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  1. ^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^ I don't know where all of these crazy requests are coming from. Those of us who have had one for many years still need it to play all 7800 roms.
  2. I have been waiting and hoping for years for someone to do this. I have an Edladdin Super Twin 78 so I have a dual stick solution that I use for Spy Hunter and or Raiders or Stargate. But it would be nice for people who use CX-40s.
  3. Last I heard this is planned for a 2022 PRGE launch.
  4. There is not an official patch for Commando. Someone is making patches for Activision games that didn't have them back in the day. They have done Commando. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325116362105?hash=item4bb271fd79:g:0FkAAOSwi2RfwcI5
  5. Where did you get your 2600 ROMs? Are you using RomHunters pack?
  6. These are currently the types of 2600 carts you can dump with the AtariMax. If Deepstone is a standard 32k scheme it should work. If it is not standard then it wont. I am not sure what kind of scheme it uses.
  7. Then you might love the inside of the top of my box. I think they used the top of a spelling game to help them with Basic Math.
  8. Perfect! Thanks @Frostbite Bailey. This is what I suspected but couldn't confirm. @Atari_Bill sent me a pic he found on the web that I couldn't find and sent it to me via PM because I asked him privately first. But your last picture was exactly what I was looking for.
  9. I just acquired a CIB copy of Glib and was wondering if there was any kind of cart holder or tray like Parker Brothers board boxes or Avalon Hill. I know two other collector friends that have CIB copies. One sealed so they aren't much help other than saying the cart doesn't seem to by bouncing around inside the box. My other friend who has a CIB doesn't have an insert or tray. I am just trying to figure out what else belongs inside the box besides the Cart and Manual.
  10. Skiing is by far the hardest Blue Text Label to get at this point. I bought a case from Venezuela that had 4 UPC and 2 Non UPC boxes in it. All 4 UPC boxes were transitional boxes. They had pic label carts and B&W Manuals. I was not happy about that needless to say. Looking back the fact that the case had non UPC boxes in it should have been a clue that I was not gonna get lucky with that case. Ultimately I had a friend who what "getting out" and offered me his Text Label Skiing because he knew it was my last outstanding cart for the set. I made an offer and he accepted and it saved me from having to compete on eBay for it. IMO it's easily a Rarity 9 or 10 at this point. Congrats.
  11. Congrats Ed. Such an amazing accomplishment. I own two of your controllers. A Super Twin 78 and an one of the few Supreme 78: All-Play 4/8s. I love them both. I wish I had more time to play with them but am very happy and satisfied with both of them. I did have some weird rapid fire/auto fire issues with my Super Twin and we tried to sort it out long distance and it couldn’t be fixed that way and you replaced it no questions asked and quickly. I wish you continued success in your future projects.
  12. It's not official. It's a custom made patch. A member here offered them a couple of years ago.
  13. I think you missed what @toiletunes was pointing out. Yars' Revenge is hardly a rare or unreleased game. Who is editing these articles?
  14. Yep, attention to detail. I laughed at that also.
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