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  1. I really look forward to this! It will make my Jaguar complete
  2. Eighbit, thanks for the advice, but this isn't a one push-sale. I wrote I was considering selling my FireBee. People who might be interested can then contact me and get whatever info they feel necessary. I understand your concern with fake posting, but leave out the sarcasm and huge animated gifs and just ask for pics or whatever. What you did is just counterproductive and helps nobody. I've posted the same item for sale in several other marketplaces, and this is the only forum where I got this kind of feedback. Geir
  3. And instead of asking for pictures and credentials, you are doing what?? Posting that? You're not getting my Firebee whatever you would pay. I happened to be a member of the Firebee "software team". I did get mine long before it was publicly released. Didn't get around doing much more than making the official background images for the Firebee desktop though. http://firebee.org/fb-bin/page?label=look_and_feel&lng=EN G.Vaelidalo, that's me. Search for it, if you are able. Thanks for ruining my thread with acid reflux. Good work. BTW, the Firebee is reserved by another foreign gentleman at the moment, but I'll post here if he changes his mind. Geir
  4. Hi, I'm thinking about selling my barebone Firebee. Asking price is €400, but I will consider other offers. Geir
  5. This is just fantastic! When can we expect a new version with sound and music? Super Sprint is one of my favorite games. I remember playing two cars at the same time, one with my hands and one with my feets
  6. Please add me too to the preorder list for a cased cart! I'm waiting for an LCD-upgrade too, so with this MultiCard, my Lynx will get a new life
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