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  1. On 12/15/2016 at 2:01 AM, Schmitzi said:

    Format it with FAT under windows, once, or if in doubt (contents will be lost, of course)

    Then start TI99DIR and say "Initialize CF" from the menu.

    From this point on, ignore all windows-wishes like format a.s.o. ;)


    Then you should be able to copy DSKs/Volumes with the DSK2PC-Tool.

    (ie the CFMGR to vol.1)


    Back to the TI, this should be mounted under TI-Basic first

    /ie CALL MOUNT(1,1)

    Then you can start the CFMGR (normally on Vol.1) via the E/A-Option



    "braindead easy", nice saying :) :)

    What if the "Initialize CF" is grayed out? Can't select it?

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