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  1. Oh boy is it hard to design fatalities, so far I only have 1, when you jump kick the opponent you kick his head off and blood squirts out of the neck a few times then he collapses. I need 3 more.
  2. Thank you, very kind of you to take your time helping out!
  3. Simple and elegant! Thank you. Yes, I think you understood it correctly 😃
  4. How does this look? Experimenting with a more classical 2600 look, but trying to put in some personality and improve the walkcycle, based on the walkcycle of International Karate for the C64
  5. Hm, true. I am experimenting and I find that mono colored sprites flicker a lot.
  6. I'm having a bit of trouble with DPC+, I am making 2 big sprites for player 1 and 2 composed of 2 sprites each. Sprites 0-1 for player1 and sprites 2-3 for player 2. When I move player2's joystick sprites 2-3 are not in unison, destroying the illusion of 1 sprite by leaving a gap. What can I do? DPC_Big_Sprites.bas
  7. Hm, I find it quite difficult to make player sprites that are appealing to look at at bigger sizes due to the 1 color per row limit and I could use some thoughts on how to improve. Here is my current draft of a bigger karate guy, size is 16 pixels wide and 20 pixels tall.
  8. Neat game! Though there seems to be some glitches, if I press the joystick button while facing up or down I teleport up, and collision seems a bit wonky when I collide with the playfield, zooming across them.
  9. Captain Spazer

    Car Race

    Awesome! Looking forwards to seeing it 😃
  10. Captain Spazer

    Car Race

    This is pretty good! I do however have 1 complaint: The other racers hit you before you even get going. Some ideas for improvements: Perhaps a countdown at the start of the race, a time limit, or a limit too how many times you can crash. So far, I really like this game. Good job!
  11. Thank you! That is very helpful to know.
  12. Ah, clever approach! Thank you, now I can debug this thing 😃
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