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  1. Congrats Anthony! This thread has been very helpful in my Neo Geo collecting journey. Hoping for 8+ more years!
  2. Thank you Anthony, I appreciate it, I went ahead and bought the cables :).
  3. Hello again guys, need some advice. I have heard some of the extension cables for neo geo controllers are not very good quality and can damage the controller port etc. Has anyone ever bought a pair from the seller videogamessource on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/382558516004?hash=item591243b324:g:43EAAOSwVEFb4Gwj These are the ones I was needing, I have a busted aes controller so I'll be snipping off the male plug, just wanted to be sure they are good enough quality. Thanks to all.
  4. Thanks Reaperman, Anthony and Tanooki for the advice. What would be a decent price to pay for two joysticks and a full set of buttons on eBay. If anyone has any recommendations for that, that would be great. Thanks guys!
  5. Hello everyone, I've recently decided to pick up some neo geo mvs cartridges but am not sure what would be the best method to play them. I have the AES but would prefer to get a seperate console to play the MVS games rather than use a converter. I was looking at a few of the options available like either assembling a functioning console by buying parts on eBay or getting a cbox by timeharvest . I would rather get into something that is relatively easy to set up and doesn't require much assembly but if its not too complicated I think it could be fun to assemble it myself. I can solder pretty well and would have no issue doing so if needed. What would be the best route in your guy's opinion. Also, I was thinking of assembling some controllers and wiring them up rather than using the official AES ones, does anyone have any suggestions for that also. Thank you for everyone's time.
  6. INTVCruise

    Baking chips.

    I'm pretty sure Adrian's Digital Basement baked about 20 or so Commodore 64 chips in an oven to try and none of the chips were able to be revived.
  7. Hello everyone, I received this cartridge in a lot of games. The shell was black and had no glue residue so I had a hunch it might be a prototype of some sorts. I tried to start it up but it doesn't seem to be working. I opened the cart to confirm that it is indeed a test cartridge, diagnostic V1.1, which has been documented on the Atariproto website. The handwriting on the right sticker seems to match that of the photograph on the website. My question is do I need to be using a certain type of Atari to get this to boot? I have many 2 port and atleast 1 4 port 5200 that are confirmed to be working. No matter what I have tried I can only get a green screen. If it is indeed broken in some way, would it be possible to send off and have the contents restored? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you to all. I have included some pics below.
  8. Hello, thank you for the link, just seeing this now. Actually just picked up Fatal Fury Special CIB, just looking for the others mentioned in the op. Thank you for your time though, it is much appreciated. Regards, John.
  9. Hello everyone, I've been hunting the original 125 for the last 10 years and have only 7 left to go, some are uncommon, a few are tough to find for sure. If you have any of these loose please let me know which ones and how much you would like for them. I have a few uncommon doubles as well if anyone is interested in trading. Thank you. The 7 games are: Worm Whomper Dreadnaught Factor Super Cobra Championship Tennis Learning Fun II Mountain Madness: Super Pro Skiing Scooby Doo’s Maze Chase
  10. Bump still looking, really looking for League Bowling, Last Resort, Fatal Fury Special, Football Frenzy, Superside Kicks 2 and Thrash Rally. Let me know if you have any, thanks all!
  11. Bump, still looking for any Neo Geo Aes games, especially Last Resort. Thanks everyone.
  12. Hello everyone, just purchased a very nice legit neo geo aes game from jack. He is wonderful to work with and very prompt with shipping and messages, even wrote me a nice thank you note. Do not hesitate to buy/sell/trade with Jack, you will not be dissapointed!
  13. If you try to purchase an item from a seller who has blocked you buy hitting buy it now, a message pops up that lets you know you've been prevented from buying. OP might have tried to checkout just to see.
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