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  1. I really like the AVS, I think it looks great and if you are going to go out to a modern flatpanel and use NES style catridges it would be the way to go. Also the option to play original famicom games that option is there however the AVS looks super akward, so you are better off using an everdrive there. If you are think about NESRGB and have an original NES toaster, you'll need to then get a blinking light win fix likely, also enable expansion audio... NES to famicom adapters are also pretty janky if you want to play import games. I personally play NES carts on my AVS and use an RGB modded twin famicom, both have everdrives to supplement their physical carts/disks. If you just want to play roms MiSTer is really the way to go though.
  2. Firelancer is a vertical shmup, I liked it more than Judgement silversword... it 's recent homebrew. One thing to keep in mind about the wonderswan flash cart not all game work and not all work conistenstantly acrost all models. You'll want to check the compatibility list and read the instructions before using the software as it can bork things if you should the wrong option. Rainbow Island which which is fun vertical game work on my regular wonderswan using the flash card but crashed when using it in the SwanCrystal. There is a mehaman game that is pretty good and most of final fantasy games have atleast partial translations. You can mod you system with backlight kit, the whole screen swap is way to expensive and kills the battery life.
  3. I would love one of these carts, fully loaded if possible. If color choice is avaliable I'll take orange.... really this thing looks amazing and I take it whatever form it comes in
  4. Very interesting.... I have a stack over motherboards I need to go through that I need to test the Mikey & Suzy on, I was planning on using the failed ones for decapping as part of a chip replacement project. I was wondering if anyone had any additional information on the lynx tv dock other than the adverts back in the day, like how far a long it was a details of second processor?
  5. how much height could you save by permanently mating the XM, is there ever a reason you could want to remove it?
  6. Order Placed 19/8/2019 Status AUTHORISED | 19/8/2019 Pre-order Position 244 in front of you. how did I end up going further back in line
  7. Saint said he wanted to spread out his products to different suppliers and vendors. AtariAge picking up the LynxGD and StoneAgeGamer selling NeoGeo Pocket SD. The JaguarGD will likely be another vendor
  8. Just got mine, have a Pi4 arriving soon any idea if this will work with the 4
  9. haightc

    Rikki & Vikki

    I have this game on windows and 7800, lot of fun on both platforms. If the NT mini ever gets a cartridge adapter for the 7800, do you think one could play this game on it? I know purely hypothetical.
  10. When I talked to to them at PRGE a couple years back they were planning to bring out an an adapter to analog video. Why about '240p' over hdmi, it works great for the MiSTer using direct video mode. I pre-order for round two, I had skipped the initial order because they went HDMI only.
  11. I don't see my name in the recent updated list, I request back in march 6th of last year, post 2204. Hopefully I'll make this run, when I put in my preorder for the JagSD I didn't make it into the luck bunch that got their cart. With AtariAge producing/selling the cart come into future does this mean we might be able to buy homebrew digitally. I like being able to support developers for their work but I don't always need a physical box and all the extra. I have about 80 individual physical carts and often prefer play the original releases, I am fine with lose carts. Most of my original box sit empty on the shelf. I do already have a Mateos flash cart for items that don't have physical released and a AgaCart. The new LynxGD sounds really cool, the loading times were a big reason why I hadn't purchased the cart in the past.
  12. haightc

    Broken Suzy?

    I have a few that have been kacked due zener diode failures. I was debating which one tow fix originally I took some chips off for the intent of pursing a lynx FPGA project, but I may just wait to so how the Analogue pocket implentation is but I seems like it's very early days on that core.
  13. It was great to meet you @karri I think you could have still charged more. I am surprised you sold so few, I think it might have because you weren't on the main floor. The Lynx MarkSpace area just had a bunch of terrible emulation machines atleast you had your real lynx there! Those android tables really ruin the lynx experience. @Songbird I had all the lynx titles you had on sale, in fact the copy of fat bobby I picked up from you I already had :whoops:
  14. PRGE is usually really awesome, this is just making even better! My bank account will likely hate me afterwards!
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