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  1. I was wondering about the box because I just bought another one which was listed as the same thing(killer instinct bundle) but with a different box.
  2. I recently got this on ebay and it just arrived. of course the post office played soccer or something with it and it recieved a bit of damage. nothing real "major" but a few of the corners are a bit crunched up. is this box really rare or were they pretty common? I never got into the SNES when it first came out so I have no idea. another thing, were there different variations of this box by chance?
  3. if anyone has any AES carts they want to sell please let me know. I am mainly just looking for cheaper games just to play not to collect.
  4. thanks for the reply. I just missed out on a boxed SNES last night for 30.00 BIN. as I went through the steps to buy it the item ended. I was bummed.
  5. what should I expect to pay? SNES boxed - (found one. no longer need) Neo Geo boxed - (found AES. still looking for CD version) Sega CD boxed Sega 32X boxed Sega Master System boxed Turbo Grafx 16 boxed - (found one. no longer need) anyone looking to get rid of any of the above?
  6. sorry I haven't been back in a few days. I ran into a small money pit when my car died and needed a new waterpaump. 500.00 later here I am(stupid dodge intrepid). I'm going to have yo wait for atleast a week before I buy anything now. if you guys recieve another offer please take it. if not, I'll be back in a week. sorry.
  7. I have been trying to find a really nice non beat up boxed NES system. if anyone is looking to get rid of theirs or knows where I can get one please let me know. I have been watching ebay too. I saw one yesterday but someone beat me to it by under a minute. I can pay by paypal if this makes any difference.
  8. I just got one a few minutes ago. opened it out of curiousity and noticed the spoof(hover the mouse pointer over the url to reveal the real address) and then deleted it.
  9. does anyone know of any deals where I can pick up an HDD? I would love to be able to get away from the memory cards and just save to the drive like I do with my x-box.
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