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  1. Possibly, since he's only referred to as "Atpii" in certain versions of the game -- perhaps those distributed by Wastedwares In other incarnations of the game, he's just referred to as "this creature".
  2. Hello! Been curious about this game for many years and it seems to be a great mystery. We had one of the myriad versions of it in our "big collection of totally legitimate disks" back when I was a kid, and the overall... peculiarity of the game really struck me back then, and it still strikes me right now -- the only difference being that as a 41 year old I can now actually get off the first screen! Does anyone know anything about this game or Anthony Ku, the person behind it? The only vague "lead" I've seen is a 2009 comment from someone on Atarimania who said they were at Atari Camp with Ku when he was working on the game -- and the High Score Club post from a while back here didn't seem to know much about it either! Would love to hear from someone who might be able to shed a bit of light on this odd little game!
  3. Hey all, thanks for all the positivity surrounding this -- it was a real pleasure to play my own small role in all of this happening, even if it was just through making some videos about Atari games I like! Simon will be along a little later to make an "official" announcement but I just wanted to let you know that there's a new official build of the bundle that should fix the issues some of you have been having. Stop by https://retrounite.co.uk/return-of-the-fungi-digger-dan-trilogy-simon-hunt/ and download the new version of the bundle if you've been having problems, and that should hopefully sort you out!
  4. I figured it was something along those lines, given that the version I played was from the Homesoft collection. Bizarre that a PD game would get "pirated"! I suspect it's not unheard of, though.
  5. Afternoon all! Think I forgot to stop by last week, so here's two videos for the price of one! First up, we have Water Ski School, a type-in listing from Page 6 Magazine that was one of the few I didn't actually type in for myself back in the day. (I did type in Munchy Madness, though, and slogging through all those DATA statements remains one of my proudest childhood achievements.) And then we have Xagon, a rather fun and polished game of somewhat unclear origin that looks like it may have been a public domain release. Anyone know anything more about this one?
  6. Yes, that also occurred to me well after I'd recorded, edited and published the vid Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  7. Hello everyone! It's time for another Atari ST game. This week we've got an arcade classic from Atari Games, converted by Elite for the Atari ST... a little late if anything, but it's still fun!
  8. Whether or not you did on YouTube, you did now, and it's much appreciated. Thank you so much!
  9. Only just saw this reply for some reason -- Tapatalk badgers me with notifications for threads I'm not actually following but fails to tell me when someone actually has something nice to say to me Thank you so much for your kind words -- knowing that other people "get" what I'm going for definitely makes doing all this worthwhile!
  10. Hello everyone! Been starting a new job this week so completely forgot to stop by and share this week's Atari 8-bit vid. Here it is for your delectation if you haven't already seen it! It's a really cool take on the Tetris formula that no-one seems to know much about -- would love to know more about this if anyone is familiar.
  11. Afternoon all! Time for another ST game. This time around it's the second official video game of Quavers, the curly cheesy snack. Featuring Colin Curly, but not voiced by Lenny Henry in this particular release, sadly.
  12. Greetings everyone! Hope you all had a good holiday period and that getting back to work (where applicable) hasn't been too much of a struggle! Here's this week's Atari 8-bit game -- Mastertronic's Universal Hero. A game that makes me appreciate those times when adventure games are a bit more verbose! A hearty thanks to everyone who has stopped by and watched some videos or subbed to my channel of late -- I've seen a noticeable increase in views and subs since I started posting things here, so I can only assume I have you lovely people to thank for that! Atari fans truly are the best
  13. Hello and happy new year everyone! Here's this week's ST game: the Ocean adaptation of Taito's arcade classic, The New Zealand Story. Enjoy, and I hope you all had as lovely a new year's celebration as was possible under the present circumstances.
  14. G'day fine folks! Here's this week's Atari 8-bit game -- an unusual one from Adventure International that I could never get working on my real Atari from our dodgy "computer club" disks back in the day, so I was curious to give it a try. It's Triad!
  15. Merry Christmas Atarians! Business as usual on my channel over the festive season (largely 'cause I have stuff queued up already) so here's today's Atari ST game -- following the "open world adventure" format of last week, it's one of my favourite games from back in the day: Paul Woakes' wonderful Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis. Enjoy, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for all your kind support!
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