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  1. Amazing! It seriously looks like something that Gottlieb would have put out in the 80s.
  2. Don't know if this has already been posted but:
  3. $6, wow. Considering what that goes for elsewhere, they practically gave it to you. I actually had the UK Grandstand version years ago, only difference was that it was renamed after Konami's Scramble: (photo from eBay, as mine's is long gone)
  4. Finally, people have something to put opposite their Addams Family... All jokes aside, it does look quite interesting, especially the monochrome Premium model.
  5. Capp's Pong: Where an Arcade or Pinball machine becomes so popular, it malfunctions.

  6. Weird, I remember seeing an announcement for this years ago.
  7. Fun Fact: Today marks 38 years since Midway released Pac-Man in the west.

    1. DZ-Jay


      I thought he just went through the eastern tunnel and popped up in the west? LOL!

  8. Also, I choked a Ms. Pac-Man with tokens at an arcade I used to frequent. If it was real quarters, I probably could have bought the thing. It helps that it was the only true video game at the place, and one of few that actually was worth playing.
  9. The only "arcade" within the same town as me is basically an over 18's nightclub with what appears to be a decent selection of games (including Bally's TAF) . Thanks to the legal drinking age, I sadly can't enter it. Luckily there's a proper retrocade in the town next to me that I frequent a lot, as it has a huge amount of classics. Just to name a tiny amount: DK and DK Junior Galaxian Ms. Pac-Man MK2 Q*Bert T2
  10. Never heard of them, but their service system is identical to that of the UK's Argos.
  11. Yeah, I'm surprised that image didn't get Atari done for false advertising
  12. Nobody will agree with me, but I find that Hotel Mario is actually quite a fun arcade-ish game. Also, both Dragon's Lair games along with Space Ace appear to be really solid ports with decent rips from the original Laserdisc.
  13. Another NSMB? Really Nintendo?

    1. Flojomojo


      It's just a retread of the Wii U game, right?

    2. MotoRacer


      It's a port of the Wii U game. No new anything at all other than introducing two new playable characters. Honestly, I'm ok with this. F the Wii U, might as well make it completely worthless by bringing over every decent game in its library.

  14. By the way, If you find a 5 cents coin in the mech, that was me. I was bored
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