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  1. that's really cool, too bad you couldn't capture the video. yeah when it comes to this topic clearly there are a lot of charlatans out there that muddy the waters (however fun they may be), however the one thing i would point to as really undeniable is Commander David Fravor's account, someone like him who not only has a highly detailed & technical account but also has multiple supporting witnesses & video and audio footage from the navy jet he was flying, footage that has since been not only released by the pentagon but also verified by them as real, it's the most credible account out there of some kind of technology that's clearly well beyond our current known capabilities.
  2. So you're zipping along the galaxy minding your own business when suddenly you find your ship crash landed in some desert on a forsaken planet with seemingly no intelligent life forms to be found anywhere on the planet, what do you do to alleviate boredom until the rescue ship makes it to you all the way from zeta reticuli? set up a net in the desert and get a little tennis action in of course. RoswellTennis.bin
  3. looking to buy an atari XE/XEGS game system console, i am really mainly interested in the main console and power supply however i will consider the full setup with the keyboard & controller as well
  4. looking to buy a sega CDX console, preferably working but will consider non-working as well.
  5. just finished listening, very lovely interview with eric, really enjoyed it! you seemed to approach it with a genuine interest/admiration and i liked the fact that you had him reflect on the period in his life that led to another world's creation. i was never all that much of a gamer but i have always had a special connection with another world, it just resonated on such a deep level with me at the time, the starkness of it, the lonely ambience, the feeling of being lost in a world you are completely alien to and are struggling to make sense of and find a friend to relate to in. it was such a metaphor for that era of the early 90's, coming of age, and just life itself. i suppose a lot of this is due to the fact that i always looked at games from an artistic perspective being an artist myself, but i feel like it was an artistic statement as much as it was a game. i consider it a kind of "unknown pleasures" of video games: stark, minimal, hauntingly beautiful and so completely different from everything else around it that it seemed to come from another world.
  6. pm'd currently still looking
  7. looking to buy an atari jaguar console, preferably with a controller and power supply/rf, however i will consider the console only.
  8. well this is quite a bit belated at this point, but i hadn't logged in for a while here and had problems getting logged back in to my account but i finally was able to, if you guys are still interested in collaborating on this just let me know, that sounds good to me i would like to see what changes you made
  9. only in the begining stages however i thought i might share what i have for now, it is a simple graphical hack of Pac Man Jr turning it into Slime time, starring Slimer as he runs from the 4 ghostbusters peter, egon, winston & ray with the simple objective, of course, of eating as much junk food as he can while avoiding being proton blasted into a ghost trap. Munch on some pizza, hotdogs, etc.. then grab a can of Ecto Cooler and you can temporarily turn the tables on the ghostbusters sending them running franticly for their lives. slimetime.a78 slimetimeB.bin
  10. i am in need of increasing my seller rating, so i will sell these three games listed for half off to any AA member here who will promptly leave me a good feedback & rating after you recieve the item. here is a link: eBay Seller: okmnjiqazxsw just put in an offer for half price and let me know you are from AA and i will accept the offer.
  11. seeking to purcahse a cartridge of missing in action for 7800, or if someone could direct me to someone that could make one that would be great as well. thanks
  12. hi here is a 7800 collection i am in need of selling immediately due to unforseen expenses. everything is viewable in the pics . 32 7800 games 3 of which, robotron, dark chambers, and ppII are factory sealed ,also will be included a stack of manuals(also pictured). i need $45 plus shipping paid via paypal. located in u.s. all games function properly
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