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  1. RevEng has answered this privately. It looks as though it should work fine 🙂
  2. Hi guys, Will code written in 7800 basic that works on a PAL console, work ok on an NTSC console? I tested the code on the A7800 emulator in both NTSC and PAL and it works ok but cannot test on real NTSC hardware Also I am using a PAL cart. Will this work ok on an NTSC console with the PAL code? I read that the NTSC console has signing checks whereas the PAL console does not Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I have managed to achieve what I set out to do with the help of RevEng on the coding side of things and CPUWiz on the hardware side of things. I've posted a video in the programming section. Thanks to all that replied!
  4. I wanted to express my thanks to RevEng who has gone out of his way to help me achieve what I set out to do. I did a video of how this worked out
  5. There seems to be a bug somewhere with this As previously said I can see that the Prickle code uses the "set pokeysupport on". and there is a line in the code which says "if !pokeydetected then goto nopokeyfound" The nopokeyfound sub displays text that says it cannot find the Pokey, as you would expect I have tried this on real hardware with no Pokey plugged in, and it says it still finds it at $4000 ??? Surely it should be going to that sub because the random number test should have failed at the if !pokeydetected line?
  6. That's incredibly useful to know. Thank you The Prickle code already uses "set pokeysupport on", so it already does this.
  7. Well that's awesome fella. I won't bugger about with this anymore then :-) I assume I can call the 7800basic version in a similar way using the inline option? Or is there another way to include that detection method in a basic program? What I'm trying to do is test out the random number part of the Pokey, and this code seems to do that, but stick the code at the beginning of the Prickle code
  8. I've used the code here which is in 6502 assembly: http://7800.8bitdev.org/index.php/Detecting_POKEY Now I can compile it in on online 6502 compiler, and it doesn't give me any errors. The modifications I made are below: pokel = $00 pokeh = $01 poked = $03 pbase = $04 PAUDF0 = $0 PAUDC0 = $1 PAUDF1 = $2 PAUDC1 = $3 PAUDF2 = $4 PAUDC2 = $5 PAUDF3 = $6 PAUDC3 = $7 PAUDCTL = $8 PRAND = $A PSKCTL = $F detpl lda #%00010000 sta $470 ldx #1 detplo lda PCHEKL,x sta pokel lda PCHEKH,x sta pokeh jsr chekfp lda poked beq fpchip dex bpl detplo fpchip sta poked rts pchekl .byte $00,$50 pchekh .byte $40,$04 chekfp ldy #$0f lda #$00 sta poked rpregl sta (pbase),y dey bpl rpregl ldy #PAUDCTL sta (pbase),y ldy #PSKCTL sta (pbase),y nop nop nop ldy #PRAND lda (pbase),y cmp #$ff bne npoked ldy #PSKCTL lda #3 sta (pbase),y ldy #PAUDCTL lda #0 sta (pbase),y nop nop nop ldy #PRAND lda (pbase),y cmp #$ff beq chekpm rts chekpm lda (pbase),y cmp #$ff beq npoked rts npoked dec poked rts Now I'm trying to add this into the Prickle 7800 basic progam using an inline command, I get the following error: C:\7800basic.0.5beta20170212\prickle>c:\7800basic.0.5beta20170212\7800bas.bat "prickle - Copy.bas" 7800basic 0.4 Feb 12 2017 22:54:38 *** (): INFO, GFX Block #0 starts @ $E000 arcadealmostascii *** (): INFO, GFX block #0 has 1064 bytes left (133 x 8 bytes) 7800basic compilation complete. User-defined 7800.asm found in current directory --- Unresolved Symbol List PCHEKL 0000 ???? (R ) PCHEKH 0000 ???? (R ) ROM8k 0000 ???? (R ) 0.topscreenroutine 0000 ???? (R ) 12284 bytes of ROM space left in the main area. pokeysound assembly: 303 bytes $1880 to $1fff used as zone memory, allowing 12 display objects per zone. 2074 bytes left in the 7800basic reserved area. Fatal assembly error: Source is not resolvable. Cartridge data file must be at least 4K! 7800header 0.7 Feb 12 2017 22:54:39 *** WARNING: The file size of C:\7800basic.0.5beta20170212\prickle\prickle - Copy.bas.bin isn't correct. opened parameter file a78info.cfg Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong please?
  9. Yes I intend connecting pins 8-15 to a resistor array and dip switch so I can test the pot inputs, but I would need to see some status change on the 7800 side, so was wondering if it would be possible to code something to see what the output of those pins were - either 1 or 0 on screen, if that makes sense? Is there any sample .bas code for using the prandom function of the pokey
  10. Hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me because I am stuck? I am using Prickle to test out Pokey chips in a 7800. Whilst this is great at testing the 4 audio channels it sadly doesn't test the pseudo random number generator or any of the input pins on the chip (pins 8-15) As the source code is available for Prickle I was hoping to add some code to it to add these features, and that's where I am getting stuck I have never programmed in 7800 basic, but as far as I can tell you can use the "prandom" pokey command but I just don't know how. If I could use the prandom command and output the first five numbers from it and display on screen, it would prove if the prandom generator is actually random or not, which I think would be a great test? Also I had a thought about testing the input pins at pins 8-15, but again I would need some code to display a 1 or 0 being the current state of that pin of the chip on screen Any input would be welcome
  11. Sorted, thanks guys, Installed LS04, and removed wire link @ W3
  12. Ok so from looking at the schematics it seems to me that I populate the LS04 @ U2 W3 bypasses the hex inverter if I join 1-2 so I don't want to do that so remove 1-2 @ W3 W2 joins pin 27 @ U1 (A14) to A14 or R/W - It needs to be A14 as it is a rom address line so join 1-2 W3 joins pin 1 (A15) to either +5 or A14. I'm not programming the chip so no need for +5 connection. Also do I need to connect A15 to A14? Don't think so. So both not connected Sound about right?
  13. Interesting....So without the 04 the rom cannot get enabled So bridge W2? What about W3 or W1?
  14. Ah I didn't know this. Is there any specific info so I can give this a go? The 7404 is obvious but not the jumper
  15. Sadly I cannot get this to work. I must be doing something wrong? What I've done is 1) Removed the pokey and fitted a socket to allow other pokeys to be fitted. 2) Removed the Ballblazer game rom and fitted a socket so I can fit other roms 3) I burnt Prickle to a 27256 eprom, put it in the rom socket and it doesn't boot 4) I burnt RMT demo to a 27128 eprom, put it in the rom socket and it doesn't boot 5) I burnt Pokey Sample Test to a 27256 eprom, put it in the rom socket and it doesn't boot 6) If I refit the Ballblaxer rom the game boots fine
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