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  1. The original version looks better. Where are the new levels?
  2. @Jacques Compare with BBC micro , the appearance of each version depends on which version it was modelled on.
  3. Archon Adventures only writes PeBe, try this translator on Polish site https://www.deepl.com/Translator .
  4. In this emu we can mount folder to H1: , then we can load .xex from dos. I try my game bosconian, it doesn't work good.
  5. ANBERNIC ,RG 350 ,Version 1.3 fixPG2 - fix keys for PocketGOv2 (L2/R2/MENU) a800_1_3.opk
  6. Is only old 64k NTSC version (from SV2017). Version 64pal will be work on ntsc but, sometimes they will be slow down, and you see graphics glitches (of course colours will be bad).
  7. @Aking ATARI 5200 does not have enough RAM. @Atari Nut : - a little easier - capturing the base interrupts "Red condition" - continue , on title screen push joystick "up" and then press "fire" - The same rules and points as the atari800 version
  8. The same version like Atari XL/XE 1.5f bosco5200.bin bosco5200max.bin
  9. Bosconian 1.5f bosco64pal.xex - 64K pal Atari bosco128.xex - 128K pal/ntsc Atari bosco64pal.xex bosco128.xex
  10. You must also remember , RMT use memory before PLAYER (PLAYER-$300) . Page0 variables can be set in different place.
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