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  1. It was really like this: "Has Sound*" *does not have sound
  2. I posted this in the old thread, but I don't know if anyone saw it. Or they saw it and did not care Here it is again, just for good measure: -Norby
  3. LOLwut? Are we still worrying about this? All shall be revealed: -Billy
  4. I like it mchenry. I found this though: http://www.geekfridge.com/images/MoltenCoreCartridge2600.jpg I wish they would get it straight. Is this black label or red label game? The world needs to know. -Billy
  5. Quick technical analysis: The splash screen seems to have been done using a standard 6-sprite-wide technique with color changes between each item. Looks ok, but it must take up a ton of ROM. This must be a bankswitched game. Also, the flames under "Molten Core" kind of look like a dead chicken with 6 legs. I think Sulfuras, the Hand of Ragnaros is at least recognizable on the bottom there. Playfield from top to bottom: Names: Looks like the sprites were put into x2 mode, positioned next to one another and then updated during the scan lines to draw the names. The fade effect from top to bottom is decent. Stat Bars: Looks like it uses the same setup as the the names, as they are suspiciously the same width as the name. Again, a fade effect with different base colors Big Gold Bar: Not sure what that monstrosity is about. Could be used to hide artifacts from the sprite repositioning, and an attempt to make it look nice during a bunch of burned scan lines. Playfield: Clearly using a mirrored playfield. If you look closely at the screenshots, you can see that the center playfield part (PF2) is the same on the left and right. This probably makes it so you don't have to updated PF2 twice during the scan line and gives you a little more time to work out if the players and/or monster is enabled. It should also save memory. These rooms must be memory hogs as well. Players: Must be using the ball graphics. Monsters: Using one of the sprite graphics, note it is the same color as one of the ball/player graphic. This means you could easily add pairs of monsters. Shouldn't the Majordomo and Garr have minions? XP/Rep bars: Looks like playfield graphics with overlaid sprites the same color as the background to give it a separated appearance. Flame Graphics: Don't know how those were done, really nice looking animations though, it must be hella-flickery on a real machine, though appropriate for gflames. Bears: Wow, 7 bears, with graphics in a different color appearing over them to indicate aggro. Must be really flickery as well on a real machine. Looks like there is a playable game in there. I wonder how far along the game logic really is. Can't wait to see the Beta. -Billy
  6. Updated Intellivision List and added price to consoles, and added a couple more Intellivision carts.
  7. Updated the list. Down to a few C64 cartridges and the Intellivsion stuff. -Billy
  8. All shipping will be actual cost. Paypal and Money Orders only. PM me! I'll take offers on multiple items. Let me know if anything looks way out of line pricing wise. -Thanks, Billy Odyssey 2 - I really want to sell the Odyssey Complete, $45 obo Console, tested, works, w/powersupply Loose Cartridges Attack of the Timelords Blockout/Breakdown BaseBall Computer Golf Dynasty/Directional Dynasty Electronic Table Soccer Nimble Numbers Ned Out of this World/Helicopter Rescue Pick Axe Pete Pocket Billiards Sid the Spellbinder Speedway/Spin-out/Crypto-Logic (x2) Thunderball (x2) UFO Volleyball [*]Boxed (all the boxes are in very nice shape) Speedway/Spin-out/Crypto-Logic (x2) (w/instructions) Invaders from Hyperspace (w/Instr) Football (w/Instr) Baseball (w/Instr) K.C. Munchkin (w/Instr) Math-a-Magic/Echo (w/Instr)[/indent] Intellivision Console, Gold, tested works, no RF cable - $15 Console, tested works,INTV III (silver), w/RF cable and RF box and manual -$20 Voice Module, tested works - $8 Loose Cartridges - $2 each Armor Battle w/overlays, w/instructions Auto Racing w/overlays, w/instructions Boxing Frog Bog w/overlays, w/instructions LAs Vegas Poker & Black Jack w/ 1 overlay NASL Soccer w/overlays, w/instructions NFL Footbal NBA Basketball 1 overlay Space Hawk w/overlays, w/instructions Space Battle, w/overlays Snafu w/overlays, w/instructions Star Strike w/overlays, w/intsr Tron Maze-a-thon w/overlays, w/instructions Word Fun w/overlays, w/instructions World Championship Baseball no overlays, w/instructions [*]Boxes (Boxes contain overlays and instructions unless noted), (Boxes are in fair shape in general) $3 each except Stampede Atlantis Baseball B17 Bowling Boxing Donkey Kong (x2) (no overlays) Horse Racing NFL Football Pitfall (Ratty box, no instr or overlay) Poker and BlackJack Star Strike Space Battle Stampede (box in good shape) $8 Tennis Triple Action Commodore 64 These are untested as I do not have the system Loose Cartridges Centipede $1 Congo Bongo $1 Donkey Kong $1 International Soccer $1 Jupiter Lander $1 Music Composer $1 Music Machine $1 Omega Race $1 Pac Man $3 Pipes $15 Radar Rat Race $1 Save New York $1 Sea Wolf $1 Speed/Bingo Math $1 Super Smash $5 ColecoVision These are untested as I do not have the system Loose Cartridges Cosmic Avenger $2 Atari Home Systems These are untested as I do not have the system Loose Cartridges ($1 each) Basic CXL4002 Bug Hunt (XE) DOnkey Kong RX8031 Jumpman Junior Qix CXL4006 Super Breakout CXL4006 Q-Bert
  9. I put the 2003 cart up there just to torture you I guess I missed the 2004 cart somehow. -Billy
  10. Now that I look at it, it is a Taiwan Sixer, thought I had taken it apart and saw the big aluminum shield, but I could be mistaken. -Billy
  11. A Sunnyvale heavy-sixer: S.N. 73643F A Sears heavy-sixer: 82074216 True story: My mother sent me the Atari heavy-sixer from a garage sale or some such. It came with a nice original joystick and Combat and Video Olympics in the original gate fold boxes, along with all the cords, all in really nice condition. When I called her to thank her for it I told her it was great, the only way it could have been better if it had been in the original box. She then told me she had thrown away the original box to pack it in something smaller.
  12. Tree Hugger is kind of on hold, unless some other homebrew authors want to help me out with some of the screens. "Pave the Greenbelt" is about 50%, "Whale Sport" stands at about 20%, "Spotted Owl Hunting" and "Oil Spill" are really just vaporware. And besides, I really want to do a port to the Atari 2600 of the TI/99 Parsec next. Billy
  13. A slightly beautified version of the select screen. (also spelled "missiles" correctly) -Billy
  14. I like to think of it as a super set of the original game. -Billy
  15. Since Albert has blown the lid off of "The Worm (Re)Turns," I thought I'd share a few screen shots and tell you all what is going to be new and exciting. The new Title Screen is not sooo exciting but attached for your viewing pleasure. The select screen captures shows off my fancy new select screen. You can see all the original options and several new ones: Tank Mode - In this mode, the snakes no longer grow continuosly. You move the snake and leave a trail behind you. Solid Arena Mode - The starting arena cannot be destroyed by the cannon Unbreakable Mode - Nothing can be destroyed by the cannons. In this mode, the only thing the cannon can hurt is your opponent! First To: - Tony Morse once said something to the effect of "Who wants to play best of 198?" This feature lets you chose the ending score, and bring "full" games down to a playable time Sudden Death Mode - This feature changes the winning condition to be that you must beat your opponent by at least 2 points. Select Game/Random Game - Selecting Random game changes most of the game options to be selected randomly before each round. This provides a new challenge every round. As a side note, the game is now an 8K bankswitched game. The select screen is extremely abusive of ROM, but I think an extra 4K of ROM stopped being expensive sometime early last year. I am still working on the game updates themselves. I am going skiing next week, so it will be a few more weeks until I have a beta out for testing. Hold on to your hats, and Baroque Gaming may have its second title (sort of) soon, after nearly 3 years! Thanks to Nathan Strum who produced such an awesome label, I have no choice but to finish the game. -Billy
  16. Ooops! Do to the complexities of cutting and pasting from the AtariAge Rarity lists and the vaguaries of converting that to excel format, the 10s became 1s! or, I was fishing for suckers You decide. Cheers. Billy
  17. Filling out a bunch of lingering holes in my collection. Want to buy: Atari Text Label: 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Adventure Backgammon Brain Games Game of Concentration Hangman Star Ship Superman Video Chess Atari Picture Label: Basic Programming Canyon Bomber Codebreaker Flag Capture (not really common!) Fun With Numbers Game of Concentration Golf Othello Othello Video Checkers Atari Silver Label: Space Invaders Asteroids RealSports Soccer Atari Red Label: Space Invaders Super Baseball Super Football Donkey Kong Mouse Trap Q*bert RealSports Boxing All these (except for Flag Capture) are 3's or less. I would like to pay $1-$4 (or so) + reasonable shipping depending on cart and condition. My rather pathetic list of trades: (all have good labels, unless noted) Blueprint Gorf Racquetball Summer Games (Actiplaque, ask for picture if concerned) Worm War I - Actiplaque Fast Food (square case) Donkey Kong Jr. - Coleco Towering Inferno Also, Working 6-switch (Taiwan made) with PS, TV adapter, 2 joysticks, paddles PM with offers/questions. Thanks! Billy
  18. Since early 2002, Warring Worms has sold about 140 standard versions. 50 or so Midwest classic versions. Oh, and one "Tim Strauss Edition": http://www.baroquegaming.com/downloads.htm I highly suspect I have thoroughly saturated the Warring Worms market, as I think AtariAge has only sold 10 or so in the last year. Regards, Billy
  19. - Yes, atari 7800s will play 99% of atari 2600 games. - If you have and eprom programmer and eraser you can burn them as many times as you would like. Though you would need a socketed cartridge. - The cheapest way to run homemade stuff on a real system is a Supercharger (Maybe $20-$30?) -Billy
  20. Hope you didn't pay too much, because B&C has unopened CX-80s for $9.95. I picked up two at a CGE 2K2 for $5/piece. http://www.myatari.com/bc2600.txt -Billy
  21. Well, I can't come early, but it would be great to get together with some of the Atari locals on a weekend. If you want, send your phone number, and I will call the first week I am there and we can make some plans. Do you want me to bring you anything Atari-related from the US? I do live in the same town as Albert & Alex, and you might save a bit on shipping... I would also love to come home with a box full of German & European commons, so if you have some extra stuff lying around, I'd be happy to pay a fair price for them! Billy
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