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  1. He's sent me emails and followed me all over the internet looking for 10 year old items that were $40 that somehow I might still have? Even if I did have any of that stuff the prices sure would be a heck of a lot ore.
  2. I don't have any of this stuff from 7 years ago. And lol, look at the prices how low everything I was selling stuff for back then too.
  3. Bumping these back up now that my finances are back in order.
  4. He got a hold of me, I am just not on Atari Age as much. Malagai has been found. He doesn't have a Music Machine box.
  5. Still looking. Supposedly someone bought a Lochjaw for 10K on here CIB and I never heard of this, never got a PM so I don't know what to believe.
  6. If you go into a new car lot or collector place, you have to be prepared to have some type of "idea" without making yourself look silly. Hence the $500 people wanting pinballs all the time. You can't go into Toyota and expect to buy a car for $3000. You have to do your due diligence on that. Completely on the buyer. Having them play "I didn't know" is not even an excuse. I always tell people that the prices of pinballs is wild. The price range helps and I do ask that often, but if your budget is $500-1500 expect a project at the very least or an old machine that may need to be fixed more often just because of the age of the item.
  7. I use best offer on many high dollar auctions that I have (if I have something of high value for sale) and I use the auto decline for a certain amount because, well, to me it is offensive being offered $50 on an item that is wroth $500. I don't even think people are clueless about it. They want something for a deal to resell. You have many people wanting to purchase stuff on eBay to resell in THEIR stores. Happens all the time. Yet these same people making these offers sometimes will flip out and honestly think that the person with said item for sale is really wanting their initial crazy amount, make posts on Facebook or the internet about it, and not see what the big deal is making "joke" offers to try and be funny in said forum. Heck i have seen these people also freak out about "shipping/handling" eBay charges "it is supposed to be included in your starter price" but don't see the point of why a lowball offer would seem offensive. The bottom line is the seller should have an auto decline option for something like this and it would not have happened. I have people come in my arcade that offer me $500 for $5000 pinball machines. We call those people "time wasters." Those aren't people looking for deals and "you can't blame them for trying", it's obvious what they are trying to pull.
  8. Karate by Ultravision? Single Enders of 2600 games? Video Life isn't a real game? Just saying.
  9. Negative. The game was released by Bandai in Europe, North America, and Japan. Only in the US did it change to to World Class Track Meet after Nintendo obtained the North American release rights and repackaged it. World Class Track Meet is the variant. Not this.
  10. The reason my "high priced stuff" has been taken down is because...well, they sold. I have been doing this a very long time with rarity 10 stuff. I don't like selling my things. But if someone makes me a good enough offer, then it will be sold and I can search for it again and help someone else out that may need money by making them a great offer as well. On top of that I have a 4 year old who will need money for college. It all ends up to my kid anyway but all I can say is there are a lot of "private" individuals out there that want things and I am very reputable and when it comes to "authentic" items, people know what they are getting from me. There is no mystery to that. With that all being said I am not going to reveal what that sold for and a handful of other things but I can honestly tell you that when you say "no one will pay blah blah" for something when there is no market value for items of 10 rarity that come up it just reeks (with all due respect) of being naive to the situation of value of these items. How many people flip out on Atari stuff that rarely comes up and 5 figures are handed out. Is that ok then? The point is I know what I am doing and the item sold. I don't really have anything high valued up on eBay anymore like that nor will I ever need to anymore at this point since they sold. Also, and just a clarification for Atari Age/Nintendo Age. I recently had an experience with at least 5 members of Atari Age attacking me on the Atari Age Marketplace forum because i put bounties up wanting certain games (boxes) for the 2600 that I am willing to pay high dollar amounts for (and honestly if you know Atari they aren't really that much more than market value "perceived" with someone basically stating I was "bragging" and such and another guy saying I was reseller scum and the Justin Bieber of 2600 stuff. No one sees post of when I sell or not sell stuff or even obtain stuff. I don't have a YouTube channel I don't care about anything other than collecting my stuff. I have never seen so many people follow my threads and then think they know the type of person I have because I collect video game antiquities at times. It's the most middle school petty stuff I have ever witnessed, but the bottom line is you have "elite" Nintendo Age people that treat me with respect but over here I get random people in their 40s chastising me because they think I am bragging over a wanted post by trying to offer x amount for games. I had a wanted post for 8 years and I barely got responses! Finally I put up a bounty post and, well, still nothing. The hypocrisy is insane here as well, it's not limited to Nintendo Age, just seemed to be on the Facebook group for some reason.
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