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  1. It would seem logical that it does exist. The Atari Variations Site speculates that it exists but they don't have a scan of one yet. I have 2-3 with the Joystick Sticker (1986) I have 2-3 with just the blank space no sticker no controller info (1987, 1988) If I were to speculate the Homerun carts with the actual Paddle Controller text is possibly a rare 1985 Corp cart. There aren't many 85 labels out there. I have 3- The red box Corp Berzerk is an 85, There is a Stargate 85 and the Fat Text Galaxian End Label is an 85. It would be quite a find. I always check Corp carts when I come across them and see what crazy label variation they are.
  2. Boxing it probably the most common out of the Blue Labels Boxed. It can often be found sealed. Chopper Command not quite as common in the Maroon Box. At one point I was going to try and chase down all of the blue label boxes but I have chilled out on that. I would have to get a really good deal on one to justify buying it and taking up more space. LOL. I still don't have a RED Boxing box. I got the pink one and have just lived with it even though the rest of my CIB set is all non-blue label boxes.
  3. I think your Boxing is legit. The later blue label cart came in a more pinkish box. The original screen shot pic label box was red. You Chopper Command however is likely a Frankensteined CIB. The Maroon box and black and white manual belong together but you it would have come with a blue label cart. I hope this helps.
  4. Go back and read the last hundred pages. [emoji12]. Ok maybe 10 would get you up to speed. It’s being worked on again. But the first people who will get them are active 7800 developers so that they can test there wares. There are still the same compatibility issues that are trying to be sorted out. It’s not gonna be available to the masses until all of those hurdles are crossed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes, save your money. Since I got in the game in 2016 I have never seen one sell for less than $400. And I have only seen maybe 5 or 6 come up in 4 years.
  6. @ZeroPage Homebrew OK when I responded I must have just had a mini stroke. LOL I do have a I light sixer it's my childhood one. Not modded. I have a Vader - AV Modded. - Not sure if that would reproduce the same issues. I have a 7800 AV - S-Video Modded - Same as above. Not sure if this helps. I must have been combining these into some sort of Super Console that I thought would be the same as your request. Sorry. I will still drop the games on my Encore and have a go on the AV Modded ones and see what I come up with. Sorry to shoot my mouth of so quick. I wasn't thinking straight.
  7. @ZeroPage Homebrew Besides Penult what are the other 3 games? Are the publicly available? I have a light sixer that is AV/SVideo Modded and an Encore. I could drop them on my SD card and see what they do? Do they crash right out of the gate? Let me know and I would be happy to see what they do on mine. It's been a while since I watched the Penult episode and can't remember what was going on, and I watched all the episodes that you played in Stella so I just need a refresher replicating the crash if it is something other than a loading crash. It's great that Nathan could fix your console and you are back playing on really hardware with RGB.
  8. Don’t forget about me. [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. @fultonbot, first don't hate me or judge me because I have a Concerto Cart. I dropped Into the Void onto my cart to give it a try. I noticed a interesting problem that I also experienced when I tested @vhzc's Knight Guy WIP. So the issue is the background color appears to be loading the incorrectly or possibly it's loading a negative color palate. vhzc fixed his quickly by forcing the background color to black as the Concerto menu background color is white or light gray and when you load a ROM it is still using menu background color unless it is forced to the game's BG color in the Concerto's case. Here are some pics. PS. I am not a programmer. I don't know how to fix this. I don't even know if this would be an issue on a regular cart, but it is an issue on the Concerto Cart as it is in it's current form.
  10. I say that all the time @sramirez2008 but this time it was me. I didn't drive to get them, they shipped them but I was shocked when I saw what stupid little town they were in.
  11. Well, now I have another cool thing that you made. [emoji6] I was excited to get them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. So I am bumping this post after 14 years. I believe I am the current new owner of these carts. They popped up on ebay not too far from me in a town about 2 hours away. The were sold in a complete lot as the seller said that is how he acquired them and he didn't want to break them up, which I was also happy about. I tried to get more details from the guy about how he acquired them he just kept repeating "I got them from a guy about 20-30 years ago." Zooming in on the pics on the auction I could see the date was 2003 and I could see @CPUWIZ's name on the labels. Some searching popped up this thread and I assumed these had to be the same carts since they were the complete set of four. Anyway these are back in the hands of an Atari Age member after 14ish years and thought I would share my find.
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