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  1. PRGE is usually really awesome, this is just making even better! My bank account will likely hate me afterwards!
  2. Put me down for 1. I have a p-covox that I have yet to install. I think there was supposed an issue with audio mixing levels. I haven't seen much talk about this add on but I have been away from the atari 8-bit forums for awhile. I remember seeing the initial hardware announcement for this device but completely missed the first iteration.
  3. I have a 2.31 so what are the recommendations for resistor swaps
  4. Are you still waiting for a cartridge connector source as I have a pile of dead lynx that I could use the connector for.
  5. I might look at the relokick.... I have kick start images from AmigaForever but relokick isn't included the ADFs. I've read that Relokick is freeware and just used with permission by clonato. On the CD32 my TF330 came with a pre setup image that boots right into classicwb but is in default in PAL super interlaced which is super painful on the eyes. The workbench come faster on the TF330 and than TF328 just by no longer need to wait for the much slower CPLD. WHDload is probably not the most ideal for how I want to experience my amiga. On the 600 it's going to try and boot the floppy first than more over to the hard drive, so using WHDload doesn't feel nearly as out of replace. In the 600 I have one those premade dual kickstarts. Since I running workbench on my 600 I should go ahead an actually burn the 3.1.4 kickstart to the a fresh ROM. In theory it looks like I might be able to overwrite the clonato kickstart 3.1 on existing dual boot but if I am going to run into PAL vs NTSC issues maybe I should just the newly burned single 3.1.4 rom. Relokick sounds good if I can get a floppy going on the CD32. I pickup up an analogic floppy adapter off ebay, but I haven't been able to get it going yet. Gotek drive lights up on it and I get a status id I think it say e34 after f-f. Not sure what that means, I need to look that up because I have never had one of this units before. Personally I might just swap this back to a real floppy drive. Then maybe I can play my NTSC games on the CD32 from original floppy using relokick.
  6. Is there a list of games that PAL vs NTSC only? I have an NTSC amiga cd32 and a PAL Amiga 600. I find most of my original floppy games at NTSC and some of the run like poo on my 600 and have to boot into 1.3 so I can't select NTSC mode. Now I haven't tried these floppy games yet on my CD32, I just bought a analogic floppy module of ebay but I haven't got it to work yet. Plus I guessing originally floppy games wouldn't work as as far as I know there is no kickstart 1.3 for the CD32
  7. Many of the broken Nuon aren't fixed by replace the drive. I have a couple extra hanging out from attempt to fix mine.
  8. Well technically both are JVC monitors, the 1702 have stonger case work but will likely have more wear. The JVC TM-H1750C has a much better picture, these really excel at svideo and composite. (he plastic on them ismuch more brittle. The tube connects to the front plastic bezel which easily snaps when being slide around.
  9. Honestly I love the look of the AVS, the only thing I wish it has was 240p or analog out.
  10. The cartridge port on the Saturn is pretty unreliable but yes you can write programs that I boot right from it. The Saturn is heavy tied to the CD bus for executing. Running software from cart port can run into a lot of timing issues. So there has to be bus limitations and backgroung layer translation. You can also look at how game basic execture to get an idea of how this works.
  11. There are a lot of cruddy trinitron consumer tubes. There are some decent JVC and toshiba sets. Having professional monitors I am not sure I would want to go back to consumer grade. I have a JVC d series in my garage, that is way to big to take up stair into my gaming room.
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