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  1. It's still going. One new bid today 🙄
  2. So this might be a crazy request and one that should have maybe been asked before we all sent you $75.00. Any chance you could post a pic of these. You know I am kinda curious what I just bought sight unseen.
  3. So if this thing keeps going and doesn't get pulled by ebay, what is the poor winner gonna get since it appears there are at least 2 people that think this is legit? A copy of Mogul Maniac or some US Games title like EggoMania? I mean the seller is not showing any live screen shots, just claims that it's Eli's Ladder.
  4. Just wait until a noob who doesn't even know that there are Atari Age forums posts your listing on the AA FB Group page calling you out a Bat 💩 Crazy. Trust me, it's gonna happen. I happens every other week with the $90 Extra Terrestrials cart.
  5. I must say that PayPal Credit makes yours semi-affordable. If I didn't just buy a Pink Panther cart (That I hope is legit ) I might pull the trigger on this. Ok, not really.
  6. Same. I am still good for my requested copy. PM Sent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, $30 for Alien Brigade vs $45ish the going ebay price.
  8. I have a few. What ones do you have? —- Never mind. I just saw your post on FB. I thought you had just the regular silver label Polyvox. I totally overlooked the CCE. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. More legit than this one that was posted this week. The sun is in my eyes if you know what I am sayin'.
  10. Well I paid between $200 - $300 for mine in a “auction” here in the forums last October to someone who was getting out of the hobby. There are some buyers out there with very deep pockets dropping $1500 for Up N Down in box WITHOUT a manual. I could see this one hitting $300 if one of those 2 heavy hitters are going for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I am one of those few who has completed it. And yes the Up 'N Down is complete. @stupus and I have become the best of friends since I posted that I found that Up 'N Down at a local antique mall in December of 2017. I paid $50 for it.
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