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  1. OK this is just getting weird. Hey that is me at $395. I usually don't bid until the end, thanks for reminding me. (retracts bids) Don't worry I will put them back. Can you simply "put them back"? I have never retracted a bid in my 25+ year ebay "career" but I don't think that is how it works. . "Here is my following dot" (To see how this plays out)
  2. I need to try DeOxit. I didn't have any way back when, but I have some now.
  3. My guess is you just buy the custom cart option $30 last I checked and provide the artwork for the label.
  4. I have some. The seem worth it to me. I cleaned a number of my older paddles with varying success. I was placing an order for something and needed a little more money to get me over the paypal threshold so I decided to order a set. I am happy with them. I haven't had a lot of time to test them but I tried them with Super Circus Atari Age on my 7800 and the were very smooth, no jitters.
  5. It would be a welcome addition to my cart and box to make it more complete. As complete as an unfinished prototype can be.
  6. I believe it has been confirmed by tep392 that POKEY One does work with DKPK. I can't find the post right now though. ---- EDIT ---- Here is the post.
  7. I have been heavy collecting 2600 and 7800 since 2016 - My rarest finds in the WILD Out Of Control - CIB Spikes Peak SE - CIB Death Trap - CIB Shuttle Oribter - CIB Wall Ball - CIB Up 'n Down - CIB My other rarities from here on AA & Ebay include; R9 Bomb - Assault - Cart/Manual Bomb - Wall Defender - Cart Bomb - Z-Tack - Cart Bumper Bash - Cart/Manual Glib - Cart Quadrun - Cart/Manual Rescue Terra I - Cart Water World - Cart Tooth Protectors / Backwards Label - Cart Video Jogger & Reflex - Cart R8 Boing x2 Xonox Shell and Regular Shell Chase the Chuck Wagon - Cart - Repo box & manual Crazy Climber - Cart/Manual Death Trap - CIB Gas Hog - Cart/Manual Gravitar Silver - Cart/Manual Guardian - Cart Halloween - Hand Written End Label version Mr. Do's Castle - Cart/Manual Rubik's Cube - Cart/Manual Boulder Dash!!! Atari Corp - Silver Lable '86 Asteroids CIB. I am sure there are MORE.
  8. Man I would love your titles that were boxes only. I don’t need the other stuff. If you decide to break it up please let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @Tempest I am sorry that my Stevie Wonder meme comment in your thread has become the Thumbnail associated with it. And yes I am very exited for @SainT's project even though I currently have a couple 7800 SD options already. The more the merrier.
  10. I will take it! Or should I say, I'll take both! Like stated above I already have 2 7800 "flash" carts. But the new Concerto sounds great and Saints recent tweets makes me exited for his also. This is a Win Win! Literally.
  11. It is AMAZING. Contact tep392 via PM. He recently did another run. I am not sure if he has any boards left. You will need to supply the Pokey of course.
  12. I was lucky enough to acquire a Concerto from CPUWIZ. It is very compatible with my daily driver S-Video modded 7800. But I would still buy the newer version when it is ready. Also before I got that Concerto I was also lucky to get a Mateos 16 in 1 flash cart before Juan dropped off the planet. Like has been stated by others before me I am committed to any new tech to make my 7800 better and more enjoyable.
  13. Maybe they are just testing the waters. But if this one is “less complete” in terms of the extra goodies I don’t see how they can expect almost 3 times more than the last 2-3 that have sold publicly.
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