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  1. This is a fantastic Hack. My only issue is that Stella /PSP2600 recognizes the rom size incorrectly and half teh graphics don't appear. But it's money on the CC2.
  2. MS made the external HD-DVD drive an option (quite smartly), knowing that ultimately one format would prevail, but not really knowing which one. MS will easily just make a Blu-Ray add-on if and when HD-DVD is declared dead in the water. Sony's built-in Blu-Ray was certainly more risky, but it looks like it will ultimately pay off. The last 2 weeks worth of Home Video industry articles keeps pointing more and more to a number of forthcoming announcements at the CES regarding the future of Hi-Def Optical media - and they're all pointing Blu.
  3. http://www.variety.com/article/VR111797772...yId=13&cs=1
  4. 3.71 M33-4 is on Dark Alex's website, with the new multi-disc popsloader. www.dark-alex.org D_A doesn't have anything to do with 3.72 anything. His official latest is still using 3.71 as it's core. It it's not hosted on teh above site, it's not from Dark Alex.
  5. At the rate you're going, Danno, I think the admins are going to keep that promise for you. I know. 4 or 5 people come into this thread and insult me directly, and I'm not allowed to respond in kind.
  6. Funniest part of this nonsensical reply...he's claiming I "fooled" people. Looks like you got fooled, Gunstar. No wonder you're so upset, You're prominently featuring a shit-ton of HD-duds in your collection. Tell you what - lest put a wager on it. I Say Warner OFFICIALLY announces Blu-Ray Exclusivity at CES in January. If they do - you have to put this giant angry screed above in your signature, complete with a link to Warner's Press Release once it's available online, as proof of how wrong you were. If they don't - I'll stop posting here forever. Deal?
  7. My only comment to those of you so sure of HD download services replacing Blu/DVD as the mainstream home video source.... If this were going to be true - wouldn't things like Cable Pay Per View and the current On Demand video download services have already put the DVD disc Market out of business? Of course not. Sure, it will be a viable means of obtaining content, but temperamental hard drives full of potentially erasable/crashable content will never replace good old "in your hand" collections of things like movies and music. They may compete for attention, and level the competitive playing field, but they will never completely replace it.
  8. There are lots of legitimate questions being asked here about the two formats, which I'd love to answer because some people seem to not really understand the differences, etc. But since I'm apparently not allowed to answer here on any thread without moderator approval, it's pretty difficult.
  9. Actually it was you that complained the last time this subject came up. And you did contact the mobs about it. I have proof of that.
  10. Are you going to complain to the mods about me again, since you're here insulting me, AGAIN? Albert, Mitch, whomever else may be reading - ban this douche.
  11. Blu-ray players are manufactured by nearly a dozen Companies, Sony being just one of them. Competition is fierce. Higher prices? Blu-Ray discs are, on average, 15% to 20% cheaper than HD-DVD's, and the price difference between the Base model HD-DVD player and blu-ray now stands at $2.45. Sony's customer service probably does suck. So buy a Panasonic, or a Samsung, or an LG, or a Mitsubishi, or a Harman Kardon, or a Pioneer, etc. Oh yeah - HD-dvd was manufactured by Toshiba, and NO ONE else.
  12. It's a technology story that is completely relevant to Modern Gaming consoles. This is going to affect millions of people. And yes, I'm happy that the format I chose was the one that won. Is there something wrong with that?
  13. The Warner quote in that article is their response from an August news story, not these most recent ones. Paramount denied going exclusive until just days before they made an official announcement. they had to Pull the Blu-Ray's of blades of Glory off of store shelves and out of consumers online orders to comply with the contract they signed.
  14. Unless you have other information, I don't think they have made a definite choice yet. There are just rumors. 15 separate National publications have reported on it, including Business Week and the New York Times. 3 industry insiders on teh forums at blu-ray.com have been issued gag orders at their places of business, including Sony, following the leak by Lions Gate Vice President in the Business Week article. where there's smoke, there's fire.
  15. What's your source on this? I'm curious to read about it. http://news.digitaltrends.com/talkback224.html
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