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I've been playing my 'Woody' Atari 2600 off and on ever since my grandma gave it to me for my birthday in 1983. I still have the box, manual and even the carbon copy receipt from Kmart for it. Over the past ten years, I've been gradually adding to the collection of games for it thanks to living near a great game store that has the games at a decent price (except for the really rare ones). 

This console was the only one (besides our Pong console that we got a few years earlier) that my family ever got me as a kid, so I tried to take good care of it. In recent years, I've taken it apart, cleaned it and tuned it thanks to info from this great website, forum and videos from some of the members here. One of the many things I've learned is to pay attention to what version I have when looking for parts for it. Mine has the Revision 13 motherboard in it.  I've had to replace the RF TV/Cable switch and I now mostly play games on it with a Sega Genesis controller (which has really helped me do better in some games), but otherwise, it's the same as it was back then. 

I play a lot of RPGs - both tabletop and video game and am especially good at turn-based ones. On the 2600 though, I mostly play ports of favorite arcade games and sentimental favorites from when I was a kid. The RPGs on this system are just a bit too abstract for me I guess. :) I've made a little progress in Adventure, for example, thanks to videos and walkthroughs, but have yet to beat it. 


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