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  1. Don't promise Sikor because you don't have a proper cartridge, xegs in a5200 won't work. You need to create a cart with banks of 32KB, just like the one for the M.U.L.E. A5200 users are less than xl / xe, how many will you sell?
  2. @MrFish, @Level42 The author of the photo wrote: "Everything is fine, just a matter of a photo." post #141 The publisher of the game wrote: "I think it's a panorama - you would have to ask Perinoid. I test all cartridges in my 65XE before shipping." post #129 In my opinion, the quality of the release is very good.
  3. Map 128x128, view range=24, char mode. Too short music
  4. I didn't use this tool, I got the target code (for 6502) from @Mariuszw. Talk to him, maybe he will help you. highwayencounter_6502.asm
  5. I make (with mariuszw) conversion game Highway Encounter here you are zx spectrum dissassembly: highwayencounter.asm
  6. I still think DLI is the better solution. I used the IRQ in Bosconian but in 64Khz, the first version of the TLS engine was also made on IRQ. In the case of sprite multiplexing, IRQ gives no advantage and spoils the sounds (15Khz and only 3 channels).
  7. - autofire should also fire a special shot. - game recognizes the type of Antic and GTIA chipsets and adjusts gameplay speed, colors and music to your system. - the sound is definitely not stuttering - unfortunately, the video is in 30 frames, and the game runs at 50/60 frames.
  8. @TezzBut you always lose one channel of sound that can be used for FX, and you have 3 channels for music. I thought your project was already dead, and I wanted to test the engine on a different type of game. @emkay There is often a different sound in movie trailers, there is nothing strange about it.
  9. @popmilo You can use irq, but then how you change character set, and colors exactly with the line? Additionally, you lose one audio channel and the interrupts will run at different speeds depending on which character line they are triggered on.
  10. @popmilo After adding a vertical scroll, the current offset must be used to calculate the sprite's position in the lines of characters. Additionally, you need to fix the DLI interrupt, the problem may occur in the first and last interrupt depending on the shape of the screen. The interrupts can overlap, this is the situation I had in The Last Squadron, you have to catch such situations and, for example, omit one of the interrupts. It was supposed to be a simple example so I deleted this part. There is also no support for shells and sprites of various heights, but you can see the method and upgrade the engine if necessary.
  11. In my opinion, it will take longer to get all these libraries covered afterwards than learning assembly language. You just have to get to know the hardware a little, but it just comes after writing a few programs.
  12. @MrFishI also think that 64K is enough. @Philsan Of course you can add. In assembler, this is easier to use, because you can always make a few modifications quickly. Eg missiles can be used as missiles, or you can add an additional color to the main character. Sprites can have 1 solid color ($04), but we will be changing its width. The sprites can be taller. This is just a simple example. -------- In the example I also included a short application written in DevC ++. It is used to convert shapes saved with the AtariPlayerEditor ("LIST" option). We copy the fragment with sprite data : const unsigned char P0DATA[FRAMES][HEIGHT] = { ... }; const unsigned char P1DATA[FRAMES][HEIGHT] = { ... }; and paste them into the main.cpp file in the same place. Enter the number of frames, height and shape name. Then, after compiling (F9) and running (F10), the data.asm file is created with the ready data.
  13. Simple sprites spliter: - 8 sprites - every sprite have 3 colors - 16px height - no background vertical scroll Demo.zip
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