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  1. I'm considering prototyping new board for it. This is just for giggles. You can find pretty good info on the Microvision at http://www.atarihq.com/danb/Microvision.shtml. I really hate the provided buttons and I wanted to see there there was a more modern version of the SCUS0488 LCD Controller.
  2. To be honest I don't care who makes the thing. If you can make it happen then do pre-orders with a little overstock. I'll gladly pay up front for the screens. It appears 5-11 Under won't get it done or get it done in a timely manner. So lets stop worrying about being PC/hurt feelings about this and move forward. However, we should still give 5-11 under props for restoring interest and at least trying to bring some life back into this system. Thanks!
  3. I have a working Microvision I would be willing to donate. It has a little rot but still very visible and functioning. I had planned to use it for a button mod. However this is more important.
  4. Thank you. That helps with expectation management and let us know your still around.
  5. I've followed this thread for a while now. I've read every update. Since he is the person who started the thread, and got everyone's hopes up, I would hope that he would give at least semi-regular updates on progress. In May he said it was getting to the top of history list. His next post said nothing meaningful for the project. Prior to his May post he was working out some bugs with the manufacturer. Even if it's the project is one hold for the next 3 month or such just to let the people who wish to support the project know something. Otherwise, dont say your going to make something to release to the public, ask for feedback and then dont give updates. It's a courtesy to your followers thing not a demand for a product thing. Thanks but unless your running the project for him, I'll take his updates as gospel. Have a nice day.
  6. His profile says he was here 10 hours ago. I would think, if that's the case, we would get an update or something, to let us know if this project is still alive. It seems there is a significant enough following to start funding page to help with costs.
  7. How about an update? Last one was 3 months ago and you said hopefully a few weeks in June to get to production. Help us with the expectation management.
  8. I have a four port 5200, with the sv-023 on the serial tag. The weird thing is the board appears complete but there is no place to plug the power into. There is no hole in the case with a adapter jack and when I opened her up the PS heat sink and CAP is there but no actual adapter port. Any clues? I picked it and a 2 porter for the price of shipping so I don't feel robbed but I'm wondering if this was a promo or display. If you notice the AV cable is also hard wired into the board vs others that I have seen connected via jack. Overview of board, Yeah it know it's dirty. Notice the hard wired cable. No power adapter connector and no hole! Same form a different angle. Funky Serial Any help would be great. Thanks
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