-pc-dos-systems?ref=user_menu Please, have a look, you will see we are trying to offer something of quality for what we think is a very reasonable price. If you want to know more about us, here is the link to our shop: http://cotegamers.com/shop/fr/
  15. Hello world. Good news : the translation for the manual of Muncher Mouse is near ready. We'll process with the box very soon and mail everybody to personalize the postcard. Thanks for your patience By the way, if you are interested by a new DOS Game, you can help us to publish Ratillery, a game about Rats, Cheese and Bombs ^^ : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ratillery/ratillery-a-new-game-for-pc-dos-systems?ref=user_menu
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