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  1. Hey amiman99, thanks for the info, quick question, is it possible to write to floppy disks using the gotek? I also have 1 external floppy drive, not sure if that matters for copying purposes if at all possible I understand that it wouldn't be needed but I always like making the experience as authentic as possible. Thanks for your input!
  2. Hey everyone, just got myself an original tank mouse. It was included in a lot of things I purchased. The left mouse button was kind of weak and so I went ahead and soldered in a new micro switch, works awesome now. I see the suggestions that everyone has made above, and I thank everyone for their time and replying. My next question is, in the meantime that I consider the GOTEK, I do have an older pc with a 3.5 inch floppy drive, and I was wondering if I could make copies of Amiga games to put onto a blank disk and then play on the amiga. If so what kind of tools would be required. The older pc has a cd drive, and usb slots so I could get whatever programs are needed for that. What I don't have is one of those cables to connect an amiga to it directly, which I saw is a way to transfer info to the amiga. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. I think I have about 3 of the PS/2 style mice with the little 6 pin plugs lying around the house from old computers. So one of those should be compatible with the adapter or is there a chance they wont work?
  4. Hello, yes I agree it is a little pricey, I do like authentic experiences though lol, but I'll probably get one of the adapted mice. What I would like would be some games, what would be the easiest way to play games on the machine, is there something like a zoomfloppy device for the 8-bit commodore computers or some way to play copies? Not too interested in applications, the computer came with about 10 games and a ton of applications I have no idea how to use.
  5. Hello, thank you for the wonderful explanation, very much appreciated. What do you think about this Amiga mouse? https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOUSE-COMMODORE-AMIGA-NEW-MINT/130887232203?hash=item1e797caacb:g:LgYAAOxyuPtQ~X~n I literally just got the Amiga 500 earlier this week and have no idea what to expect about anything in terms of what is considered to be a good mouse etc. Thank you for your time :).
  6. Thanks for the advice, I went ahead and did that. I did open the drive and noticed that powering the drive on and off moves the head a few millimetres occasionally. There is a metal wheel that looks like it makes contact with the plastic bracket on which the head is attached to on the rails. Is the head stuck or something, sorry if these sound like dumb questions, I've got 0 experience with floppy drives in general and have no idea if the head not moving much is a mechanical issue or something on the boards in the drive. Thank you in advance.
  7. I see, if I were to swap out the coleco board in my working adam and place it into the broken one would that be okay or is there a risk of damaging the known working board. If there is I'll probably just save myself the hassle of trying to fix it and part it out online. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you for the suggestion Crisalan, I looked underneath the small power with the 9 pin connector, didn't see anything that could be causing a problem.
  9. Hello everyone, just got a non-working Coleco Adam floppy drive. The serial number is in the 18000's, not sure if that matters, anyways, when the drive is plugged in it starts like normal, turning when I turn on the Adam the drive never shuts off. It keeps spinning and the red light stays on like when it is reading a disk. If I start the drive with a known working disk in it, the word processor of the Adam still boots, it act's like a drive is not connected at all. The plug going from the drive to the Adam net port is a good cable, the power supply is good as well as I have tested them with other drives. I'm wondering if this drive is only good for parts or if there is something that can be adjusted/done. Thanks to all in advance! Also, the drive is set to drive 1, and the cable is plugged into the right socket on the back for "in".
  10. Thank you for the reply, just wanted to be sure my amiga wasn't broken or something. Sounds like anything but an amiga mouse or a mouse with an adapter will cause the cursor to not move very much at all which is currently haplening when i use a joystick in port 1, normally reserved for the mouse when in workbench.
  11. Thank you for the advice, quick question would a problem on the adam computer portion be preventing the colecovision portuon from booting? If i try the colecovision motherboard on the good adam i have is it possible it would boot up? Just asking since I noticed there no socketed chips on the CV board if I am remembering correctly. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello, thanks for the reply, never used an amiga myself either until today haha. I see some information online about users plugging in joysticks to port 1 and then having to wriggle it around to get the cursor to move diagonally as well. Sounds like it could be normal? Hopefully someone can remember if that's the case.
  13. Hello everyone, I just recieved an amiga 500 computer for the 1st time and was curious about something. I had done a little bit of reading about the system after I got it and thought I should load up workbench and see if it works. So i got that loaded but dont have a mouse and so I used the Amiga key and arrow keys to movr the cursor and that works well enough. I had read about a joystick being able to be used as a mouse and so i plugged one in and it only really moves diagonally if circle the dpad kind of like the ball on the bottom of a mouse. Holding a direction makes the cursor not move other then 1 pixel up or left, while typing this i assume that it is because the ball is probably moving some rods in the mouse at the same time and giving two values? Hence why moving the joystick quickly Like a circle works somewhat? Would this be the case, in that only a mouse in port 1 will nove the cursor appropriately. I tried joystick port 2 and got no response until i fired up tank platoon and can use joystick 2 to play the tank like a normal game. All help is appreciated as always! Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello everyone, just got an extra adam console portion only, no drives in it or anything, and when I power it on the screen is just black and a loud hum, sometimes no hum. Power supply was tested and works on my functioning adam. I tried a working cassette drive in the broken adam and it spins if you hold the center plunger in with a tape, but resetting doesn't get the tape or spin normally. Keyboard plugged in does get a red light, but typing does not get the printer to print any characters. Resetting the ColecoVision portion also does nothing, except that it makes the hum go away sometimes as well, inserting a cartridge doesn't bring up the game nor does having nothing in the slot. Tried all three video ports, rf, monitor and aux, all give a black screen. Just wondering if it is fixable at all or if reseating the chips on the bottom adam board will have any affect. Thanks for everyone's help in advance!
  15. Hi, thank you for the reply. I have opened the machine up and replaced the belts. It looks clean inside, though someone was in before me as the player had 1 screw missing in the bottom. Nothing looked to be out of place but i didnt really try checking any cables to see if they were loose. The plug end looks to be in good shape. There is a screw and i did open it up. I noticed that the thick wire pops out of the back of the case so perhaps someone pulled on it a long time ago? I will upload some pictures when I get home later today.
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