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    Atari 65XE Najm and Atari 130XE. My specific interest is finding the aDawliah Arabic programs made for Najm in 80s :)

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  1. I opened my Instagram account 2 months late only to find these amazing aDawliah cartridges had been sold. I am only sharing this photo; otherwise I do not have these catridges myself. If you purchased these, please share the bin files! 1) Labība was-Sanāfir لبيبة والسنافر Labiba and the Smurfs, which is already on this forum 2) as-Sayyād الصياد The Hunter 3) al-Manjanīq المنجنيق The Catapult 4) al-Qāmūs القاموس The Dictionary, already on this forum 5) Ikhtabir Thaka'ak اختبر ذكاءك Test Your Intelligence, already on this forum 6) Kayfa Ya'malul Computer كيف يعمل الكمبيوتر How Does The Computer Work, already on this forum 7) Hisāb ul-Fadhā' حساب الفضاء The Computations of Space 8 ) al-Mu'allim fin-Nahw المعلم في النحو The Teacher of Grammar 9) al-Ahruf ul-Hijā'iyyah الأحرف الهجائية The Alphabets 10) Ashkāl wa Misāhāt أشكال ومساحات Shapes and Areas
  2. I found an photo image of one more cartridge by aDawliah on Instagram: الصيّاد al-Sayyād or The Hunter. Reaching out to the Instagram account owner in hope that they still have the cartridge, they mentioned to me that both this one and the other cartridge: الكلمة الخفية were both sold to a customer in Canada. If this customer is you, please share a bin image of these cartridges 🤗
  3. Yes @slx! Preserving Arabic software for Atari has been a long endeavor that is not yet finished! The company that was pioneering publishing Arabic software was aDawliah, which suprisingly still lives, but changed its product line. As for the Arabic numbers, depends on which ROM version you have; if it is Version 1 you can change the numbers from BASIC by POKE 756, 204. However, if it Version 2, then you can do that, but you also can hit Shift + Help. This thread has a lot of contributions from many of us at AA:
  4. Close to three years later, I was finally able to find a picture of the Najm Atari 65XE box, off a post on eBay. Here it is for the curious ones such as myself. Enjoy!
  5. I doubt. The creator of these devices stopped responding to the order thread since 2016. If you find any, it is someone from AtariAge who wants to sell their own.
  6. Purchased one. This thread can be closed.
  7. Apologies in responding to a thread from 2011, but I was searching for MEMTEST.COM with an English interface (instead of the one shown here). It was used here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8M3wbwAzlQ&feature=youtu.be&t=189 Does any one have this software? Thank you.
  8. Hello. I read post #6 in this thread, but I am not sure how to apply the information to this special case: I have an Atari 65XE and would specifically want to boot the DOS 2.5 with Ramdisk, will this cartridge enable this?
  9. If any one has an extra one for sale, please let me know. Thank you.
  10. Does any one have one of these up for sale? I am interested in buying it to augment my Atari 65XE Najm (with Expansion slot) memory capacity. Thank you. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/232856-ram320xe576-order-thread/
  11. Short answer: The data connector ribbon from the board to the drive rear is too short. Long answer: I used to own two drives: one is the Chinon mech drive (it used to support the PAL system) and the other was a Mitsui mech drive. I bought the Mitsui drive from eBay and it supported the NTSC system (there is an IC somewhere on the board). My Atari 65XE uses PAL. Therefore upon connecting both, a sync issue prevents communication. So, what I did was I swapped the drives to now have the Mitsui drive work on PAL (I did not have an IC copier). As a result of the PCB layout, the Mitsui drive ended up with a longer data connector ribbon, which still worked fine. However, the Chinon drive now has an issue: the connector is too short to reach from the PCB to the drive rear. It has to do with where Atari placed the connector on the PCB. If you end up buying this drive, you will need a longer data ribbon. However, the problem here is that Atari punctured this ribbon to fit into the pins on the PCB and secured it with a plastic lever. Dealing with this is something beyond my skillset, and thus I decided not to mess with the drive and sell it as is. If you decide to buy this drive, you would need to buy a longer ribbon, know exactly where to puncture it (unless you create an extension ribbon), and then unless your Atari device is NTSC based, you will need that PAL firmware flashed on the IC. I hope this helps.
  12. Hello, I am selling my XF551 as is on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254330677629 The drive comes with a functional SIO cable, but no power supply. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  13. Thanks Geister. It is not Kyan Pascal either . I downloaded it from the AtariWiki and tested it.
  14. Hello, One of the many floppy disks that I had in the 80's and 90's had a pair of .PAS and .PCD files which I had written as my first steps to learning programming. I was unable to find any Pascal compiler in my diskettes and so I am guessing it was one of the very unlucky diskettes that got damaged/lost. One thing I am very certain of is that my Pascal diskette was a "flippy" diskette and that the compiler required me to flip the disk upside down after being invoked. Can someone please let me know which software was likely to have generated this .PCD file from the .PAS file? I tried Atari Pascal 1.0 and it seems to only generate .ERL files (not .PCD). Draper Pascal does .PCD, but the content of that PCD vs the ones I have for the same .PAS source is not identical. Further, Draper Pascal did not require me to flip the diskette. I also tried CLSN, and I am sure it is not that either (there is some syntax inconsistency such as for the ';' in the statement prior to END). Any help or suggestions please? The file attached is DOS 2.5 bootable and has two pairs of files. Thanks! MyDiskette_Pascal.atr
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