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  1. Ah thanks guys, that sounds like the one Ross did. I wasn't sure if it was something else. Nice to have a hard copy so I ordered one.
  2. Hi, Can someone with PRO© Atari Issue 8 tell me what the interview about me is like? I didn't realize it was there. Of course I will order the paper version from their website, but they don't seem to do a PDF option and was curious. Cheers Chris
  3. These days (well 20 years now) working on network security at Cisco. Fun in a different way...
  4. I'm down in Barton le Clay, Bedfordshire, so sounds nearby.
  5. @Ely: I'm in Bedfordshire, and by looks so are you !! @ other guys - thanks for tips, I need to get up to speed on getting an environment set up. Been mulling over doing some new screens for Henry's House for a while plus making Mirax force a bit easier not to DIE lol. Continually amazes me the activity of forums like this and the hats-off to the guys who created the emulators. C
  6. I have a box in my loft with my old assembler source code for my games.. I'm intrigued if they will still read (they are over 30 years old but been kept pretty well). What's the easiest way to get a 5.25" floppy reader and assembler env these days?
  7. Hi guys I never saw this in 100s of times playing/developing the game but all Ataris in the UK were for PAL TV system, and run at 50Hz vsync. Yes, I used a lot of interrupts and put a lot of code in interrupts - on purpose to increase colours (sic) and keep gameplay smooth ironically. Does sounds like shorter interrupt time on NTSC systems isn't sufficient. Back in the 80s, not many people in the UK knew what NTSC was, let alone had access to an NTSC Atari 8-bit. Can you set Altirra to run at 50Hz/PAL instead and see if the bug goes away? Gonna download Alitrra now... Chris Murray
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