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  1. You know it works when you see the cart icon on the bottom right spin.
  2. I so want the VS Limited Edition. Wished it was a little cheaper. It looks lovely
  3. With the new firmware released a few days ago when you press down and select on the game your on it saves automatically now. It works great for me. Make sure you save your progress before pressing down and select.
  4. A all in one super console would be awesome. I’d preorder day one. In the mean time wished nt mini was produced again.
  5. As long as it works for while I'll be happy. I only paid £45 for it.
  6. Just bought this one. Read megadrive psu work fine. also 100v to240v http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182263002561?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Castlevania and Kid Icarus are my only disks atm
  7. Just bought Nintendo Disk System, but it needs a UK power supply. Which one?
  8. I haven't noticed much lag. Most lag comes down to how good your TV handles it. Retro Freak is a great little console. By far a better put together console then Retron 5 ever could be. I love retro freak, but I've been playing my RetroUSB AVS nes console more lately. I say if you have a chance to get Retro Freak get it. Being able to dump roms from a cart play directly from a sd card is something that retron 5 should learn from.
  9. I faster sd card helps, but it's still a little slow. Just put on the roms you know you'll play. I put 4000 games at the beginning, but it took to long. Now I have 915 games and only takes 30 sec's. Before it was 20 to 25 mins.
  10. Thanks, It would seem that only when your playing FDS games the option is available the flip games. During other other consoles it wouldn't show. I figured it out. Thanks Now we just need Super CD and Mega CD enabled?
  11. How can you do the option + Start button from the Retro Freak controls on the SCF30 8bitdo controller? I can't seem to flip the FDS? No Option+Start on 8bitdo SFC30 on mapping on Retro Freak??
  12. Received Console today. All working great. Updated to Version 2.0 all went well. Extremely happy with it. Dumped a few games and then copied over 25gb on games and all work amazing. Retro Freak is a amazing little console. Thanks for helping
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