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  1. Yes, I'm in the U.S. (Florida, actually).
  2. I have a pre-release/prototype Bedlam cartridge that I'd like to rip/dump. If someone has an MVBD ROM downloader and would like to sell it - or lease it to me (use it, send it back) please let me know. Thanks
  3. Haven't heard anything back yet, wondering if he's still active. If anyone has an MVBD available for sale (or lease - to rip this single game), please let me know.
  4. Thanks all for the info. I don't have the skills to build my own but have sent Mateos an email to see if I can buy one from him. Thanks
  5. Is there a Vectrex ROM ripper/downloader? I have a Bedlam EEPROM prototype and would like to download the ROMs. Thanks
  6. I am digging out some of the rare stuff in my collection (after 20+ years of storage) and wondering what the value on some of them are... Specifically, here's an Atari 1200 prototype unit. I haven't tried to turn it on, but it worked years ago when I last powered it up. I have a couple of 8-bit prototypes, 5200 prototypes, and quite a few 2600 prototypes I'll be asking about soon, too! Thanks for your help...
  7. Looks like I just missed the run! Count me in if someone decides to make another run (qty. 1, shipping to FL/USA). Thanks
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