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  1. 39 and counting. My first home console was an Intellivision 2 that I still have.
  2. But it was not the end. Strange that I even left that question mark as a joke. In addition to fulfilling my order, they've also refunded my money. That's pretty awesome.
  3. The final chapter... I just received the 2 controllers I ordered in October 2016. I know what has happened in between time (RIP Keith) so I'm not here to say anything disrespectful. I got an email a few weeks ago apologizing and asking whether I still wanted the items I ordered. I responded yes, and now they're here, and I am grateful that somebody took the time to do this. I certainly wouldn't have gone too far to recoup the $30 I figured was long gone. So just know that if you never received something, you may be able to make an appeal at this time. THE END... ?
  4. Resurrecting this thread to say that I never received any response from Inty Lives nor any merchandise, even after PMing Nurmix. Kinda forgot about it since it's been months ago at this point. Not going to flame them because it won't do any good and I know some have apparently had reasonable dealings with them, but Buyer Beware.
  5. Eh boy, I don't like the sound of that. OK, thanks guys.
  6. Guys I ordered two Flashback controllers from the Intellivision Lives webstore last month and haven't received them or any shipping/tracking info. My bank statement says I was indeed charged for the order. I emailed their "[email protected]" address and got no response. Over a week later I emailed their personal addresses listed under Contact Us. All I wrote was what I wrote here describing the situation and asking for an update. Anybody know, is this typical, or is there something going on with them right now?
  7. 01. Night Stalker 02. Burgertime 03. Tron Deadly Discs 04. Beauty and the Beast 05. Astrosmash 06. Triple Action 07. Lock n Chase 08. Hover Force 09. Ms Pacman 10. AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin Top 5 are pretty much set in stone, others rotate in and out. OK, top 6 are set in stone, Triple Action is too much fun. AND.. if somebody's really bored, it would be fun to compile these and see the overall forum's top ten.
  8. Wasn't MANSLAP one of those Mystique games for Atari? If not, it would be a great homebrew title. Who knows, maybe there's a prototype floating around out there. When I first found this board, I thought, man, these guys are always fighting and appear to hate each other... and then I kept reading and realized that it's actually one big dysfunctional family, at which point I signed up. To each their own.
  9. Wanted to point out that when I say I want to use it on "Raspberry Pi", I'm talking specifically about playing on the JZINTV emulator as part of the RetroPie package. You guys probably assumed that, but if not, now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe.
  10. Wow, very cool! And funny because I've recently been wondering if anyone had ever attempted to stuff some circuitry into the space behind the controller. In my case, I was wondering whether it would be possible to make a Bluetooth controller to use with my Raspberry Pi. I found this little BT transmitter along with tutorials on how to use it to convert a wired controller to BT, but quickly realized that the Intv controller would not be quite so easy because, well, it's an Intv controller. I have no experience creating electronics beyond hobby projects, so my thought experiment ended there. Saw this post and thought I'd throw it into the mix. Bluefruit EZ-Key - 12 Input Bluetooth HID Keyboard Controller: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1535
  11. A really cool game to port would be something called L'Abbaye des Morts by an indie developer called Locomalito. He's created a number of freeware games over the years, and one of them is now coming to current gen systems. Anyway, the game I mentioned is a C64 game, ported to many other platforms, including Android (Titled "The Abbey of Death"), all free. Check it out if you're interested. Great story behind it, too. L'Abbaye des Morts
  12. Perfect, thanks. I figured there would be, but I couldn't find it.. cutting power to a computer (which the Raspberry Pi is) without letting it do it's proper shutdown can corrupt files, screw up any process that was running. It's better to be safe than sorry. Actually I have a Pi with Emulation Station on it, and until you mentioned this I didn't realize the machine could be shut down from within the GUI. I've been exiting to the terminal to run "sudo shutdown" when finished. I'm not using Intv controllers on it, but you still access the same main menu. Ha.
  13. Right on. I took a crash course on YouTube. Problem would be no load condition, didn't realize that part. I was just excited to find out I could measure anything, thanks for your help. Yep, old one is working now, so problem solved! Thanks, all.
  14. Question, sorry if it's been asked, I have been searching for the answer... what's the power down sequence for this Ultimate setup, does it by some means run the proper "shutdown" command on the Pi before cutting the power?
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