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  1. Also a big fan of 4D Boxing. Other titles that I've enjoyed are Activision's Boxing on the 2600, Greatest Heavyweights on Sega Genesis and Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road to Glory on PS2.
  2. I would definitely recommend Galloping Ghost. I mean, if you're in the Chicago area or passing through and enjoy classic arcade games, do yourself a favor and check it out. In my opinion, it is a sight to behold. Yes, there are A LOT of machines crammed in there, so it can be pretty cramped. From my experience, the best time to go is during a weekday afternoon, while school is in session. It can be very dead. Late afternoon and evening, it tends to get pretty crowded. Some aisles are difficult to navigate because of close quarters and too many people. A weekday afternoon during the summer probably wouldn't be too bad. But I would probably avoid going on the weekend. The amount of people might ruin the experience of just being able to walk up and pretty much play whatever you want. Nothing against the Underground Retrocade. It's a cool classic gaming arcade, as well. It's roomier, for sure. And they have more pinball machines. I haven't been there for a while, but on my last visit, they had close to 10 pinball machines. Galloping Ghost only had 3 or 4 on my last visit in May. They're both fun places well worth a visit. But if I'm going to recommend one, it would be Galloping Ghost. The amount of games just makes it so impressive. Check out their website for a list of games.
  3. Anyone have any extra empty original XBOX game cases? They don't have to be in mint condition, but pretty nice for shelf display. The plastic covers not all scuffed up and ruined and not smelling of smoke, please. 15-20 would be great. Or if you don't have any but know where I could get some, that would be helpful, too. I do check thrift stores and look for clearance games at stores locally that I can just grab nice cases from.
  4. They're your videos. Say what you want to say. I happen to always really enjoy them. If RJ doesn't appreciate the dialog choices that you make, then RJ doesn't have to watch. I'm all for a solid critique, but the lack of any elaboration makes RJ's comment sound petty. Keep doing what you're doing, Metal Jesus.
  5. Well, some of this does sound interesting. I guess that I'll at least try the demo. Maybe they'll suck me in for one more year...
  6. Huge NFL fan and I've been a Madden apologist for years. But, after buying it and barely touching it the past two years, I finally plan to pass on it for the first time. Big changes? Would you please mention what some of these are? I certainly haven't seen anything very impressive, though admittedly, I have barely looked. Always seems like they do things to change the presentation slightly, rather than focus on improving elements of the gameplay. And when they do tweak the gameplay, new problems arise. I'll probably pick this up sometime when it's dirt cheap. Only in an effort to preserve my streak of Madden for at least one system, from each year, since it's existence.
  7. Nice! Now if they finish up with VII complete? I will be truly satisfied.
  8. Lovecraft would be proud. Maybe.
  9. This is great! I sure do love causing trouble! And all of the Ultima talk is a great read. Sorry Al. Just don't blame me if you can't get anything else done for a while. If it's any consolation, those pics make me really jealous. Nice Ultima collection. Thanks for sharing those.
  10. Ultima VIII sucks donkey balls, I can't believe anyone has given it a favorable review!! ..Al AHA! See, that's what I always thought that I had heard in the past. I'll keep your opinion in mind and take some of these other reviews with a grain of salt.
  11. This might help a little: http://nesguide.com/years/1990/ Wow! I think the best thing about that site is the 8-bit Radio up in the right hand corner. I'm loving that!
  12. Yeah, and why the hell would you re-seal World Tour Soccer 2002? I mean, really? Gotta be a factory screw-up.
  13. Thanks to Al for setting me straight on how Ultima VII is lined-up. And thanks to everyone else for the Ultima talk. Al - that photo of your office is around here somewhere. I recall seeing it before and being impressed. I've been hoping that GOG might release the whole Ultima series like they did with that big Might & Magic pack. Is it slated to be in this new batch of EA/Origin releases? I know Wing Commander 1 & 2 were released recently. And GOG had already released both Ultima Underworld games, of course. How about those? I've always heard good things, but never got around to those, either. I thought that I remembered Ultima VIII not being too highly regarded. However, I checked some reviews online and it is actually getting a lot of praise. Might have to check that one out, as well.
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