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  1. Hello everyone, just got a working jaguar with a controller but only have 1 game for it: Checkered Flag, which looks and plays terrible haha. If anyone has any loose games they are willing to sell I would be interested in looking at that. I would really like a copy of Alien vs. Predator if anyone is willing to part with one. Condition doesn't really matter to much to me. Thanks!
  2. I think I've read somewhere on the old nintendoage website that chiller carts like to go bad for some reason, it could be that it just need s a cleaning but I think I specifically remember reading about chiller carts failing, but can't remember why. Hopefully you can get it working though!
  3. I'm pretty sure thats exactly how Ghostbusters loads. I have a copy that starts to load then makes that clickly head banging noise like when you have a bad disk, then a few minutes of reading and it happens a second time but the game comes up and plays just fine no errors. I think your drive is probably fine atleast on ghostbusters.
  4. here's to 1 million views, hopefully 10,000,000 by the end of the decade :).
  5. Hello everyone, I bought this off of eBay thinking it was the USA version but when I got it I can definitely see that it is PAL. I really don't collect anything other than the NTSC games so if anyone is looking for this game in PAL just shoot me an offer. The holes in the center have been punched and there is a 2.00$ written in the center with sharpie. Label is creased on the end from when someone opened it to probably see why the heck it was playing in B and W only on their TV all these years ago lol.
  6. Hey rom Hunter, thanks for the info :). Yeah I figured it must have been, wonder how it got to the states lol.
  7. You should show her fortune builder amd zenji, two player sim action and a race against the clock mega puzzler.
  8. Hello everyone, I won this real cheap off of eBay but when I went to test it the screen only comes up in B and W and flashed a light color blue line when playing, all other functions were normal. I thought it was odd so I did some investigating and it seems like it is a pal game, there is no "LOST CAVERNS" under Pitfall II on the end label and an "E" in the code for the game in the bottom left. Is this a PAL copy, thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, how much is miner 2049er, hardball, atariwriter, qix, choplifter and river raid?
  10. Hey guys, posted a listing in the wanted section for a loose copy of magician lord on the neo geo aes, the us version, figured it might help to post here too. If anyone has an extra loose cart they are looking to get rid of let me know, willing to pay the market rate. I prefer loose over boxed since AES is already expensive enough lol. Thank you!
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