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  1. Sorry, I missed your post. 😅 I will order from Dragonbox as soon as it will be possible. Thank you. 👍
  2. @SainT Hi, To be clear: will there be any shippings made by you for people on the August 2019 waiting list? Or is this list just canceled and everyone (in Europe) will have to order via Dragonbox or the UK reseller? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Just a little post (as I promised to Simius) to show the result on 2 Atari 5200 consoles (2 and 4 ports). The Mod is very simple because all 5200 have the GTIA on socket and the result is amazing! Thanks Simius
  4. Sam83


    I was also waiting the pre-order thread but there was no announcement in this thread and all 30 carts are already gone! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/279849-avgcart-preorder-thread-i/page-2
  5. Hi, 30 carts....it's not enought! When I see the demand, you could produce at least 50 for the first batch! If you increase the quantity, you can put me in the list too please Thanks. Sam
  6. Sam83


    Hi, I would like an AVGCart too. If you can add me to the pre-order list, please? Thanks. Sam
  7. Hi, I was able to test my SGM on another console (my cousin's Coleco) and it works well. The sound of AY-3-8910A is here but the volume is much lower than the "regular" Coleco sound. Just have to increase the TV volume... So my console must have a problem with the expansion port sound... ...but it doesn't matter because my cousin decided to give me his CV! He had not used it for many years and the console had been sleeping in his box ever since. For the record, it was the first Coleco I played on 35 years ago! The circle is complete! I will now be able to fully enjoy my brand new SGM on my brand old new SECAM RGB ColecoVision! Thank you all for your help and in particular to "Opcode Team" which allows us to live these great moments with our "old machines" Sam P.S. I'm now looking forward to new games like Gradius, Penguin Adventures, DK Arcade...
  8. I did the test today with the audio taken after the resistor but still no SGM sound I will keep you updated as soon as I can test with another console...
  9. Thanks Bmack36 ! I will try tomorrow.
  10. The 2 threads also states that the simplest way to take the sound on PAL/SECAM consoles is the U20 pin 7. I tried but that doesn't solve my problem I should be able to test my SGM on a non-modded french SECAM Scart RGB CV in approximately 10-15 days to finally find out if the problem comes from my console or from my SGM. If you can keep me 1 SGM aside until there, in case mine is defective? Thanks in advance. I'll let you know as soon as I can test. Thanks for your help. Sam
  11. I just did the SGM test and here are the results: When "Testing SGM Sound Chip" - playing C4,E4,G4, All three > I don't have a sound - playing + base sound chip > I have a continuous "beep" a few seconds - let us enjoy SGM music! > I hear the music Indeed, I modded my CV mainboard a couple of years ago but I'm not sure to have the correct line for sound. Unfortunately, I don't have the Expansion Module #1 and no other CV console at home ! But I just searched on the Internet, and a few A/V Mod tutorials on PAL/SECAM CV use U20 Pin 7 for sound. I will try this tomorrow and I will keep you informed of the result. Thanks for your help.
  12. Sam83


  13. Hi, I just received my SGM but I have a problem The SGM is well recognized in all dedicated games. All works fine except I do not have any sound in SGM games ! The sound was and is still there in all the other Coleco games. I tried with my PixelBoy "Knightmare" cartridge and with different roms on my Atarimax Ultimate SD. The only 2 games that have sound are "Buck Rogers SGM" and "Zaxxon SGM" but I guess they do not use the AY-3-8910A... I tried to change the point where I take the audio on the motherboard but the problem is still there Thanks in advance for your help. Sam My config : French SECAM Colecovision with F18A Video Board
  14. Hi, Thanks for pointing me the answers to my questions. I must admit that I was a little bit lazy and did not have the courage to read the 38 pages of the thread. If you have Sophia boards available, I would like to buy one. You can PM me. Thanks
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