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  1. -looks at pile of dead lynx motherboard- The OP is not alarmist to many lynx's have been killed from over volt. You are likely safer if you are using rechargable NiMH AA batties as your peak voltage is lower. Replacing the stock zener diodes and mosfet are high recommend, there are a number of thread heads on ways to completely bypass the issue and run at 5v and additional power protection mean. I would guess most lynx owners these days would have already been burned and made those change outs already
  2. I just recieved mine and was able to backup most of my physical library. Does anyone else have this? I tried several of title on the lynx MiSTer core as a quick test and there were several titles that didn't backup correctly.
  3. None of the review I have seen yet had mentioned input lag. I really like the third bubble bobble game, it's probably what I play the most on my real f3 board. From clips it looks like it runs pretty well, it's pretty much unplayable on all my emulation handhelds and my at games legend. I did already pre-order one from stictly limited, looks like it's already been hacked and is essentially the same hardware as the Sega mini arcades.
  4. Upgrading my ram to 2933 ram and setting the clock speed appropriately I was able to get a playable frame rate though the whole at 720p ultra settings. Make me wish now I would have splurge the extra $60 for 3200 ram now
  5. I add in regard to usb enclosure make sure you drive uses 1A or less or is powerd. NVME m.2 for me got slower speed and laptop 2.5" disc... the lowest powered sata 2.5" got me close to the max USB 3.1 speed with is still slower than sata but fast enough for this little PC
  6. I am playing forgotten memories right now, like the little bird half way though the game start to play like a slide show at the default settings. I have to drop it down to 720p and low for those levels to be at all playable.
  7. I would like one.... If I could get and extra joystick that would great for tagging on for twin stick games that would be awesome
  8. I would work with the card sent with my pheonix, it worked with a much older regular SD card I had around. I appears the cores shipped with this are newer than what is on the website
  9. same here... I emailed tem last week no response yet, I'll try the face book groups next
  10. I really like the AVS, I think it looks great and if you are going to go out to a modern flatpanel and use NES style catridges it would be the way to go. Also the option to play original famicom games that option is there however the AVS looks super akward, so you are better off using an everdrive there. If you are think about NESRGB and have an original NES toaster, you'll need to then get a blinking light win fix likely, also enable expansion audio... NES to famicom adapters are also pretty janky if you want to play import games. I personally play NES carts on my AVS and use an RGB modded twin famicom, both have everdrives to supplement their physical carts/disks. If you just want to play roms MiSTer is really the way to go though.
  11. Firelancer is a vertical shmup, I liked it more than Judgement silversword... it 's recent homebrew. One thing to keep in mind about the wonderswan flash cart not all game work and not all work conistenstantly acrost all models. You'll want to check the compatibility list and read the instructions before using the software as it can bork things if you should the wrong option. Rainbow Island which which is fun vertical game work on my regular wonderswan using the flash card but crashed when using it in the SwanCrystal. There is a mehaman game that is pretty good and most of final fantasy games have atleast partial translations. You can mod you system with backlight kit, the whole screen swap is way to expensive and kills the battery life.
  12. I would love one of these carts, fully loaded if possible. If color choice is avaliable I'll take orange.... really this thing looks amazing and I take it whatever form it comes in
  13. Very interesting.... I have a stack over motherboards I need to go through that I need to test the Mikey & Suzy on, I was planning on using the failed ones for decapping as part of a chip replacement project. I was wondering if anyone had any additional information on the lynx tv dock other than the adverts back in the day, like how far a long it was a details of second processor?
  14. how much height could you save by permanently mating the XM, is there ever a reason you could want to remove it?
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