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  1. @Poison How do you know ? I do not think there is a playable version yet.
  2. I must install new version and try new options.
  3. 3.1 version atari800-sdl-3.1.zip
  4. Ok, try "On-screen keyboard->Re-map onscreen controls->uncheck all". This work. I have also 3.1 version 25_atari800-sdl-3.1.zip
  5. After run .apk when you see "SDL" you must tap on the screen. From menu you must choose "On-screen keyboard->On screen keyboard transparency->invisible"
  6. Coleen and this emu has the same sound bug. Try sound fx in Highway Encounter.
  7. This is only new gui for old emulator.
  8. 64K PAL version with 5 samples. bosco1_2f.xex
  9. Final version Highway Encounter. Game have now music from Miker (3 melodies), and fix IRQ add NMI interrupts overlap (flickering of the bottom panel). I add cheat code , if you write "bosconian" time and score will stop . Abort game (START+OPTION) turns off this effect. highway.xex highway.atr
  10. Music don't use 4 pokey channel. Play effects with GTIA takes a lot of time so it's gone.
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