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  1. Most emulators don't include games because of licensing reasons. If you are judging Stella on that you need to reassess what you are looking for in an emulator. If you want ROM's get this pack. http://www.atarimania.com/rom_collection_archive_atari_2600_roms.html I don't know what else to tell you. Like I said Stella is easily the best and most accurate 2600 emulator. I can't believe you are complaining about the graphics and sound. (Are you complaining about Stella or the Atari 2600 in general?) (So many questions I have about your post.) The main problem is you are trying to a modern emulator on an older system. Maybe try and download an older version that might run better on an older machine. But it will likely not support as many games as the current version.
  2. You don’t. You download Stella and just use it. Z26 hasn’t been updated in over two years. Stella is truly the only 2600 emulator that you need. It’s got more features than you will ever need, but it is easily the most accurate 2600 emulator available right now. I think most everyone here would also agree. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Very cool Fred. Thanks for the update.
  4. That's why I highlighted it in my list.
  5. Congrats Andrew. I already bought an inflated after market one here or I would have jumped on this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. People seem the love the NTSC one. Ebay shows they have sold 47! I know of 2 people who have posted in the AA FB Group & the Atari 2600 FB Group about it. So there are 45 more out there somewhere.
  7. You just beat me to this Thomas! This is the listing for the NTSC version that is currently showing out of stock. Test Cart (2002) (Paul Slocum) Texas Golf (Hack) This Planet Sucks (Greg Troutman) Thrust THX-1138 by Kyle Pittman (Hack) Tim Warp Topy TP Bug by Charles Morgan (Hack) Troll's Adventure (Hack) UFO by C.Morgan (Hack) Ventrra Invaders 2002 by C.Morgan (Hack) Video Time Machine (C.Cracknell) Wall-Defend (AKA) War of The Worlds by Kyle Pittman (Hack) Whale (Hack) X-Doom Yar's Defeat by Justin J. Scott (Hack) Yellow Submarine (Hack) Zi - The Flie Buster by Fernando Mora Z-Tack (AKA) Lumberman by Cracker Jack Productions (Hack) Actionauts Adventures of TRON Air Raiders Amid DS (Hack) Amidar Armor Ambush Assault (AKA) Astrowar Ataripoll Invaders (Hack) At Video Cube Atlant (Hack) Attack Of The Mutant Space Urchins (Hack) Bachelor Party Bachelorette Party Backgammon Balls! Bank Heist Barnstorming BASIC Prog Battle for Naboo by Josh (Hack) Beanie Baby Bash by Inky (Hack) Beany Bopper Bear Game Demo Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em Bermuda Triangle Berzerk Renegade by Steve Engelhardt (Hack) Berzerk Betterblast by Fabrizio Zavagli (Hack) Big Dig Birthday Mania Blair Witch Project by Tim Snider (Hack) Bobby Is Going Home Boing! Boring (NTSC) Bounce! By Fabrizio Zavagli Brooni (NTSC) (2001) (Andrew Wallace) Bugs Bumper Bash Burning Desir Cakewalk Carnival Casino - Poker Plus Cat and Mouse by George Veeder (Hack) Cat Trax Cathouse Blues Challenge (Zellers) Challenge of.... Nexar, The Chase the Chuck Wagon Cheese 98 (Hack) China Syndrome Chopper Command Circus Atari - Circus Coco Nuts Coffee Cup Soccer by matthias Jaap (Hack) Color Tweaker (V1.0) (2001) (B. Watson) Colors Demo Combat Rock Commando Raid Condor Attack Corys Adventure (Cody Pittman) Cosmic Ark Cosmic Commuter Cosmic Creeps Crackpots Crash Dive Cross Force Cubis (1997) (Eckhard Stolberg) C's Via (Hack) C's Viag (JSK) (Hack) Dancing Plate Daredevil Dark Cavern Dark Mage (Greg Troutman) Deadly Duck Death Derby(Glenn Saunders) Death Trap Dor-x (Hack) Defender Demolition Herby Demon Attack Demons to Diamonds Dice Puzzle DiscoTech Dizzy Wiz(B. Watson) DJdsl-wopd Dolphin Dk Claus by Philip R. Frey (Hack) Dragonfire Droid Demo 22 (David Conrad Schweinsberg) Earth Dies Screaming, The Eggomania Eli's Ladder Encounter at L-5 End of the World, The Enduro Entombed Escape Demo Euchre (NTSC) (Erik Eid) Extra Terrestrials Face Invaders 2 by Barry Laws Jr. (Hack) Fantastic Voyage Fast Eddie Fast Food Fat Albert by David Marli (Hack) Final Approach Fire Fighter Fire Fly Fish Revenge (2003) (Greg Zumwalt) (Hack) Flash Gordon FlickerSort Demo Fortress Frankenstein's Monster Frisco Frogger Frogs and Flies G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike Gauntlet Glacier Patrol Go Go Home Gorf GK (Hack) Great Escape (AKA) Greeting Cart Atari Coin Greeting Cart Tanya GREGXM Demo Grid Pattern Demo Guardian Halloween Hangman Ghost Biglist (Hack) Hangman Invader Biglist (Hack) Hangman Man Biglist(Hack) Hangman Pac-Man Biglist(Hack) Harem Haunted House Hit HMOVE At Various Cycles Aft WSYNC Test (Bradford W. Mott) Horizonal Color Bars Demo Horizontally Scrolling Playfield (Rob Kudla) Ice Hockey Image – Qb Incoming (Ben Larson) Indiana Pit (Hack) Infiltrate Interleaved ChronoColour Demo (NTSC) Invaders by E Mooney Invade from Space by David Marli (Hack) Jawbreaker Journey Escape Joustpong (Kirk Israel) J-Pc (Hack) Jungle Jane (Greg Zumwalt) (Hack) Karate Kiss Meets Pucman (Cody Pittman) K on the T Kung Fu Sprite Demo 2 Laseresal 2600 (Andrew Wallace) Lightbulb Lightens, speech demo Lilly Adv Lock 'n' Chase L of the R - Fellowship of the Ring by Adam Thornton (Hack) Lost Luggage Lunar Attack (Steve Engelhardt) (Hack) Marauder Marble Craze (Paul Slocum) Marilyn Monroe Demo Minesweeper (Soren Gust) Mini Golf (Hack) Mission 3000 A.D MMetall (Hack) Mondo Pong (Piero Cavina) Mortal Kurling Mr. Postman Multi Ball Demo Multiple Moving Objects Demo (B. Watson) Muncher by David Marli (Hack) Music Effects Demo (Paul Slocum) Music Kit - Song Player (Paul Slocum) Mystery Science Theater 2600 by Tim Snider (Hack) Nick Bensema Demo (Nick Bensema) Nightmare Nuts Open, Sesame! Overhead Adventure Demo Oystron X (Piero Cavina) Puc-Man 4 (Hack) Paku-Space (Hack) PAL-NTSC Detector Phantom Tank Pharaoh's Curse Phased Color Demo PIEROXM Demo PF - The Wall(Barry Laws Jr.) (Hack) PF (Kyle Pittman) Pins Revenge Pit Cupcake (Hack) Pit (No Walls Hack) Pit (Steroids Hack) Plane Demo (Gonzalo) Play Demo Poker Solitaire (B. Watson) Polar to Cartesian and VV (Roger Williams) Qb Special Edition (NTSC) Racing Car Radar (AKA) Radial Pong (Jeffry Johnston) R in Afghanistan by Kyle Pittman (Hack) Rescue Bira Bira (Chris Cracknell) Revenge of the Apes (Hack) RIOT RAM Test (Dennis Debro) River Raid (Hack) River Raid Plus by Thomas Jentzsch (Hack) RPG Engine (Paul Slocum) Save Our Ship Scuba Diver (AKA) Sea Hawk (AKA) (Zellers) Sea Monster (1982) Ship Demo – Titanic Ski R Song (Paul Slocum) Space 2002 by Angelino (Hack) SI 2 (Hack) Space Treat (NTSC) (Fabrizio Zavagli) Space Treat Deluxe (Fabrizio Zavagli) Space Tunnel SpaceMaster X-7 Spider Maze (AKA) Squirrel - O Esquilo (AKA) Star Fire – Game Star Fire – Intro SW - The Battle of Alderan (Hack) Stone Age Suicide Adventure by George Veeder (Hack) Super Stunt_Cycle_Rules! (Hack) T.F. SI (Hack) Tanks DX by Charles Morgan (Hack) Teleterm 2600 (John K. Harvey) Like Thomas' PAL list there are a lot of Hacks. And I am only going off of memory since we can check the AA store listing right now.
  8. Yes, this is the same guy I was mentioning in that other thread. He is now selling PAL and NTSC versions. I think @Albert told me that he has tried to report him to ebay multiple times without success.
  9. Thomas, he is just a guy that bought the stupid dip switch cart off of eBay. He isn’t the maker. And he doesn’t seem to understand the ethics of promoting (again he is not selling it but he is encouraging others to buy it) the multi cart. I have commented of a few of his posts early on that were HB’s that were sold on AA that it wasn’t cool to basically promote and post about games that were pirated and being sold and the programmers were getting anything from this company that basically stole their wares. Again he didn’t seem to care or understand. Al told me he has tried to get the seller of the cart banned on eBay without success. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That guy and his freaking fluorescent multi-cart that is loaded with pirated home brews. I know Al slapped his hand for posting and promoting it in the AA FB group. So he moved over to another group and has been posting about it in this other group. [emoji35] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Yes, that is the one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The stream last night was great, despite the crash. You and Nathan have done an amazing job with this. And the info of how Nathan did the graphics. Amazing. Looking forward to this one. You both did it justice for the 2600. Looking forward to the demo release and all the other things you have planned for it. High five!!
  13. That Surround box! Beautiful.
  14. The original run were repurposed 7800 shells. You have the option of a recycled shell or a new clear shell. The new clear and clear colored shells are injection molded from a guy in WY I believe.
  15. Same here. I have both original carts and manuals the boxes will likely never happen now.
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