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  1. Do you have major league baseball  shrinkwrapped

    1. Keatah


      Shrinkwrap an entire baseball game? That's gonna take a fuckload of plastic!!

    2. mjarnold7


      Sorry I do not..

  2. The amico may have tablet style games but it will also let us play original intellivision games on a modern tv. It will have a better controller then the original intellivision with touch screen for the overlays. They may even be able to get the licenses for games that were not avaliable on the flashback and intellivision lives game.
  3. Next year the intellivision amigo comes out around the same time as the next gen systems. Do you plan on getting the amigo and a next gen system next year. Total cost would be around $700 with out tax. I might just get the amigo and wait while before geting a next gen system.
  4. i would not mind a three dimensional pac land game
  5. the games look great. I would love an Arkanoid game for this?.
  6. Edtris 2600, Halo 2600 , Strat-O-Gems, Zippy and SCSIside.
  7. Space invaders and Asteroids.
  8. I looked for pac man in the Atari age store but don't see the 4k or arcade. What happened?
  9. I would just like to see some video of the games that were shown at E3.
  10. I grew up with it as a kid. I get most of my games from eBay if the prices are to high I just do a saved search and eventully someone will sell the game I want for a low price and I will be notified by email.
  11. Thanks I will definitely have to listen to it.
  12. Are there any games original or homebrew that pushed the limits of the intellivision?
  13. I don't understand why people don't just get a used Real arcade cabinet for $100 or less then just put a computer with mame inside. it would be a lot cheaper then this or the 1up arcades
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