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  1. It's too bad that Stella, which is a pretty good emulation program that I have sent a couple of donations to over the years, doesn't support 8K games with bankswitching. Or, if it is something to do with Hyperkin's part of the emulator console, I'm surprised that they didn't include that support. I'm glad that Empire Strikes Back works, because it's my favorite Star Wars game on the 2600 as well as one of my favorite Star Wars games of all.
  2. I was recently at one of our local game stores here in Las Vegas and came across a complete in box version of Secret Quest. I have it on the ROMs list for my Retron 77, but it's very cool to find it on cartridge, epecially one that is within my budget. Sometimes, cartridges, especially CIB ones, are too expensive. This one looks like it was never played and was maybe only opened once - and quite carefully at that. Very fun to find such things. Do you guys have Secret Quest? If so, what do you think of it? I find it tricky to figure out, but reading the manual does help. It's certainly one of the last set of games published for the 2600 because of the maroon and black & white packaging. It also tries to push the console to its limits graphically.
  3. My childhood Atari is having problems with bad video now too. I've tried everything to adjust it or fix it, short of replacing parts. My soldering skills are a bit rusty. I need to practice more before daring to try it. In the meantime, I got a Retron 77 which is pretty cool. I love the Ranger controller! It's frankly a huge improvement over the original controllers. One of these days, I'll get brave and try replacing parts in my original 2600.
  4. It's odd that the Empire Strikes Back and Arena games work, but the other Star Wars games don't. It's too bad that Pitfall II, Mr Do's Castle and Gyruss don't work. Good thing that you can put a Micro SD card in your computer, download ROMs from sites like Atari Mania and plug it into your Retron 77 to play them anyway. It's too bad that Hyperkin didn't set something like this up for their other consoles. Some of the cartridges of certain NES and SNES games are crazy expensive now. This list is helpful. Thanks! I'll check it before buying more Atari games on cartridge. I have most of them on ROMS now, but it's still fun to stick the cartridges in there for a more 'retro' experience. I also like to get ones I don't already have for the cool box art, manuals etc.
  5. Yes, it seems to play better on the SNES. I don't have a three-button controller for my Genesis 3, but I saw it available for a decent price for the SNES at my local game store, so I got it and traded in my Genesis version rather than buying a three button controller that I hoped wasn't worn out already.
  6. Very cool! I haven't listened to an audio podcast in quite a while. I also haven't posted on this board, or other boards, in a while. In a way, these message boards are kinda better than social media because they aren't bogged down by all the 'features' that most social media sites are burdened with now. I'm glad AtariAge is still around. I'd like to post more often, but there's so many competitors for my time and attention now. I remember Battlezone. It's very difficult for me, but I still love it! When I do manage to destroy even one tank, it feels like a major achievement since the game is so hard. In most games, you are mowing down enemies left and right with relative ease compared to this. But that's how it is on a real battlefield, I'll bet. My cousin was a tank gunner in Desert Storm and he said that it was much more difficult to actually hit your enemy than you might think it would be. Battlezone is probably the most realistic tank sim that I've ever played. Maybe a few have fancier graphics, but this one still really gets you into it. The Atari 2600 version is great compared with the arcade version because it has color graphics rather than just green raster graphics. I get lost in the maze of lines with the raster graphics sometimes, especially when there are objects close to my character's location in the game. Great interview! It's great to hear the stories of these guys as they and their stories are just as important as the games they made.
  7. I don't have any PAL games on cartridges. I do play some of the PAL games on my Retron77 emulator though. The original hardware is great but personally, I'm having trouble keeping mine working. It worked fantastically from 1981 until about 1999, then I started having trouble with it overheating and needing taken apart and cleaned now and then to keep it working. The RF Modulator on mine has essentially quit working, so I got an emulator. The cool thing about it is that the Range joystick is easier for me to use and I can play games that were PAL or never even released on cartridges with it.
  8. It's funny that your parents thought you were nuts for not wanting a new console when you were a kid. My family was the other way around. I'd circle and dogear pages of the Sears Christmas Catalog with newer consoles and games on them, and talk to my family about them, but they were like "You already have a game machine and it still works, you don't need another one." In a way, they were kinda right - you can only play one console at a time, but in another way, it's great to be able to switch back and forth among a few different ones to experience different gameplay styles. I kept playing my Atari 2600 and didn't get a new one until I was out of college and could afford to buy consoles myself. I did tinker with computers in high school - mostly used ones that I'd buy really cheap from neighbors. The 2600 was still pretty impressive compared to early PC games. Especially when it came to getting the game to work. Those early PC games were a chore to get working compared to just blowing in the cartridge and sticking it in the port.
  9. My grandma bought me an Atari 2600 for Christmas from Kmart in 1981. At the time, she also got me Asteroids and Space Invaders to go with it (it came with Combat). Every year after that, she and my great uncle would get me a couple of new games for it for my birthday and for Christmas. I've bought a few since then. The Atari was my one and only console for my entire childhood from 81 on. Before that, we had a Pong console that my other grandma got me in 77 I think. We still played it a bit now and then after we got the Atari, but not very often, especially after we got Circus Atari which I liked much better than Pong. I never had any other console until I earned enough money in high school to start buying my own consoles and games. In high school, though, I got into computers and bought a neighbor's old self-built PC and a box of games on floppy disks from him. I didn't buy another console until I graduated from college. One of my roommates had a Sega Genesis that I really enjoyed playing, so after I graduated, I bought my own Genesis used at a pawn shop. I still don't have as many games for it as I have for my Atari, but I sure enjoyed playing it. I sold it about 15 years ago when I needed cash badly. Now that I'm in better financial shape (and have learned that I really shouldn't sell such things because I miss them so much later on), I bought a used Sega Genesis 3 and several games from a hobby store. I've played Sega games that have been ported to Nintendo's consoles like the DS and 3DS, but it's not the same as playing them on the original hardware. The next console I bought was a Gameboy Advance. I skipped the original Gameboy because I wasn't impressed with the tiny green screen and the battery hungry console. Then, I got a Gameboy Micro (which was a mistake - it was way too small for my big hands so I sold it), a DS, DS Lite, DSi and 3DS about as fast as those consoles came out. I kept the DS Lite because I found out that I could play Gameboy games in it which works well. I really love the portability and huge library of GBA and DS. I later traded my first 3DS for a 'new' 3DS XL which is much better. For a while, I had a PS2 and Xbox that I got used at a pawn shop. They didn't really interest me as much for some reason. I decided they were too expensive to keep getting games for and sold them to get a Nintendo Wii. The Wii worked great for a few years until it started overheating, so I gave it to someone who thought he could fix it and got a used WiiU which I still have and really enjoy. I never had an NES, SNES, N64, etc. when those consoles were new. I knew other people who had one and tried playing on theirs, but I didn't have the money to buy them at the time they were new. For a while, I really wanted an Atari Lynx, but it was too expensive and the game library showed no signs of getting bigger. Years later, I got a Hyperkin system that plays NES and SNES games quite well. I like the way it works much better than the original consoles, especially loading carts. All this time, I was also upgrading PCs, building my own usually, but occasionally getting an off the shelf one and upgrading it. I now have a PC that is like a spaceship compared to the early game consoles. I'm playing and loving the Ant Arcade. I really love being able to play games from so many consoles and arcade cabinets that I couldn't possibly find the room nor money for. I've heard a rumor that it is owned by Atari. I've always kept my trusty Atari 2600 though. I've kept going back to it and occasionally buying another game for it when I find a deal somewhere. A couple of years ago, the RF Modulator quit working right. I tried following instructions on websites and videos on how to adjust it, but it just never has looked right anymore. A friend of mine gave me a different RF Modulator, but I've yet to screw up the courage to try replacing the original one. In the meantime, I missed playing the games on the cartridges (the remakes and ports are cool, but no the same), so I got a Hyperkin Retron 77 and installed ROMs on an SD card for it. I still also play the original carts in it now and then for old times sake. That Ranger controller that I got for the Retron 77 is an amazing bit of kit with a built in scroll wheel for paddle games and a fantastic joystick. I love the scroll wheel because I hadn't been able to play the paddle games like Circus Atari, Night Driver, etc. ever since my original paddles quit working years ago. I tried buying some different used paddles, but they were already worn out too. I tried taking them and my original joysticks apart and replacing the worn out bits, but it only kinda helped. I love original hardware, but I have to admit that I score so much higher on these 2600 games with the Ranger.
  10. It works in two player mode too? I'll have to see if I can get my wife to play it with me. Very cool.
  11. I really enjoy Cosmic Ark! Will be cool to try it with additional creatures to rescue.
  12. Sounds like a fun game. I love hacks of old games, but it's also cool to find all new games too. Very good!
  13. Fantastic! I've always wondered why Jumpman couldn't jump a little better. Thanks for the fix.
  14. Very impressive! I like what you've done to give the wizard as many spells as possible given the limitations of Atari 2600 hardware.
  15. Hacks like this that make tough games easier are not pointless to me. I love Dragonfire and keep trying to play it. Such a great concept. It's so incredibly hard for me though that I rarely ever get past the bridge. I have vision and hand-eye coordination challenges from a birth defect, so any time I can find games that don't require what seem like super-human reflexes is wonderful. I really appreciate this.
  16. Very cool! I loved the idea of a Ghostbusters video game for the Atari, but wasn't impressed with the official version. This sounds like a much better game.
  17. I love it! Love the Grinch stories and the game Laser Blast. Clever idea to combine them. I was wondering if anyone had thought to hack that fantastic game. Seems it would lend itself to all sorts of themes.
  18. What a clever idea! We have hummingbirds in our backyard here and they fascinate me. Makes total sense to make a game about them.
  19. QBert is one of my all-time favorite arcade games. I enjoy the original 2600 version, but I know what you mean about it looking not quite right. Thanks for working on this version!
  20. Impressive! I remember when Katamari came out and thinking what a clever game it was. Cool to see it for the 2600.
  21. Very nice! I've watched youtube videos of River Raid and have thought that it looked almost impossible for me given my slow reflexes. This sounds like it will be something I can play so I can experience what many consider a masterpiece of the system.
  22. I love the logo you did for the title screen! This game looks fun.
  23. Fantastic! I appreciate you flipping the controls because its been so long since I played a flight sim that I've totally lost the knack for playing flying games. The original game is hard enough that it doesn't really need flight sim controls.
  24. I have always loved the look of original Yars Revenge but found the game almost impossible for me. Thanks for making an easier version.
  25. I love Circus Atari! I have lots of fond memories of playing this with my grandma. The little characters cracked her up. I don't love how poorly it plays with my paddles though, so I'm looking forward to trying this joystick version.
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