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  1. I mean, i still think Final Fight on the SNES is a great game. when i was a kid playing it on the SNES i had no idea that the game even had an arcade version so all i knew was the SNES final fight and i really enjoyed it. I also played final fight 2 & 3 but remember the first final fight the most. That being said I still prefer Final Fight 2 over the other ones but the original final fight seems to get a lot of hate for its SNES port.
  2. now that the game is finally out (after many delays) i am wondering if the game has multiplayer? I didn't really get hyped for the game and and never bought it. I see different responses both from people in the community and the devs themselves on the multiplayer in this game and i have no idea if you can meet friends or random people, if there is no multiplayer then this game is almost worthless TO ME so i want to know before buying it.
  3. do you know if McDonalds or something like Starbucks allows AA? if not than i smell a conspiracy
  4. I actually really enjoy Final Fight for the SNES. Now, i understand the game has MANY flaws compared to the arcade version of the game but when i grew up with a Super Nintendo, i was extremely young and didn't know there was an arcade version of Final Fight so i liked the SNES version for what it was and had a lot of fun with it.
  5. I'm posting this because i am interested in finding some more uncommon games to purchase for the NES or SNES that are really fun to play, i am not a collector so my knowledge of obscure/uncommon games is somewhat limited but i know that there are a lot of good games that i don't even know exist. When i say obscure games i really mean games that you wouldn't really see in a normal persons game collection but are still a lot of fun to play. I am interested to see what kind of games people know about that not a casual retro video game player would know about.
  6. Are the games on that list in any specific order? If they are that would be my main complaint about the list.
  7. Final Fight 2 would be up there with my favorite Super Nintendo games. One of the best Beat em' Ups in my opinion.
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